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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 62

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 62

Scot’s POV

Many people would fall or faint at the hit of a gun on their head but my strength lies in my head. In the past, when I thought I would become a boxer, I’d trained so hard and my master would tell me a number of times , that if I master how to use my head, I’ll defeat many people easily.

As soon as the chef’s men hit me on the head, I fell intentionally and pretended like I had fainted.

Now, that I know how many they are, I should start calculating how to take them all down one after the other.

“That was too fast.” The chef said. “You should have let him watch how I will f–!k his sister before him.” He said and grinned.

“Lock him up.” He said and his men carried me

With the way I was carried, I knew it was two men that carried me.

As soon as they dropped me on the floor in the room I was to be locked, I stood and knocked the two men down silently.

I hide behind the door of the room and muttered underneath my breath saying! “15 more.”

I walked out and saw three men carrying big guns, My leg almost slipped while trying to calculate how to take them down, as they turned, I flew to the shoulder of the one in the middle and twisted his kneck as I hit the remaining two with my kicks in their neck.

They fell and it caused an uproar.

I planned to take them down silently but…seems others have known that something was wrong.

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“12 left.” I said to myself and stood behind a room.

I heard steps of men approaching and I waited patiently for them to reveal themselves.

They walked to the room they thought I was locked up in and I ran to them and knocked them out.

“8 left.” I muttered to myself.

I believe that chef would be restless and wouldn’t have done anything to Brenda.

Brenda’s POV

I opened my eye and saw that there was a chaos, I can not really place what was happening cause I was tired låyīng.

But I think Scot came for me, with what I heard the chef said.

“All your men are down, do you have more?” I heard Scot’s voice loud and clear as he approached where I was.

The chef begin to adjust back in fear.