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My Bethroded. Episode 8

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????, he’s rude ????)

Episode 8
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alexa ????

I hurried out of the mall as I got some of my needs. Jeffrey will skin me alive if I don’t show up in the office today.

Maybe it’s because it’s my dad’s company that I come late and go at any time even as Jeff warns me all the time.

Not that I play with my work but my priorities first before work after all I will leave that when I get married. (Note the sarcasm)

On my way towards my car, I bumped into someone. My goodness!

” I am really sorry ” I said as I helped him pick up his files that fell. We both did that simultaneously as our hands landed on each other.

My head snapped at him to see a handsome guy staring at me with a goofy smile on his face…
So charming and breathtaking.
He’s definitely a girl’s guy, I mean who wouldn’t want this guy as a boyfriend to boast about?

” its nothing, I guess you were in a hurry ” he said and I nodded

” Yeah, and I’m sorry once again” I said making my way to my car

” Excuse me ” he said and I stopped.

” I am Brandon and you?”

” Alexa ”

” That’s a beautiful name for a damsel like you ” ..
I really have to blush, it’s been a while I heard that from a guy .

” Thank you ”

” Can I ask for something please” okay! Now what?

” Okay…” I trailed off not sure of what to say further

” Your contact , we can be friends you know ”

My mouth formed an ‘ O ‘

” Don’t refuse please Alexa ”

I sighed as he handed me his phone .

I imprinted my number giving him back his phone.

” Thank you so much”

” It’s fine ”

” I guess I will see you some other time ?”

” Yeah sure ”

” Okay bye Alexa ”

” Yeah take care ” I replied and left for my car .

He wouldn’t leave till I started my car. Geez!


” It’s high time I tell Dad not allow you work here again Alexa” Jeff said a little pissed.

” C’mon Jeff I’m sorry”

” That’s what you keep on saying every week , be dedicated please”

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” Okay I will change , happy?”

” You better change ”

Well,I am the General manager of this company .

” We have meeting with one of our clients by 3 so be prepared”

” Yeah bro ”

” We are in the office and you have to address me as Sir, I am the CEO remember ?” He grinned

” Whatever ”


???? Zach ????

What the hell? The result was mixed up? Goodness

” We are really sorry sir, there’s nothing wrong with you. So…”

I angrily dragged the nurse and gave her a hard slap.

She caused this! Did she know how scared and heartbroken I was? Thinking I had the so called whatever disease the doctor mentioned earlier.

” I…I am sorry sir,pl… please forgive me” she pleaded holding her red cheeks

” Don’t you know how to do your job well? Are you blind to have not seen the names? There’s a huge difference between Shanna and Shane you fool ”

I aggressively kicked her and she fell on the floor. I ought to be happy God saved me but I am mad at them .

” And you doctor” I grabbed his collar and leash on him .

” What was my name that I mentioned to you? Hell! I’m sure you know me before now, you weren’t able to read? ”

” I…it was a mistake sir please forgive us” he begged

I am in a very good mood today, I mean I ought to be happy so I will spare them.

” You two shouldn’t cross my path ever if you don’t want to be dead ” I threw him back on his chair and left the office.

I think this is the end of it, I will never take anything pataining ciggrette again. …

I need to change in that aspect for better.


” Be ready Son, you are taking Alexa on a date. And dare leave like you did the other day at their house again ” mum said glaring

Alexa again? Why can’t we just stay without seeing each other till the fucking engagement day and wedding fuck!

” But mum, I have somewhere to be by evening ” I groaned, I already planned to to the club z grab some cheeks to fuck tonight

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” Cancel everything you plan, I already informed her and she should be ready by then. You will pick her up ”

” Can’t that wait?”

” No Zach, you are taking Alexa on a date. Period!” She said and left… Gosh!

Why did I respect this woman so much?

I wish it was Dad,I could have bluntly turn him down but mum? Okay wait ! I just can’t. ..

Taking Alexa on a fucking stupid date right?

I think I have a perfect plan. I can’t stay today with a stupid urge to have sex and a fucking erection bulging out of my shorts.

I think I know what to do. ..

???? Alexa ????

Dressing up for a date I didn’t prepare for, I wore my shoe and dress without caring to apply any makeup.

I know I am not beautiful but I don’t need to wear make over for Zach.

I am going to face him again for God knows how long.

He’s really annoying…
My phone beeped taking me from my trance..
ID unknown.

???????? Hello ????????

I said skeptically..

???????? It’s a pleasure hearing the voice of an Angel again ????????

Wait who?

???????? Evening …????????

???????? Evening Alexa, I guess you don’t know who you are speaking with ????????

He said and I nodded thinking he was seeing me .

???????? It’s Brandon ????????

Oh! I totally forgot I gave my number out to someone..

???????? I am truly sorry ????????

???????? It’s fine, I mean you didn’t have my number and I don’t expect you to recognize my voice ????????

???????? Yeah ????????

???????? So you will save my number right?????????

???????? Sure I will ????????

???????? Okay then, and uhhm can I see you tomorrow?????????

He asked . What for? That’s what I wanted asking but he’s a friend and it’s not bad to see him right?

???????? Yeah what time? ????????

???????? 5pm. I will send you the address ????????

???????? Okay ????????

???????? Thank you Alexa ????????

???????? My pleasure ????????

???????? See you tomorrow then, I have to go and attend to some work ????????

???????? Okay ????????

???????? Bye ????????

He said and hung up. He’s such a cool guy,. If Zach is like him it could have been better but he chose to be a asshole all his life

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” Are you expecting me to open the door for you?” He said and chuckled. Here we go again!

” I know you are not a gentleman so I wouldn’t expect such from you ” I said as I entered into the car.

I was just dressed casually, no tight dress. I don’t want him to feed on my precious body.

” Who knows! Ugly and desperate ladies like you wants that, romantic !” He said .
I glared at him while he smirked

” I am not a desperate lady Zach! I agree I am not beautiful but not desperate. Don’t you call me that next time ” I snapped angrily

” Stop bickering Alexa, tsk tsk”

He just want me to get mad!

” I hate you Zach ” I glared and he chuckled

” I never loved you too dear fiancee ”

I remained quiet without responding. What’s the essence anyways!

We drove in a comfortable silent to where we were going. I don’t know where, funny right?


” A club really? Zach?” I said trying not to loose my cool. I am not a fan of this place.

The alcohol, the music, everything is disturbing and disgusting.

” Chill Alexa, I am sure you will like it here ”

” Sit ” he ordered.
What do I have to do?

I sat down opposite him clutching tight to my hand bag as the bartender took our orders ..

After what seems like forever, I became bored. Seeing ladies practically doing all sort of things irritate me alot

” Care to join me on the dance floor?” He asked and I shook my head

” I will come back later, enjoy yourself ” he said dashing into the crowd .

Sighing loudly, I facepalmed myself.

30 minutes later…….

I can’t even see Zach at sight. I am feeling sleepy and tired.

I made my way to the restroom. I am pressed.
When I am back and Zach isn’t still back, I will just take a cab and leave.


No! I am not mistaking right? The moment I opened the rest room door, I saw Zach ! I believe mean having sex with a lady in the restroom… …

Goodness! This is so embarrassing.

Our eyes met and his eyes widened…

I gently closed back the door and left….

What do I expect? It’s his life right? I can’t change that…