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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Elizabeth’s POV

I saw Mr Ashley Romeo with two men under a shed, they were drinking and seemingly enjoying themselves.

I wasn’t expecting him to be inside plus I didn’t even know he had friends. Did they all plan to make love with me?

I hope I’m not in h-ot soup.

“I’ll help you carry your luggage to your room, same room you lived before you ran away.” One of Mr AshleyRomeo’s men who appeared before me said.

I nodded and watched him carry my luggae.

“Please join them there.” He said pointing to where Mr. Ashley Romeo sat.

I was nervous cause it’s my first time seeing those muscular men. They all looked beautiful.

I walked to them sullenly.

“Have your sit.” Mr. Ashley Romeo said and I saw one more vacant sit.

I summoned courage and sat.

“You should drink this.” Mr. Ashley Romeo poured me a drink.

I collected it and poured it away.

“Ouuuu!” his friends exclaimed and giggled.

“She’s crazy indeed.” The dark one said.

“Young girl, the drink is more expensive than all your family.” the white one said and they all bursts into laughter.

I bite my lips angrily, how dare they abuse my family? Are they crazy?

I didn’t say any word despite how angry I was. I just kept shooting them a furious look.

“Did you tell them about me before I come?” I asked Mr. Ashley Romeo

“Yes, we gist about you before you came…that you will be my s-x slave for the next three days.” He said and the two men bursts into laughter in mockery of me.

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The way they were scoffing at me was really hurting me.

I took the glass cup and raised my hand ready to throw it to the dark one, he duged it despite the fact that I never threw it.

“She’s also violent? let her come and live with my dogs.” The white one said and they all laughed including Mr Ashley Romeo.

I stood. “What exactly am I doing here? ”

“I only want to introduce you to my friends but you are making everything difficult…for yourself though.” Mr. Ashley Romeo said.

“I’m not interested in that, I didn’t come to see your friends, did I?”

“Can you please sit.” Mr. Ashley Romeo asked, I hesitated for few minutes before I sat.

“Jack, meet My. s-x slave, her name is Elizabeth.” Mr. Ashley Romeo said.

His way of introducing me ridicules me so bad.