March 29, 2023

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One Night With A Cute Guy. Episode 8

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A night with a
Cute guy????
????Took my virginity????

✍️Prin cess✍️

????Episode eight????


“ok, thanks for the company!”,I said and stood up.

“wait. We talked all this while, but I didn’t get to know your name”,he said.

“uhmn…am lisa”,I replied.

“ok, am Michael”,he replied.

“nice to meet you”,I said and left…..

I got home, and my dad was back…..Geez!

“hi dad”,I said.

“uhmn….Richie, get me my food”,he said, ignoring me

But wait……Richie is back???

Richie is my elder sister. She studied elsewhere, but now she is back…..

I can’t wait to see her!

I rushed upstairs and changed, then walked downstairs to the kitchen……………..

“Richie”,I called out and ran to hug her, but she pushed me away.

“don’t dare come close to me. I am ashamed of you”,she half yelled.


“don’t pretend as if you don’t know why. You open your legs for a man, at this age”,she half yelled.

“i…I…..i didn’t……

“get out”,she yelled, and I ran to my room.

Look at someone I waited eagerly to see….she is yelling at me….she doesn’t even care to hear my side of the story.

I threw myself on the bed……I won’t cry anymore.

I switched on the TV and watched telemundo, lord of the skies.


That Lisa girl seems depressed…… in really depressed.

I don’t want to butt in, so……..let her solve it herself.


How did that slow poison know that I had found out it was with the repair man?????

Dam she is smart!

But now, where could it be? I need to keep an eye on her every move.


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I came out late in the night to take my own share of food since I know my presence will make my dad loose appetite.

I walked to the kitchen, and I saw something………Richie was throwing up…