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V Couple. Chapter 33

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 33

-At Oscar’s Office-

Oscar’s POV

The lady that worked with me in my office whose name is Mattie changed her look into a sour one after listening to my question.

“I see her seldomly with the boss, but with the way she looks, I doubt if she cheats.” She said.

“How about I tell you that she is now pregnant.” I said.

“Everyone knows, isn’t it a good thing?” She asked.

“Everyone knows in the office already that she’s pregnant ? Interesting. I’ve never made love with Jessie?” I said.

“Is that a joke? I thought you guys are married?”

“We are , but she made me agree with her that we will never make lovs in our marriage.” I said.

Mattie seems surprised.

“Well, she allowed me yesterday but I couldn’t.” I said.


“I couldn’t act like a man, I was incapable. I couldn’t tell her why I couldn’t act. I was so angry at myself that I just slept off.”

“Even till now?” Mattie asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Let’s check.” She came to me and ordered me to stand to which I did.

She grïndéd me with her @-s-s repeatedly but my má-ñ-hø-ōD didn’t chárge up.

Mattie un-zïp-pêd my trøü—sê;r and stró—ke my má-ñ-hø-ōD repeatedly but it never responded.

She bë—ñt and s–k ït but there were no changes still.

“This is really embarrassing.” She took a distance away from me and said.

“Very embarrassing.” I added and gø—t dressed bá–ck.

“But… I’m thinking this way; I do not know if my thoughts are weird but you should examine it. ” She said.

“I’m all ears.” I sat while she simply sat at the edge of the desk.

“She doesn’t allow you to make love with her before and all of a sudden, she decided that you should make love with her, you wanted to and found out you can’t make løve again, what if she had injected you or drugged your food with what will make you incapable to act on bé—d ” Mattie said and I paused and reasoned with her.

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That though would have never crossed my mind. I remembered she prepared a brief coffee for both of us before we sleep, could she have drugged it?

“What are you thinking?” Mattie asked after seeing that I was quite a while.

“Is there a way I can know that I was poisoned with a drug that would not make me capable on bëd?” I asked.

“Sure , you should go to the hospital before it escalate.”