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Dream High. Chapter 17

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T.H.I.E.F (Dream High)

Ashwini Beginning

An India love action story….

Chapter 1️⃣7️⃣

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

He didn’t wait for my reply he just walked up the stairs and I followed him.

He opened his room door and entered and didn’t close it, I entered the room and closed the door behind me.

This was my first time entering his room since we started living here. I didn’t get to look around the room when he cleared his throat.

“Ashwini, please for my sake, do this for my sister. It is her dream, I beg you.”

“Arjun, this is my dream too. I studied really hard for it and you want me to just give it away?”

“I know it will be hard but I am here for you. I stopped school also, but look at me, please I am begging you to give Taru your scholarship and we won’t forget it, I promise.”

“Look Arjun, I can’t-” I began to say but paused when I felt his hand on my chin. My heart started beating fast.

“Give Taru your scholarship please. You and I will be working together from now henceforth. I deliver those chickens you saw, but now you can join me.” Arjun told me. “Please Ashwini.” He added.

“Okay, you know I love you and I don’t want to see you hurt. So I am going to give Taru my scholarship.”

He hugged me, turning me around in joy.

“Thank you Ashwini.” He said as he let go of me. “Thought-out our little conversation you didn’t even call me darling, why is that?”

“Sorry my darling.” I said with a happy smile. As long as he is happy I am happy. I will do anything to make Arjun mine.

He kissed my forehead.

“So where are the papers?” He asked.

I left his room and entered mine and took out my scholarship papers from where I had hidden it and came out of my room.

I saw him outside his room and gave him my scholarship papers.

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He grabbed it and left.

I hope I won’t regret today.


I am so disappointed in you Ashwini, how can you give your scholarship to Taru?” My mother said as I was helping her in the kitchen.

In a week’s time, Taru will be traveling as Ashwini Poru and not Taru Poru.

“Mother, Arjun begged me and I can’t watch the one I lov-”

“You are only obsessed with him, Ashwini, that is not love. I just hope you don’t regret your decision one day.”

“Mother I won’t, and even if I did, no problem.” I said with a shrugged shoulder but deep down in my heart.

I just hope I don’t regret it.


Six Years Later….

Giyate Town:

????️ Rohan Pov ????️

The moon was out and shining brightly.

I took the Samsung phone from the expensive handbag and smiled at the unconscious girl on the ground on my feet. When I tried to open the phone, it asked for a password.

And I put it ‘Love Dad’. I am very good at numbers and alphabet combinations. The kind of phone you use will let me know what password you were using.

The phone opened and I went to the contact list, scrolling down the names until I got to the one I am searching for.

I dialed the number and it rang twice before it got picked.

“Where are you Vivian, your mother and I had been waiting-”

I interrupted him. “Vivian is with me and if you really want to see your only child again. Bring me 500 hundred million Cores in exchange for her untouched and alive.”

“Hello who is this? What have you done to my daughter!”

“Your daughter has been kidnapped by me.” I told him. “I will text you the address.” I said and ended the call. I placed my leg on Vivian’s face and took a shot. Sending the picture and address to Vivian dad together with.

‘Not touched yet, you don’t want to see her sex video online now do you?’

He called back almost immediately after I sent the picture and message.

“What do you want?”

“The money or you will watch how your daughter sex tape will surface online. I won’t be the only to enjoy her, hope you understand what I mean by that?”

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“Please don’t hurt my daughter.” He pleaded which made me smile cruelly.

Oh he is going to be begging plenty.

“That depends on your cooperation.” I told him.

“The address you sent, that is a river, do you want me to throw the money into the river or you will come yourself to collect it?”

“Put the money in a waterproof bag and throw it inside the river.”

“But it will float away.”

“Of course it will float away, away from you. Let that be done within the next ten minutes. Two minutes to pack the Money and eight minutes to throw the bag into the river or else your daughter….” I didn’t finish my statement but he got my message.

“The money is not min-”

I cut the call, tied Vivian and kept her phone before leaving the small old hut I was in and locked the door, walked to the address I had given him. The hut was closer to the river, I had brought it from a nice couple and gave them a huge sum of money to buy another house in the city.

The place was empty.

I took a deep breath and jumped into the river, I could hold my breath for long.

Few minutes later, two bags fell into the river and started floating towards me. I grabbed hold of it under and started swimming away with the bags.

I swam at a good distance and came out of the river. I know the length and breath of this town.

I took the money to my car I parked, opened the boot and put it there, changing into another set of clothes and shoes.

My clothes, all dark, were long enough to cover my body. I also wear hand gloves to cover my scars. The only place left untouched was my face. I also took my sword.

I went back to the hut and picked up Vivian’s phone and texted her father where we were.

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In two minutes, her father and his bodyguards have surrounded the hut.

Perfect, what I have been waiting for.

I opened the door with my sword in my hand and they all attacked me at once.

“Is that all you’ve got?” I asked as I stabbed the last one with my sword and faced him.

He was my first victim.

He wasn’t expecting me to kill his men.

“I am sorry for attacking you sir.” He pleaded as I moved closer to him.

“I am more sorry for what I am about to do to you.” I told him once I reached him. “Do you remember what you did to me twelve years ago?”

“No i-”

I cut him across his stomach with my sword.

“Think again.”

“I can’t remember sir.”

“Okay I will remind you. Twelve years ago, you were one of the guards that killed the Princess. I see Meera settled you well, you are now a rich man with guards, dead guards.” I told him and smiled as I saw his look. He remembered.


“Yes, I am the boy you burned and I am giving you back your tea.” I told him and cut deeply into his two knees, just a little flesh kept it from removing completely.

He screamed out in pains as he fell down to the ground.

I laughed at his pain. The more he screamed, the more I laughed like a mad man.

“This isn’t pain yet.” I told him and went back inside the hut to get the two iron rods I had kept and came out to see him crawling away.

I walked slowly towards him like a lion hunting his prey.

And hit him hard on his head, stomach and laps.


I hit him again on his head.

“Do you feel dizzy all of a sudden?” I asked using the two rods to hit on his head harder. “Do you feel your life slipping away and hoping you get the chance to live again?” I ask again, hitting him hard and ignoring the blood flying around and touching my clothes. He didn’t move. “That was how My Aishwarya had felt.”