November 29, 2023

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Pregnant at 18. Episode 22

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????PREGNANT AT 18????


???????? BY CRYSTAL????????

???? EPISODE 22????


????️EMILY’S POV????️

I saw blood falling on the floor… I am so scared

I quickly crawled on the floor to were they layed

Justin was on top…Rose was just staring at them looking shocked as hell

“Justin”I called almost in a whisper

He fell to the floor “I love you”he said almost running out of breath

Sydney stood up and ran to Rose “Justin no… please”I shouted as tears fell but his eyes were closed

“Let us run”I heard Sydney say but it was too late because the police were in

“Justin”I said as tears fell from my eyes

I felt like my world was crashing down

The paramedics rushed to where we were and checked Justin out

“He is still breathing”they said and immediately i passed out

????KEVIN’S POV????

I can’t believe I fell for that witch’s trap

I sighed as I sat beside Emily and Justin

It’s a relief that they arrested those witches

Now I am back to square one..I am single and not ready to mingle

I just need to let fate take control

#3 years later

????Justin’s pov????

“Daddy”my 2 year and few months son called running into the dining room

“Xavier what do you want now?”I asked taking him into my arms

“I saw that hot girl on the street again”he said and I smiled

“Tell me you asked her out”I said tickling him

“Stop..”he said laughing and I stopped

“I asked her out and promised to buy her a huge ice cream and she said yes”he said and I clapped my hands

“Who is a play boy?”I asked tickling him

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“I am”he said showing his cute dimples

“Justin!”Emily shouted …she has been listening!!

“Let’s run for our lives”I shouted and we started running while Emily chased us around