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Clumsy Nurse. Episode 76-78

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Clumsy Nurse
Episode 76
Clara turned and rushed out malcom angrily smashed his phone. I turned to Clara
“uhmm madam what about Ryan , are you going to Visit him now
” No take me to see Mr dervantes
“Yes madam.
the driver took off.clara was very busy with 3 of her phones browsing and sending text
messages,while making certain calls. it’s really late oh Gosh.
driver please make it faster.
lias pov
and of course I said yes to Liam ,before was I mad to say no. he walked into his room first and I
walked in minutes later.he lay on the sofa and the big bed was empty.
” you might want to change,there is a female nightwear in the drawer
“ok ….. sir.
I moved my hair and bowed then I faced the cupboard. I opened the drawer and there it was very
pretty.I removed the cover and strengthened it . well its too short I Wont be comfortable wearing this to sleep here . I placed it back and turned to face him with my fingers across my hair.
” what
“No its ok.. I like India I am wearing.
I fell backward on the bed .Liam stood up and dragged me up like a child.
” sir …. is this indoor kidnap
he smiled and collected the night gown then he placed it on my head.
” there ,wear it before I return
he turned to walk out .I tried chasing after him forgetting that my eye was covered.I tripped on the
stool and fell but luckily he caught me and held me tight.
” are you okay
I nodded
he uncovered my face, I smiled gently removing my stubborn hair from my eye.
he hastily removed his hands from my body . I moved a bit backward with both hands facing my
” I will go now ,do wear it
“Ok.sir .
he nodded and walked out.
I fell on the bed again ..then I heard his voice
what! how did he see me
“sorry sir ,I am changing.
I removed my jean then my top. I carefully wore the gown’s too flair if I sleep carelessly he
would see my pant. ohhhhhh mom.
I scratched my hair and dropped my cloths.I packed my full curly hair up.then I opened the door to
look for him just then he rushed in .I flinched and almost fell but he caught me again
” are you okay
” yes?….yes
he removed his hand from my body. I bowed and shifted to the side.
” here … ” he handed me a bed cover and i wrapped it around my waist.
” thank you sir
he fell on the sofa
“I know it is gonna be difficult but can you just call me Liam,cut out the sir
“Yes Lia……sir
he laughed, so cute… i fell on the pillow to sleep , I closed my eye then my phone rang I checked
my time it’s too late to to take a call.Raymond is crazy.I sent him a text and closed my eye quietly.
” why didn’t you take your call,ur free
” well, I don’t take night calls.
” my dad is a military man and he always shouted each time my phone rang as a teenager so I
grew up with the same fear and it mastered me
” Oh nice ..
“its just Raymond ,I will call him later
“Ok. goodnight.
“good night too sir. soooooooooo I was wondering if you Will pay me in advance cos I am owing
someone a very huge amount of moneY
” you have an account right
” Yes
he picked his phone
” account number?
I called
he placed the phone on the bed
” 44573
” my pin, just transfer the money you need you can never actually get me broke
” what you mean I should….
“Yes and keep that phone around u incase u need to buy anything or transfer to anyone.
I fainted on the bed.I heard liam chuckle.
Mr dervantes POV
so no one can tell me who shot my son ,all my boys are so stupid. one of my boy’s already told
me that Anna is here ,what is holding her ,I told them to send her in. just then Anna walked in,by
this time of the night? seems malcom really wounded her.
” dad
” Anastasia
she sat down
” I will tell you who shot Ryan dad
” who?
” malcom
” what
she sat back and played a voice recording
” yes I shot ryan,i shot him and i enjoyed doing it.I shot ryan Anna what can you do?
how dare that Bastard.I hit my hand against my table.
” victor!!, Shane!!” I shouted and they rushed in.
” kill malcom right away
” Yes sir
” No dad
” what
“I have a better plan
” wait outside
“Yes sir.
my boys left
Anna brought out 3 of her phones and placed two in front of me. two young girl’s picture displayed.
” who are these
” malcom has 6 children,these two are his favourites Lucinda and dabrelle
” nice ,what’s your plan Anna
” shoot them, I already sent you a text off all the info you need to get them clean dad and when to
do so
” why don’t we just kill malcom
” No ,malcom will die but m.h.c will Still stand… he’s brother Connor who is as dangerous as him
and who also hates a.g.h.c will take over and continue from where malcom stopped .so if we are
to pull the Manchester family down we need to take m.h.c from them..we need to run them dry.we
need to wipe away their wealth. after all this is done you father , will now choose which
punishment malcom deserves, death or imprisonment
I smiled , my daughter in-law is smart instead of killing malcom and allowing his brother inherit
m.h.c its best to kill m.h.c and make them all slaves.
