January 27, 2023

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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 5

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{ The crazy neighbor   }



Had gone to the mart to get groceries and went back home when this  dude from the next apartment kept waving at me. Whenever I go outta the house and see him he would always smile and wave at me.


Does he know who I am?

I kept a straight face and walked towards the entrance of my apartment.

Kendrick had not returned so I had little breathing space. Kendrick is my husband, He’s not the prince charming any girl would hope for or so I thought.

He never took me or my life seriously because to him I’m nothing but trash and would always claim he bought me from my parents.

I kept the groceries on the kitchen counter and set cooking.


I jumped up frightened when I felt something wet on my body.

I cleared my eyes and turned around only to find Kendrick holding a bowl.

He obviously did that to wake me up.

“I thought I told you no sleeping during the day ? Huh?” He barked at me and I flinched back in fear.

Turns out he was obviously drunk. He would come home late every night drunk.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know when I fell asleep.” I pleaded but got a slap in return.

“You don’t get to talk back at me bitch!! ” he growled and pushed me aggressively before heading upstairs.

Hot tears roll down cheeks as I held on to it.

He killed my self confidence, I couldn’t fight back no matter how hard I try.

I cleaned my tears and quickly served dinner was still clad in wet clothes.

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Soon he down stairs refreshed and clad in fresh new clothes.

He walked passed me and sat down.

I opened the dishes and served him hoping he would like it.

He took a spoonful, he made a funny face and spat it on me.

Thats when I knew its gonna be a very long night..

“How dare you try to poison me!!!” He yelled really angry.

” am sorry …I…it was a mistake.” I trembled  in fear.

He charged at me and punched me right in the eye.

“The next time you try something like this am gonna kill you whore!!” He cursed out and emptied the whole dish on me.

I slumped to the floor in tears.