March 22, 2023

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Billionaire In Disguise. Chapter 8

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{ The crazy neighbor   }



Work the next day is quite fun tho .

“Great job out there Mike you’re indeed doing great.” the manager compliments coming outta his office.

“Told you I was gonna do great.” I smiled and focused on getting the order to the fourth table.

I went back to the counter to latte when. This lady walked up to me.

“Hello I would like one latte with whipped cream.” She said calmly and stared on from the glasses.

“One latte coming right up” I said.

Why does she look oddly familia?

I stared at her while getting her latte that was then I realized it was actually the neighbor

“Hmm. I know you yeah?” I caught her off guard..

She looked scared and uneasy.

“Relax okay ? Am just tryna be your friend that’s all.” I sincerely said and she sighed.

“My name is Kylie And you’re?” She asked calmly.

Won’t ask why the glasses cause I know she was pretty messed up last night.

“I’m Michael Angelo.your neighbor.” I chuckled softly and she smiled.

“Nice to you crazy neighbor. Can I have latte now?” She groans .

“Yeah sure anything for you but promise me you won’t try to run away from me . trust me am a very reliable friend” I explained and she sighed again.

“Hmm okay I’ll try but you must not come to my home, else Kendrick will kill me” she says and I felt sad for her.

“Okay fine. Have a nice day ahead and hope to see you soon.” I smiled and she smiled back before walking outta the coffee shop.

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I felt so happy I got to talk to her and also know her name.

My phone rang. It was the private investigator I hired to look into my case.

I wonder why he’s calling right now?