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Dream High. Chapter 32

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???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Dream High) ???????? ????

???? The Plan (Part 2)????

An India love action story….

Chapter 3️⃣2️⃣

Written by

©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Writer Pov ????️

“But I’m still…..” King Sanjay trail off still in shock. “How did you know my enemies will be on the first road?” He asked Ashwini instead after recovering from his shock state.

“Can a healer tell you the medicine he or she used in healing their patient? I’m sure you also must have killed a lot of people in the past and I can’t ask you how you killed them, right?” Ashwini asked.

King Sanjay nodded his head. “Okay, I will inform the driver right away about the route he will take tomorrow afternoon. Thank you Bobby.” He said turning his gaze on Bobby and returning them to Ashwini afterwards. “And I hope you shall keep to your words that nothing will happen to my son.”

“Sure, just make sure the half payment is sent to this account.” Ashwini said, bringing out a piece of paper from her pocket jacket, stood up and dropped the paper on the lap of King Sanjay. “Once your son is safely in my hands and is on his way to the palace, I expect to have received my money by then or else you won’t like my next step, my dear King, have a nice night.” She added and turned to face Bobby. “I shall be heading home dad.”

With that she left them, left the hotel and headed for her bike. A plan forming in her head, just in case something happens, she has plan B.

Always expect the unexpected.


“Who do you say she is again?” King Sanjay asked, still staring at the door the rude girl had just left.

“She is my daughter.” Bobby responded Immediately.

“Just because she is your daughter I am letting her go easily if not you know what I can do to her right this minute.” King Sanjay warned in anger as he handed over the piece of paper to one of his guards.

“I know and I apologise on her behalf.” Bobby said. “But trust me, she is the only person who can bring your son safely to the palace.” He added.

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“Khan wants to visit Lady Meera before he heads home, that is why he is driving to Maharaja Palace first.” King Sanjay told him.

“I understand my king.”

“I want no hiccups Bobby.” Kung Sanjay said.

“There won’t be any hiccups tomorrow, trust me. Your son is in capable hands.” Bobby reassures him.

“Okay.” King Sanjay said and pick up his phone on the chair beside him and dialed Lady Meera number which rang three times before she picked it up.

“Good evening King Sanjay.” Lady Meera greeted.

“Evening lady Meera. My son, Khan, will be arriving at the airport. He will be picked by two pm and will follow the second road, just call to let you know he is coming to visit you first before going home.” King Sanjay told her.

“I know, he called me two hours ago to tell me. I can’t wait to see him.” Lady Meera said in a fake enthusiasm.

“Alright, take care.” King Sanjay ended the call and Bobby stood up.

“I think it’s time for me to leave, tomorrow will be a very busy day for us.” Bobby told his friend who shook hands with him.

“Thank you for accepting this offer.” King Sanjay said. “I hope when we meet we will celebrate.” He added with a smile.

“Surely.” Bobby said and left the room and hotel, entering his car and drove out of the premises of the hotel, driving home.


Lady Meera who was seated in front of a table. Old books which belonged to the queen where heaped on the table. She was going through each and every book, searching for something.

It was there that King Sanjay called to inform her about his son coming home. She smiled to herself as she type in a short message which read:

????Khan arriving, 2pm, second road ????.

She selected the numbers of King Baabul and the other three kings and clicked on the sent button.

“Now, it’s going to be survival of the fittest, who wears the crown. But what none of the kings knows is that the crown doesn’t belong to any of them. I can’t wait for them to start killing themselves over a throne that won’t smell their body.” Lady Meera said to herself, dropping her phone on the space in the table and continued what she was doing.

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Her sister, the late Queen, wasn’t a fool and that is why she had hidden what Meera is searching for.

‘Where would her sister hide it?’

Lady Meera thought, closing the book.




New Delhi Airport:

Six black cars that were filled up with guards were waiting at the frontage of the airport. The only car which made them seven was empty except the driver seat. Police that will serve as escorts were present.

A guy wearing black suit came out of the airport with no bag. He had a scarf tied around his head and face, leaving his nose open and his eyes were he put on a pair of dark glasses.

He walked to the car that was waiting for him and the driver quickly came down and rushed to open the back passenger seat for him. He only nodded to the greetings from the police and the guards in the six cars before he entered and the journey to Maharaja Palace began.

At first nothing happened as they took the second route but all of a sudden, gun men on bikes, more than twenty bikes and faces hidden with a handkerchief, came out from all corners and started shooting the police and the cars.

A big white truck drove past the commotion the gunmen and police were creating.

“Hey take this fight off the road crazy fools!” The driver with face cap yelled and drove off. Some gunman fired at the truck which was speeding off but then it to focus on the one they were paid to kill.

Both sides were losing men.

They succeeded in shooting the Prince on his head and killing some of the police and guards before they drove off taking their wounded and dead men along.


The truck stopped when it had almost reached Maharaja Palace and it stopped abruptly. The driver came down from the truck, removing the cap allowing her long hair to fall around her. She went to open the back of the truck and a car drove out of it.

Inside the car was Prince Khan and his three personal guards, one was driving. The four occupants were wearing all round black.

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Prince Khan came down from the car and went to meet the truck driver.

“You were right, they must have killed my proxy by now. I am deeply indebted to y-” Prince Khan didn’t get to complete his statement when Ashwini brought out a gun from her back and aimed it at a surprised Khan.

His three personal guards quickly came down from the car as fast as they could, aiming their guns at Ashwini who ignored them.

“Call your father.” She ordered Prince Khan who did just that.

She collected the phone from him and put the call on loudspeaker.

King Sanjay picked it up almost immediately.

“Where are you now?”

“This is Ashwini speaking, I haven’t received any alert yet and if I don’t receive a message from my bank that it has been credited in the next five minutes, I will shoot your six foot hell of a son with his stupid guards who wouldn’t man up and face the prince attackers but will man up to face me, you will be very surprise to hear about their deaths if I don’t get my alert in five minutes time King, just dare me.”

“Dad sent her the money immediately.” Prince khan said before Ashwini cut the call and gave him back his phone. “You are one interesting girl, I like that. Let’s use the five minutes to get to know ourselves better, I am Prince Khan and you?” He introduced himself.

“Ask your father, he knows my name.”

The guards saw someone jogging towards them and hid their guns.

“Someone is coming behind you.” One of them said in a thick voice to Ashwini who lowered her gun and pointed it to the prince’s groin. She didn’t turn to look back.

The man who was jogging was fully clothed with a hoodie on his head and a pair of dark glass on his eyes, stopped when his can of bottle water fell from his hand and went under the car.

“Sorry.” He said, bending down to pick up his bottle water and at the same time he placed something which was constructed with some wires under the car which had a little magnet on it.

Rohan under his smooth disguise, said his thanks and continued his jogging.

Last night, he also had a plan B.