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Dream High. Chapter 6

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T.H.I.E.F (Dream High)

???? A Twist in their Fate  ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 6️⃣

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

???? Authoress Pov ????

Rohan cried. He loved Aishwarya but it was too late to tell her. He could have told her earlier and maybe steal a kiss to seal his love.

He could……he was late, Aishwarya was dead and he couldn’t do anything to save the one he loves with his whole being.

Rohan wished he could do something, anything to save Aishwarya.

He watches as the fire consumes the whole house.

“Take care of the boy, I am leaving to treat my hand.” King Sanjay said as he started to feel the pain coming from his arm Aishwarya had cut off. Even though he was very happy that she is dead, his happiness couldn’t stop the pain, couldn’t stop the bleeding. And if he did not hurry up, he would die from the loss of blood. He wasn’t prepared to meet Aishwarya again at the other side. “Kill him.” He added.

???? Golden dreams ????

“I will gladly do that father, leave this smelling brat to me. I know what to do to him.” Prince Khan said.

“Alright son, be fast about his death and come home.” King Sanjay said and left the scene with Lady Meera and the rest of the four king’s.

Only Prince Khan, the remaining fake guards who Aishwarya didn’t kill but they were spotting different series of wounds all over their body and Rohan.

The fake guards holding Rohan’s hands let go of his hands.

“You killed her brat.” Prince Khan said as he slowly walked up to Rohan, reaching him, he held Rohan hair tightly but the boy didn’t look away from the burning fire. “If she didn’t open her mouth to cancel our engagement, maybe, just maybe I would have convinced my father to let her live and let only you die. So sad, it didn’t go as planned. In the end, we didn’t both get the girl we want. I win and you are the loser.” He added with a smile and started laughing.

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Rohan who was staring at the raging fire shift his gaze to Prince Khan.

The laughter ceased in Prince Khan’s throat as he stared into Rohan eyes. He quickly put some space between them. Prince Khan immediately let go of his hair and looked around him and saw the half rubber of fuel and told the guards. “Burn him.”

The guard with the fuel gallon smirked as he approached the boy who was still and began to pour the content of the rubber on Rohan.

Rohan was busy staring at the guards around him, marking their faces, saving it in his memory.

Prince Khan took the wood used on hitting Aishwarya, poured fuel on it and placed it inside the burning house. Once the wood has lit, he threw it at Rohan and his whole clothes and body started burning.

With the last in him, he stood up from the ground and started running with all his might.

“Catch him and kill him!” Prince Khan yelled out his order as some of the guards ran after Rohan.

Rohan didn’t know where he was running too, he didn’t care, he ignored the pain the fire was causing on his skin and ran. He has to get away from them. For the sake of his Aishwarya, he will not die.

???? Scars that are as deep as the heart ????

He didn’t see the cliff in front of him and before he could process what was happening, he fell and darkness engulfed him.

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Mehek forced her eyes open as the burning of smoke filled her nose. The penthouse was on fire. She remembered what happened, the poison, the attacked and the-

She paused in her thoughts as she saw a figure on the floor not too far from her.

She was up like a lightning bolt when she saw the body belong to Aishwarya.

She winced at the pain from her head and quickly walked to Aishwarya. She could hear some voices outside the house but didn’t pay any attention to it. She saw blood that circled beneath Aishwarya’s head.

She bend down and touched Aishwarya’s heart. It wasn’t beating. She was dead.


Mehek yelled inwardly.

Aishwarya can’t be dead.

She scooped Aishwarya into her arms and went to the round table which wasn’t engulfed in fire yet, but the chairs around it was on fire.

She drops Aishwarya on the floor, closer to her before she bend down and look under the table, and stare around it. There she saw what she was looking for and pressed the red button underneath the center of the table and the tiles beneath the table gave way to reveal a staircase. Quickly, she pickup Aishwarya dead body and followed the staircase, walking fastly as the tile closes above her.

As soon as the tile closes above her, candle lits begin to lit by themselves as they lighten the way for her.

The staircase ended in front of a big large framed picture of a red haired very beautiful smiling woman with a golden crown on her head.

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“Queen Mother, please come to your daughter’s rescue.” Mehek told the picture and placed one of Aishwarya bloody hands on the picture.

Mehek remembered the conversation she had with the late Queen when she had brought her to this secret place. The king had built her this penthouse after she had given birth successfully a second time.

“Mehek, do you know why I had brought you down here?” The queen asked her. She and her handmaid were standing in front of her large picture. She was carrying a baby Aishwarya in her arms.

She and her sister, Meera, were a black witch but she stopped her black magic after she met king Padas who was a Prince then. Unfortunately, her first daughter, Ganga, inherited her dark powers which manifest when she was five and they had to lock her up in an isolated house which her father had built for her, Meera was asked to stay with Ganga which she gladly accepted. Six months later, Ganga died.

???? Are hidden in the Dark Magic of Life ????

To avoid any of her lineage from getting her dark powers, she removed it from her body and sealed it up behind a wall before she placed her picture on it, it wasn’t an ordinary picture.

“No my Queen.”

“Aishwarya life will be in great danger in the future. Just in case I am no longer there for her and something bad happens to her, bring her here. Apart from me, you are the only one who knows about this. Don’t tell my sister Meera.”

A week later, the Queen died and Meera got married to King Padas a month later.

Once Aishwarya’s bloody hand came in contact with the picture, the picture magically absorbed the blood and it slid open.