December 3, 2022

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 58

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 58

Brenda’s POV

The car suddenly changed direction into a route that was absolutely different from the route that leads to the company where I worked.

“Hey! where are you driving me to?” fear had began to rise in me like storm.

I tried to look into the man’s face and the man swiftly covered my nose with a nostril, I inhaled it instinctively and everything went dark.

I opened my eye and found myself in an empty building surrounded with glasses.

I could only see myself in those glasses.

The environment was bright, the only chair there was the one I was sitting.

I wasn’t tied which means I could stand but I remained there cause I was scared.

My eyes sighted a man that was coming directly opposite me.

I gazed at the man and it turns out to be the chef.

He leaned by the glass before me, he wasn’t in the same room that I was. There was a glass demarcating us.

“Why did you have me here, both of us are suppose to be at work presently.” I said.

“Of course, I took permission to be absent. Don’t worry, I helped you took a leave too. So you can’t get fired.” He said and I gritted my teeth angrily.

“You are so annoying. What do you want with me? why did you bring me here?” I asked and he walked a few steps away.

My eyes trailed him.

He signalled and a chair was brought to him.
He sat and gazed at me.

“Your brother is not here to save you, unfortunately.” He said.

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“Well, you are proving stubborn by not letting me make love with you. You see…you could have given me willingly. There is no big deal there. Most female workers I propose to accept it immediately and you are forming a strong mind and you aren’t even flowered .”

“I am. Which is why I’m protecting it at all cost. I can not just let any man take it away from me.” I said.

“Well, I will. Just one order from me and my men will get you tiêd.” He said.

Scot’s POV

I had gone to check Brenda at her place of work but I couldn’t find her.

What bothers me was that the chef was not around too.

Gosh! I regret not transporting her to work.

The silly chef must have tricked her and probably kidnapped her.

I will find Brenda.