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My V Husband. Chapter 43

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My V Husband.

Chapter 43

Sonia’s POV

“Do you mean she’s like a rose or she actually bears Rose?” I asked to be certain.

“Her name is Rose, I’ll be sincere with you Sonia, I’ve fallen in love with her.” Brandon let out.

“Okay…make me understand the Rose you are talking about?” I questioned.

“I’m not sure you know her…and even if you know of any Rose, I’m not sure it’s the Rose I was talking about, you don’t expect me to introduce her to you.” He said.

“hum! cause you know what I would do right? Just pray I don’t see her with you cause if I do, I will be dealing mercilessly with her…” I said feeling grossly jealous.

I do not blame him, I blame my poor self for falling in love foolishly. I don’t know why I can’t help it.

What kind of boyfriend would tell me to my face that he is now in love with someone else?

He had already made it clear at the onset of this relationship, even before we commence dating that he never loved me neither is he sure that he will love me in the future.

But I love Brandon and I had already promised myself that any lady I find with him will go through hell.

Ethan’s POV

-At The Office-

Mr Dale sat before me at my office, I had informed him that I wanted Mae to be transferred from the headquarters.

“Good morning, Mr. Ethan.” He greeted with an handshake.

“Good morning, thanks for coming.” I received the handshake as I stood.

We both sat.

“So, how fast are you going to work on her transfer, I really want her to leave as soon as possible.” I questioned.

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“You haven’t given me any cogent reason why she should be transferred nevertheless, I had already drafted a file and submitted it to the board. “He replied calmly.

“Okay, and has the board get back to you?” I questioned.

“Yes, they have. Her house address is quite far from where the branches are, transferring her will make the job more difficult for her and she may quit cause of the stress. They made it known that she has proven to be good and can not be replaced with another staff.” He explained.

“Basically, you are telling me now that she can’t be transferred?”

“Her chances of being transferred is slim, but if I would say, she won’t be transferred for the next one month.” He said and just then, Mae entered with a file.

She dropped it on my table and winked at me, her @s-s claps as she walked away.