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Head Boy. Chapter 7

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 7


I stood shamefully before my mom and dad, I had given the suspension letter to my dad. It really hurts me that I hurt them with my suspension.

My dad is a poor mechanic while mom used to sell food stuffs at the supermarket but not anymore, she can’t go out anymore cause she had being diagnosed with a tumor of the stomach.

My family is in so much pain already, causing them more hurts me so bad.

My dad spoke shakily as tears poured from his face. He said; “Alice, I told you to be careful amidst those rich students, they are not to be dared. Who did you offend that made them suspend you?”

“I’m so sorry sad.” My heart bleeds as I saw him cry.

“You are one of the privileged student to be on scholarship, you should not take the grace for granted, what you did really hurt us.” My mom said frankly.

“Mom, I’m sorry, I know I have hurt you, but I’m so sorry.” I pleaded.

“Now that you are home, you can’t just sit down at home doing nothing, you need to get a work to do, how about going to sell stuffs at the market every evening.” She said.

“What if my colleagued sees me?” I asked dissatisfactorily.

“You should have thought about that before you made them suspend you, nonsense.” My mom rebuked.

Before she got diagnosed with tumor, she use to be the tough one while my dad is the gentle type.

I still love them both nevertheless.

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Following Day – In the evening.

Just like mom said, I need to work to support the family, the burden is too much on dad.

I had left our house with a tray filled with oranges, the plan was to find a place to settle at the supermarket so I can sell it off.

After walking for about fifteen minutes, I was walking by the main road. I had been lost in thought that I didn’t know that I was already on the main road.

A car jerked me up with its persistent horn and as I came back to my consciousness , I walked swiftly from the road in order to escape the speeding vehicle but as I did, the oranges I was taking to the supermarket for sale fell inside the gutter beside the road.

I was so angry and saw that the car that horned slowed down cause of me but had continuing moving.

So whoever is driving it did not know that he or she has made all my oranges fall.

I angrily picked a stone and threw it to that moving jeep.

The stone broke the glasses and the car came to halt.

Let whoever it is come here to fight me, I’ll prove to him that I did that cause he made my oranges fall.

The person inside stepped down elegantly, he went to check the back screen and saw that there was already a hole in it.

The person began to approach me and as I look, the person’s face become more familiar.

Just a few distance to me and I recognize his face immediately, it’s the head boy!

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This is that silly boy that suspends me from school, he could do more.

My heart tightened against my chest, I was scared and nervous, I have a plan of getting back to him but not this way.

He finally got to where I stood and the look on my face was courageous.

Now he will speak, none of his brothers are here to speak for him.

I’m glad I will really hear him speak.

He looked at my face, his face held no expression.

“What?” I questioned.

He looked at me with disdain and went towards my tray, he could see my oranges in the gutter.

He went back to his car without saying a word

Why is he not speaking? Is he going to expel me this time?

I was so scared and I ran to him. He was already sitting by the drivers sit.

“Are you going to expel me this time?” I asked leaning by his car and peeping through the window.

He wrote on a sheet and showed it to me, It reads: “You smell like shit you filthy thing, stay away from my car.”

I was angry, I snatched the sheet of paper from his hand and threw it to his face.
Alice and trouble are twin ????