March 22, 2023

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Pregnant at 18. Episode 1

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????PREGNANT AT 18????


????????BY CRYSTAL????????

????EPISODE 1????


“Emily don’t dare go to that party”my mom said as she stood by my door

“I heard you the first time”I rolled my eyes at her and pulled my blanket to my body

“Okay goodnight baby”she said as she closed the door

“I am not a baby”I said as she closed the door… Immediately I went to the door and checked if she locked it from outside and thankfully she did

I smiled and went to my closet and started changing into my short pink dress

My name is Emily Valentine Johnson..I just turned 18 last week and today my friend from school is turning 18 too

I am popular at school because I am the prettiest and cleverest of them all and no joking almost like all boys in school have asked me out but I don’t do dating so I am still a virgin

Enough about me…Right now I have to sneak out….I took my heals and got out through the window…I actually put the pillows in the blanket so it seems like I am sleeping

I smiled as I wore my heels…Soon I was done so I started walking to my friend’s house

There is no gate so no need to be opening gates….Soon I got there and found her with some two girls and a car

“Hey girl!”My friend Kiara said and hugged me “Hey sweetie”I said and hugged her back

I hugged the others and we got into the car and drove out

Soon we got to the party and I must admit everyone outdid their selfs

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As always all eyes were on me as i catwalked into the house

We were welcomed by Nadia miss party

“Let’s get the party started people”Godwin the cutest guy in school said holding the microphone and everyone screamed

We were busy dancing with boys staring at me but I got used to it so no need to be shy or something

The door cracked open to reveal two handsome boys…. Actually one of them was like an angel

Everyone in the house froze….We were just lost in staring at them

I must admit too that I was actually drooling and this Is my first time doing it

I didn’t notice that the other cutest one was standing in front of me “Hi”he whispered in my ear and that is when I noticed the whole school was looking at us

“Hey”I whispered back “May I have this dance”he whispered in my ear and I nodded as he wrapped his arms around my waist

We were actually dancing ‘breathin’ by Ariana Grande…Wow being the prettiest girl is actually great

I don’t even put on make up but I am still pretty

“May we go have drinks”he whispered as the song was over

“Yeah”I whispered and he lead me to the table…”Two vodkas”he shouted and the waiter came with two glasses and gave us after some minutes

I don’t drink but I was amused by his beauty that I actually took the drink and drank it

“I need to go to the restroom”I shouted as I felt like puking

He quickly took me I’m bridal style “Such a gentleman”I said as I hit his chest playfully

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“You are drunk”he said as we got to the restroom “No you are drunk”I said as he put me down

I ran to the toilet and puked “Eww”I said flushing it

I came out and rinsed my mouth “You know that you are handsome”I said as I looked at him

“I heard that a thousand times by the way I am Justin and you?”he asked “Emily”I said as I smiled at him

“Beautiful name for a beautiful lady”he said and I laughed “Oh I am blushing”I said and the next thing we kissed

I actually gave him my first kiss….The next thing he led me to a bedroom that I didn’t know

“Cute bedroom you have”I said and he ran his fingers through my thighs

“You are such a joker”he said and we started kissing and undressing each other

“You are on pills right”he asked and I just mumbled an hmm cause I felt like I was in heaven

The next thing I felt was a cut “Argh”I screamed as tears fell down

He started thrusting slowly…Yeah that is how I lost my virginity…To a total cute stranger because of vodka