March 23, 2023

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Haunted. Episode 2

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Episode 2

By: Feathers

Nathan’s Pov:
I flinched and moved back a bit in horror.

What the hell was she? And what’s she talking about?
Who’s she running away from?

Suddenly, she stood on her feet, her hand over the other.

She had this frightened look on, like she was so f**king scared.

“Who’re you?” I forced myself to ask.

Her body was so badly injured, I wondered what could’ve happened to her?

“Sir?” I suddenly heard the voice of the ice cream caller from the corner.

I turned around, although I couldn’t see him because his shop was behind.

I heard footsteps and turned back to the direction of the lady to see her running away – into the bushes.


“Wait!!” I called after her but she didn’t stop for a second as she ran so fast like an antelope.

Holy motherf^cker.

She probably got scared after hearing someone else’s voice.

I fisted my hands and watched her run into the darkness until she couldn’t be spotted anymore. I lost sight of her.

“Sir? Are you there?” The seller’s voice came again and I walked back to him.

“Oh! Were you taking a pee? Your ice cream’s almost getting melted” he said as he proffered it to me.

“Yeah…thanks”,I mumbled and collected it from him.

I paid the bill, left the change with him and returned to meet mum and dad in the car.

And thankfully, they were done fixing it.

“Why did you take so soon, Leo?” Mum asked as she opened the side of her door.

I didn’t say a word but quietly went to my own side of the car to sit.

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I didn’t mind if they were throwing suspicious looks at me, I just wasn’t in the mood to talk.

I stared down at my ice cream without knowing what it was and soon, dad started the car.

“Son, are you alright?” Mum turned to me and asked, obviously sounding perturbed.

“Yeah…I’m fine” I said fraily, sounding like I had a lump in my throat.

She nodded and sat properly and the drive continued.

Later In The Night
I laid upwards on my bed and stared at the ceiling, unable to close my lids.

The party had been kinda boring to me – cause I couldn’t get my mind off the previous incident – the strange lady.

Who could she be?

And why did she seen so scared, huh?

Her eyes….I’d never forget those looks. She was damn too scared and looked like she was being haunted by someone.

*Help me, please* her voice echoed In my head.
*I’m tired of running away from him*

Damn it! If only I’d known, I’d have held her tight. I wouldn’t had let her run off like that.

Now, I can’t believe I might never see her again. And its possible, her life was in danger.
Do you think Nathan would meet the strange lady again?????????????