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Haunted. Episode 4

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Episode 4

Nathan’s POV

As soon as we were done in class, I stood and hurriedly went to the new girl’s place.

I’m so certain she was the one I saw. She was the bruised lady who was scared and cried for my help.

“Hello!” I greeted her but she just looked at me briefly like she had never seen me.

She carried her bag and walked away from me without saying a word.

I ran after her. “Hey! Don’t you recognize me? I’m the…” She interrupted before I could complete my statement.

“You must be mistaken, I’ve never seen you.” She said and walked faster leaving me behind.

I stood confused and wondered what the hell is going on.

I’m so certain she was the one I saw. Or could I be mistaken as she has said?

I was so disturbed. On getting home, I tried to place my hand on my assignment but I couldn’t. I could not do anything.

My mind was on her. How come she couldn’t recognize me?

At a time when I couldn’t hold my desperate curiosity again, I decided to go back to where my dad’s car had a minor break down.

I did went there, and on getting there…I saw the same ice cream man. I walked up to him and greeted him.

“How much do you want?” He asked thinking I had come to get an ice cream.

“Not at all, do you see any lady come of this bushes…?” I asked.

“Not at all.” He replied.

“I saw a lady here yesterday, she was bruised and tarterred.” I said.

“I’ve never seen something of such but I was told that there are some supernatural stuffs attached to that bush. I think you should just ignore.” He said as he sold his ice cream to others.

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He wasn’t really giving me the attention I want.

“Supernatural things attached to this bush?” I murmured underneath my breath.

But I was curious. I need to know if the lady I see in the school is the same lady I saw here yesterday.

She was telling me yesterday that she is tired of running away and that I should help her, who could be after her?

I remembered that the lady I saw here ran into the bush. I wasn’t really scared of the bush so I just walked in.

I started walking my way through the bush searching to see if I may come across the lady.

After walking for few minutes, I was stunned to see an idle building .

It seems to be the only house there. It looks like an ancient house. Doesn’t look like anyone is living there

Of course , how can anyone be living inside the bush.

But could the lady be here? Or probably kidnappd here?

I was skeptical on if I should walk inside the husky and ancient looking house.

I searched around with my eyes and everywhere seems quiet.

I tip toed my way to the entrance of the house. I was getting terrified now. I kept looking , right left and center like I’m being watched.

I opened the door and I was surprised to see how dirty and disorganized the house is.

Could the lady be here? I took more steps inside. I started searching room to room.

All of a sudden , I began to hear strange sounds.

I felt like there is an image behind me. I was so scared.

I turned and didn’t see anyone. “Stay away from me…stay away.” I heard the voice.

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Exactly? It’s the exact voice of the lady that I have heard.

I began to trace the sound of the voice!

“Show yourself, let me see you?” I asked and I kept following the direction of her voice.

I finally find myself outside the house. I was tired. Why is the lady hiding from me?

I just want to be sure she is the one I saw at the school.

“Hey! If you can hear me, are you the one I saw at the school?” I asked but got no response.

Is she?
I was seriously confused.

If she’s the one I saw at the school, does that mean she lives here?

I walked out of the bush, home.


Do you think she’s the same lady?