March 22, 2023

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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 6

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{My Boss Demands}

Episode 06. First Day At Work… Disaster At Point.




Grabbing my bag, I practically run out of the house without even bothering to wake the girls up. I will just call them later on when I get to work. God, I hope that I don’t lose this work with my bag old habit of been always late to work.

Without bothering to drop by and grab something to eat, I jump into my car, starting the engine and driving off.

I pray repeatedly, hitting the steering wheel angrily anytime I get hold up with traffic and cussing incoherently at drivers that tends to drive recklessly.

Finally arriving at the company, I stare at it before jumping out of the car. Forgetting to undo my seatbelt, I almost trip but I’m quick to regain my balance and undo the seatbelt before grabbing my bag and practically running inside the company after closing the door.

I stare at my wrist watch as I run, it’s a little after eight. Almost eight thirty.
I run towards the elevator, only to find it about to close.

“No! Hold it! ”

“Fuck! ”
I groan as the elevator closes in my face and I breathe out, staring around. Am I gonna have to wait for that lift to be over? Damn! This is such a disaster!

I stare around and my eyes finally lands on the stairs with a thought coming to my mind.
Am I really going to run up the stairs to get to his office?

I shake my head but almost instantly, I found myself running towards the stairs then up I go.
I keep running and constantly running out of breath until I finally arrive up and I smile, breathing out.
I made it.

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Running down the hallway once again, I bump into something or rather someone and the body pushes against mine, pushing me back that I almost got knocked down to the ground if I hadn’t regain myself so quickly.

“You should watch where you’re going miss. ”
I raise my head up to shout at whoever it us that’s coming from nowhere and bumping into me but my breath got caught in my throat as I stare at him. Oh my fucking god!
It’s Sebastian. It’s him. He is the owner of summit.
His company had once made a deal with constructing tech and we don’t fancy each other at all. He can be very rude.

“Don’t I know you? ”
His smirk grows as he stares up at me and I shake my head before bowing a little and walking away.
I don’t want to get entangled with him ever again. Never ever! He is trouble.

Finally arriving at his office, I tap against the metal door and wait patiently for a response while my eyes quickly glances over the time. It’s already eight thirty.

“Come in. ”
The voice says from inside and I push the door open, walking inside with my heart beating repeatedly against my chest. Oh god. Please don’t let him get mad. Please don’t let him get mad.

“Good morning sir. ”
I bow and he raises his head to look at me for a second before turning back to what he’s doing.

“Miss Brown. I believed you should have been here thirty minutes ago or at constructing tech, do you get to work by eight thirty when work starts by eight? ”
He raises his brows and I immediately shake my head.

“It isn’t like that sir and I’m very sorry for been late to work. Something happened yesterday which led to me been late today, I’m very sorry sir. ”
“Mind I tell you that this is business. It’s none of my concern about what happened in your personal life or what’s happening. You should be able to differentiate between work and personal life. ”
He says without even staring at me, his voice getting harsh with each second that passes.

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“I’m very sorry sir. It would never repeat itself again. ”
I bow and just as he’s about to say something, the door opens while I bow my head.

“Mr Sebastian Malik. I’m glad you made it. ”
He says and my head is up immediately as I watch him walk fully inside before taking a seat.

“I must. Don’t I? ”
He smiles at him while I quickly keep my head bowed.

“You can go miss Brown. I will see you about it later. ”
Alexander says and I breathe out in relief, bowing before turning back to leave when I feel a hand grab my wrist.