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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 62

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Daddy’s Girl.

Episode 62

Chloe’s POV

I’ve called Kaden’s number for the umpteenth time but he was not picking. I could have phoned Kian to ask about Kaden but I was not in the mood to talk to him.

I need space from him for now.


At school-

We had just finished a lecture, students were coversing with their various friends.

I was soon done with the note that had being written in the board. I tucked the book inside my bag and turned to Ciarra.

“Ciarra…” I called and she turned to me with a smile.

“The next lecture is in the next fifteen minutes guys, let’s stroll to OPT” Anna suggested and we stood and walked there.

It’s a little distance away from the class, it’s a place with chairs designed for two to three students each.

The three of us sat around the table and started to gist but I wasn’t in the mood.

I was just forcing myself.

“Are you sure you are alright?” Ciarra asked. She must have noticed my mood.

” I was also noticing it all this while, Chloe, what’s the matter?” Anna asked.

“Guys…I found out that Kaden and I use to be lovers and that Kian was the one that broke our beautiful relationship then.”

“What!”Ciarra screamed while Anna simply expressed shock.

” Are you for real? Who told you all these?” Ciarra asked.

“Kaden told me first, my father confirmed it, Kian confirmed it also. Kian cried and apologized to me.”

We were all silent for a while. I knew it came as a shock to them.

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“What…I mean…what are you going to do now?” Clarra asked.

“I don’t know, I felt like I need to see Kaden…I need to ask him so many questions.”

“And have you called to tell him?” Anna asked.

“He’s not picking.” I said frustratingly. “I tried phoning him severally but he would not pick.”

“Chloe!” I heard my name being called by a familiar voice and we all turned.

It was Ivy.

She was bright and smiling. She looks happy and beautiful.

“Ivy!” I called happily on seeing her. I stood to hug hug her.

We greeted for a while.

“I actually have something to tell you.” She said and I nodded.

“Personally? Or…?” I asked to know if my friends should excuse us or stay.

“They can stay.” She said and I allow her sit beside me.

“Is Kyle still your driver?” She asked.

“No.” I replied keenly.

“Okay…better. This is not to spoil him or anything but you should stay away from him.” She said.

“Thought you guys are lovers?” I asked.

“Yes, we are still lovers which is why I’m doing this for you. He will be apprehended by the cops soon for being involved in a crime. He’s the head of a criminal gang.” She said.

“For real? ” I asked.

“The handsome Kyle?” Anna asked.

“Yes…but you guys should keep this a secrete. I just don’t want anyone to get punished when the law catches up with him.” Ivy said and sood.

“See you girls some other time.” She waved and left.

Kyle’s POV

—5PM at an Hotel-

Ivy and I were in the room, we had just finished eating.

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“Ivy, ever since I told you about me , the cops are now after me.” I complained as I studied her body language.

“Are you trying to say I told the cops about it?” She asked.

“Of course not, I just felt like I need to tell you.” I said.

“I didn’t tell anyone.” She said.

“Okay, that’s just what I want to hear. I love and trust you.” I said and she came to sit on my la’p”

“I love you too.” She kissed my forehead.

“I could have quit but there is a final mission we were suppose to go to that we haven’t, we need to be careful.” I said.

“Really? Who are the we?” She asked.

“My brothers.” I replied.

“How come I did not know them?” She asked.

I giggled. “We are just starting our relationship, I will surely introduce you to my family as we move in our relationship. ”

“I can’t wait, what are their names? I meant the names of your brothers…they must be as handsome as you are. You know what…tell me their names and I will tell with their names if they are handsome or not.” She said and we both chuckled.

“Okay…one is Kian, the other is Jace.” I said and she placed her finger on her lips like someone thinking.

“Kian is handsome…while Jacs is erm…ugly?” She said.

“You are wrong.” I laughed. “We are all handsome.”