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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 3

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????{My Boss Demands}????

Episode 03.

{The Interview}




Packing my hair with the band and staring at myself in the mirror, after been satisfied with what I’m seeing, I grab my bag from the bed and stride out of the room, humming as I drop my bag on the counter in the kitchen before going to grab a apple from the fridge.

I stuck the apple in my mouth before staring at the wall clock. Seven forty-five, I still have like fifteen minutes leg before the interview starts.

Well, I have decided to go to the interview at the global tech. It’s a really good and not company and it’s very popular also and although, I don’t know if the work would be easy for me like it had been at constructing tech. I still have no choice but to try it out first, that’s if I get the job anyways.

Staring around the room once more, I walk out of the house and locking it before waking towards my car and dropping my bag beside me after getting in.

Global tech is my last choice right now, I really don’t know where else I would apply for it I don’t get one also.

I drive out of the compound the same time my phone begins to ring.
I sigh before pulling it up then dropping it on the dashboard.

“Hey babe. ”
Ryan’s voice comes in and I smile to myself.

“Morning love, sorry I didn’t check in this morning. I thought you might be busy with work and I didn’t want to disturb. ”
I quickly apologize knowing that he might be angry I didn’t do that after specially telling me to call him this morning before going to the interview.

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“It’s fine love. I also thought you might be busy which is why you didn’t call. I just wanted to check on you, you going for the interview yet?”
He asks and I stare ahead before turning right the corner that would lead to the company.

“Yeah, I’m on my way right at the moment. I’m in the car and I will be there any moment from now. ”
I mutter, already seeing the company big sign ahead of me.
“Alright, I shouldn’t disturb you now. Make me proud babe and don’t you dare tell me that you thought I would be busy. Call me immediately you leave the interview, I will be waiting for your call and your result though I know that you can do it. ”
I chuckle before parking the car right beside where the others are parked.

“I will, I promise. Thank you, I’m there now. I have to go, I love you. ”
I grin and his laugh booms through the entire small space of the car.

“Alright babe, I love you even more. ”
I hum against the phone before grabbing it from the dashboard and putting it in the bag before getting out of the car and walking towards the company. I’m glad I made it earlier than I’m supposed to.

Getting inside the coming, I take my seat next to others who are dressed in suits and putting on a serious faces which got me thinking that they must have also come here for the interview.

Minutes later, a lady comes out from a office, I presume and walk over to us, staring at each and every one of us.

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“Alright, so you guys are all here and I hope you’re all ready for the interview. I will be calling you all in now, the boss is waiting for you right behind the door. I wish you all good luck. For the first, Harry Quinn, please step up and go in for the interview please. ”
She smiles and the guy stands up, bow at her before walking inside the office.

My anxiety grows with each second that it seems I’m getting closer to been interviewed. Oh god, I hope this goes well like I hope. The interview at constructing tech was easy because boss is friendly, I’m sure I would still be there if I hadn’t always been late to work. A lesson I have learnt now but I’m not so sure about here.

“Alright so and one we have next is Lyla Brown. ”
And my heart stopped beating momentarily.