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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 34

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 34

By: Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I woke up with a throbbing headache , i sat up on the bed and i rubbed my sleepy eyes . I opened my eyes and i was kinda surprise to found myself in a room .


How did i get here?

And why is the room different today ? I mean it was looking more beautiful than before and the colour ….

It wasn’t the old colour that was there !

With the settings and the structure ,the room isn’t definitely mine !.

If the room isn’t mine ,where am i ?
I rubbed my eyes and i tried to remember what happened yesterday but it seems impossible for me to remember .

I turned around and i saw a tray on the table beside the bed . A small note was pasted on the cup , i carried the cup to read it .

“Drink the tea,it’s gonna reduce your headache ”


How did the person know that i had headache ? Without thinking twice ,i gulped down the tea ,the cup was still on my lips when the door opened and ….


Kayden came in with his body dripped wet !His hair was dripping of water and the jersey he was putting on was also dripping wet .

Out of shock,i splashed the tea that was yet to swallow around the room .

what the heck is he doing here ?

“Are you alright ?”He asked me as he rushed to me,he tried to touched me but i shoved his hand away .

“i’m fine …” i replied him and i quickly shift from him .

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“How are you now ?hope your headache has reduced ? ” He asked me and i gawked at him .

Is he asking me that question ?

“I’m fine but what are you doin’ here ?” i asked him with a scorn eyes .

“This is my room !”He replied me .

My eyes and heart almost budged outta of their space .

His room ?

“What the heck am i doing in your room?” i asked him as i swallowed the hard lumps in my throat .

“don’t you remembered what happened yesterday ” He asked me as he bent his head closer to mine .

i shifted from him and i tried to remember .



“Let me be !” i hits his chest in my drunken state

“Will you just calm down and let me drop you on my bed ” He smirked .

“Your bed? What am i gonna do on your bed or did we want to have sex ” i teased him with a smile .

“Arrg..” He groaned and he carried me in a bridal style .

“Let me down!”I hits his chest as he carried me to a room .

Immediately we got inside ,he took me to the toilet and he made me to vomitted the alcohol including the food i ate .

He rinsed my face with water and he helped me to the room and he tucked me to bed .


i gasped as i remembered every damn thing . Oh no! i can’t believe it .

“Have you remember now ? ” He asked me

i jumped outta of the bed ,i stood at the other side and we glared at each other .

“Why are you being nice to me and why did you bought me to your room ” i stuttered .

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He straighten up and he walked to the window and seperated the curtain giving space for sunlight to shine in the room .

He raised his wet jersey up and he tried to removed,when I saw that the jersey was above his six packs ,i quickly closed my eyes with my two palm .

“Who the hell are you doin’, wear your jersey !” I yelled at him .

“This is my room ! And this isn’t the first time you’ll be seeing me without a top ” i heard his taunted voice .

That’s true ! I removed my hand from my eyes and i cleared my throat .

I glared at his body and i felt some vibration inside me . I swallowed the lump in my throat .

“You asked me a question ? Well bought you to my room because this’s my house and i can do anything ! And for the second question ……” He said and he walked to my side .

He started walking closer to me , i also walked back until i hit my back on the wall , he didn’t stopped untill he stood in front of me .

He bent his head closer to mine and i turned my face away from his .

“I’m being nice to you because you’re my fake girlfriend and you need my niceness so that people won’t have doubt about our fake relationship .” He said in a whisper and my heart started racing fast .

When i could’t take it anymore,i pushed him to the bed and i ran outta of the room .

I stopped running when i got to the elevator door , i placed my head aon m chest to catch my breathe.

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What was that ? Why is he being like that ?and why did i had a dream that he kissed me while i was sleeping?

“No!it can’t happen it was just a dream ” i slapped myself .

It might be a result of the alcohol!Gosh,i need to be careful around him .