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Billionaire’s Doctor. Episode 12

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu

Episode 12

???? Kira’s pov????
I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I sat up and looked beside me to see Brandon fast asleep.


He slept soundly like he wasn’t the little boy fighting for his life yesterday.
I slowly left the bed and went to my room to freshen up for the day.

I’ve been here for just few days and a lot have happened within a short time. I get to see the most meanest and grumpiest human on Earth alive – Mr Adam.
The part that baffled me most was the fact that he saw me as a witch.
A witch that saved his son.

I sighed and left the room. I went downstairs and headed for the dinning.

I stood gob smacked the minute I saw me Adam at the dinning table with Brandon.

Am surprised cause this doesn’t happen everyday.
My meal was already served and I sat next to Brandon as he drank from his glass of milk.

“Good morning” I said to Mr Adam who just stared at me coldly.

“Morning” he replied afterwards and sipped from a cup of water.

Unexpectedly, I felt my cheeks turn red cause he responded to my greeting. That’s something I don’t hear everyday.

“Good morning auntie Kira” Brandon said with a big smile.

I chuckled as I took a napkin and wiped the milk around his lips.

“Thank you auntie Kira” he said and I noticed Mr Adam staring at me.

I looked up and he looked somewhere else instantly.

I began eating too and in no time we were done having breakfast.

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“Brandon, do you have anything you’d want us to do today?” I asked and he nodded.

“I want us to go horse riding and play football” he replied and I smiled.

I know am pulling Mr Adam’s legs but let’s try to have fun with Brandon today. And this time, we’ll be doing it Brandon’s way not Mr Adam’s boring way.

“Mr Adam, will you please drive us?” I asked and he glared at me squinting his eyes.

“Are you saying no to Brandon?” I asked giving him puppy eyes.
Brandon giggled and joined me giving his dad puppy eyes too.

“Fine… Let’s go”.

Brandon and I jumped up screaming in excitement. We quickly face each other a high-five. He looked quite happy though.

We were dressed in an outfit meant for horseriding.

Brandon wore a helmet and the worker there helped him pick a friendly less violent horse and we set it out to ride it.

Brandon was in good hands cause there were two men helping him hold still onto the horse.

I turned to Mr Adam.

“Instead of standing here watching them, let’s ride our own horse” I suggested and he scoffed.

“Please Mr Adam…please” I pleaded and he looked away.

I squeezed my face and went back into the place were horses were. I opened the gate and pulled a horse put.

I went back to Mr Adam.

“Since you don’t want to help me, I’ll teach myself” I said and glared at him.

“Can you ride that?” He asked and I nodded.

“Am a pro at horse back riding” I lied.

He shifted from me and I got up on the horse. It wasn’t easy but what’s there a doctor can’t handle.

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I dragged the rope around it’s neck for it to move but the horse remained still like I wasn’t even on top of it.

“Come on horse, go!” I rasped and it suddenly leaped up on it’s back legs.

I lost grip of the rope and fell off it’s back.
I was expecting to feel great pain at my back but I gasped when I rested on Mr Adam’s body.

Oh my God!!!
I can’t believe am in his arms…
This close to him.

I stared at him wide-eyed as he didn’t drop me just yet.
He slowly set me on my legs and I stood up. His hands loosened around my waist.

“Dad,look at me!!” We heard Brandon yell from afar.

Mr Adam looked away from me and concentrated on his son.


**At Home**

I got ready for bed after giving Brandon his drugs and he slept off.
I wore my nightie before applying lotion on my skin.

The door opened and I glanced at it.
Mr Adam.
He moved into the room his eyes fixed on me.

“Thanks for letting Brandon enjoy today” he voiced out and I nodded.

I walked to him but ‘maintained my distance’.

“I just love seeing him happy” I muttered findling with the rope on my nightie.

He suddenly held me by my waist and yanked me close to his body.We were so close and I could feel his warmth.His eyes dropped to my lips and my heart leaped.

Immediately, his lips rested on mine and he kissed me slowly.

I batted my lashes thinking it was a dream but it wasn’t.
I was so surprised.

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I couldn’t control my hands as they wrapped around his neck.