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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 7

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot }…

Episode 07

By: Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

The word rang a bell in my ear. What the hell is she talking about? Is she joking or what?

“What did you mean ma? ” I asked her again to be sure of what I heard.

“Can you make a guy fall in love with you within three months? “she repeated the words again.

This must be a joke.

“MA, I can’t say. It depends on the girl and guy. ” I answered trying to sound alright.

“I’m not talking about any person, am talking about you, can you make a guy falls in love with? ” She asked me again.

I think this must be a joke, let me play along.

“Sure MA, who will see me without falling in love with my beauty ” I said jokingly.

“Really? What about a popular rockstar? ” she asked with a little bit of seriousness.

“That’s even the easiest ma. ” I replied her with a wink.

“Riele, I’ve a son, can you make him falls in love with you within three months. ” she asked with seriousness.

Wait? Is she for real right now.?

“Ma, you have a son? ” I asked her a little bit surprise.

“See, it time I tell you what you don’t know about me. I’ve a son and his name is kayden, he’s the popular musician. ” She said and I felt like laughing.

Is she for real right now? Trying to claim a mother to a kayden.

“Ma, today isn’t April 1st . Please let talk about something else. ” I said with a little bit squeal of laugh.

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“Do you think am joking right now.? Well you need evidence, I’ll show you .” she dropped the tray on her laps on the floor, she opened her drawer and bought out a photo book.

“Here, you can clear your mind with this. ” she said and she threw the book at me.

This is becoming more serious than I thought.

I glared at her for a minute before I opened the photo book. The front started with the pictures of a cute looking baby and a couples.

she was standing with the baby while a handsome man that looks exactly like kayden was standing beside her.

“This is kayden, is he married? ” I asked with curiosity.

“That was his dad, my late husband. ” she answered me.

No, this is turning out to be something serious.

I gawped at her before I looked back at the photo book. I continue flipping through the photo book, picture of a young boy_ handsome boy.

After two pages, my eyes caught a picture that left my mouth open. It was a picture of kayden in his first music studio.

And a picture where he was hugging Mrs Vanessa.
it must she is telling me the truth.

“Ma… ” I called without finding the right word to say.

“are you satisfied? ” she asked with a cranny look.

I only nodded my head in astound .

“Riele ,I need your help. ” she shakes me off.

“My help? With what? ” I asked her like an idiot.

“Make kayden falls in love with you. ” she said again with a little tautness in her voice.

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“How would I make someone that haven’t seen me to fall in love with me? ” I said with sincerity.

“he will be back in the state by next week. You would be able to meet him. Both of you are gonna live together. ” she said and my eyes drooped.


I’ll live with kayden, Mr popula? I can’t do it.

“I’m sorry but I can’t do it. I can’t !” I objected immediately.

“please Riele. ” she begged me.

I can’t! Not even with I’ve expressed with men. How can I live with a musician, I heard kayden is also a rude guy.

He will take me to be a cheap girl and my virginity will be lost to him since he is a singer.

“I’ve to go. Amber will be waiting for me ” I said and I stood up from the bed.

I stretched my hand and I carried the tray from her side. I turned back to leave but she called me back.

“Riele, this is not a joke and you’re not doing it for free. I’ll make you a billionaire after the three months. You will own an estate with big cars. I’ll also sponsor Amber’s education. Please think about it. ” she said but I didn’t turn back to look at her, rather I left her room.

Did she want me to die? it just like she wanna send me to the lion den’s .

It every ladies thing to crush on a handsome musician. But it’s not every ladies dream to make them fall in love with them.

I don’t want to have any business with a man again, I still loved Mateo but he made me to hate everything about men.

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I can’t do this! Never!.