March 29, 2023

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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 21

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Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 21

Nancy’s POV

“How did you make me blind…?” I asked.

“I told that you that in a rich man’s house, anything is possible!”

“Do you have some sort of spiritual power or what?”

“No, I’m not in any way religious, there are so many things you did not know in science.” He answered and took his legs off my grip.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, don’t be wicked….make me see again.” I requested but got no response.

“But I’m begging you, Is your head swelling cause I’m begging you?” I asked but got no response still.

I kept wobbling round and my eyes suddenly hit a glass, it hurts and I cried out in pain.

I became so furious.

“If I catch you Mr Ashley Romeo, You won’t like what I will do for you.” I thereteaned angrily.

“What can a blind woman do?” His voice was soft and cool.

“What do I do to see again?” I asked feeling frustrated for not being able to see.

“Simple, obey me.”

“Okay…what should I do?” I asked.

“Remove all your clothes. ” He said and I bite my lips painfully.

He had already had me here as a s-x slave. I should have known better that him seeing my nakedness won’t be a big deal but I still feel really ashamed of being naked before him.

I pul-led off all my clothes and stood n@ked.

“Done.” I said out loud.

I felt a hand rapped around my waist and on perveicing the pretty scent, I knew it was Mr Ashley Romeo.

He rubbed my @ss and I just stood still.

He planted his lips on my @ss and kissed it.

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*How come you have this @ss so big? I love what I’m seeing.” He said while I remained still.

He spanked my @ss and I just hope he gets done what whatever he wants to do with me so I can see again.

I percieved him come before me. He held my two br–st in his hand and played with it.

I remained still.

“Can you mó—an?” He asked as he played with it.

I knew better to mó—an cause I was enjoying it, but my anger won’t make me utter a sound.

I had to pretend like I am not enjoying it.

“Seems you did not want to see cause if you want to see, you will mó—-an.” He said and I screamed like I was bitten by a snake.

He jerked back In fear.

“It’s my way o mó—aning.” I told him