” nice work Anna but how do these girls come in
” I have a kind heart too and I don’t wish to hurt these innocent girls but In the fury of my revenge I
have no pity . malcom thinks he is the only one who can distract someone with a loved one, I want
to prove him wrong.these two girls are his biggest weakness and m.h.c has a very strong defense.
I want to hit malcom back using the same strategy he used to hit me but i can only penetrate m.h.c
if malcom is distracted and these girls are my only shot.
” nice but why two girls.. we can shoot one..
she stood up and picked her bag
“I warned malcom dad , an eye for two eyes.
she rushed out and closed the door.
finally, I love Anna now . she always ran away from our under cover games but finally she has
matured to understand that when your opponent starts a dirty game you play a dirty game…
Anna is more smart and different just like she needs to be. now here is the woman I need for my
son.without a doubt r.d is something she can protect.she is a strong woman. I called my boys and
they walked in
” malcom’s two daughters,lucinda and Dabrelle. shoot them
” are we shooting to kill
“anyone you want
“Yes sir …. waiting for the time
they stormed out.
Mr Grande’s pov.
I can’t believe it but am getting better, I am really getting better.I can’t even believe I strolled in
and out of my room.
the news of a.g.h.c ruined my day but thank God for Anastasia Alexandra Grande the first.I know
Anna will resolve it..just then Anna walked in,by this time of the night?
” Anna
” dad
” are you okay
” Yes
” how Is work
” its under control, dont think too much you know you are sick
” Ok.
“I need info on Mr Kang jong hee.
” why, Kang jong hee is an enemy to a.g.h.c
“I know Dad, where can i get it
” go to my closest, you know the pass word
” I forgot Dad,today’s stress made me forget my name
” nice sense of humour my child,your name is Anastasia.
she nodded and walked out
Clara pov
wow my name is Anna….could his password be Anastasia. I ran I into his room and tried it out , it
opened I searched through his files.I need a mole in m.h.c and my grand father always said ” there
is no more loyal a servant , than one who is clothed with guilt and seeks another chance.” i need
a very loyal servant who will lay down his all for me ,and you are my hearts choice Mr Kang jong
hee. you where mr grandes closest friend and you where closest to Anna. u loved Anna very
much. and even if you betrayed her dad i am sure u had your regrets. I took his file and rushed out
with it. I ran into the living room where I saw Tonia.dont worry tonia,i am coming for you ,I am
coming for all of you..
” dad am leaving
” Anna why don’t u stay here,staying home alone in Ryan’s house will make you miss him
“Ok dad.
I rushed upstairs into Annas room, Tonia thinks I have words for her ,she doesn’t know I am busy preparing her own death pie. i placed my file’s on the table and took a quick bath
Ryan,how are you doing? are you fine? dont worry u will soon wake.I love you but i am a bit busy.
I hastened my bath and rushed out I sat on the bed I tried opening the file to Read In my room
when I realized how weird Annastasia’s room left wall look. It look like… I stood up and touched it
Then to my greatest surprise it opened,it opened like a room door I walked in it was very pretty ,is
it a secret room. I saw her mum’s picture on the wall I looked at her,she’s so pretty.just then I
deeped my finger behind the picture and slipped out a letter
Annastasia if anything happens to me before u return,blame tonia ,its all tonia . I don’t know what
tonia Is planing but Tonia is working with malcom and their dream is to turn a.g.h.c to m
h.c’s property. if I am alive when you return I will tell u these words.”be careful of tonia.” but i know
I might not be safe when u return so I placed it here hoping that you will see it one day just like u
did now . I folded the paper together.this revenge is getting sweeter. tonia, so you are the one
behind Malcom,your cup is about to get filled up.
I ran into her Anna’s study and looked into some files , I remembered Ryan’s advise and decided
to sleep.
Mr Kang jong hee’s pov.
I sat In my front yard reading a file when Anna walked in.this little girl ,she is finally a woman… I
failed you my child both you and your dad. I stood to her height
” my lady
” Kang jong hee
” to what do i owe this visit.
” I want you work for me
” tell me.
she sat down
” this is an opportunity for you to repent for your sins and gain Grande’s trust again.I know you live
In regrets.
” I do Anna,I regret what I did to your dad.
” then why don’t we reverse the game.
“how ?
“the same way you spied on my dad for malcom leading to the loss of 6 branches I want you to
spy on malcom for me
” why me
” cos you are the closest to malcom
“whats my gain
” the position you have in m.h.c I will lift you above that. I will make you the m.d of a.g.h.c in India but other than the material value,you will finally repent of your sins ,u will gain grande’s trust and
Grande will forgive you .lastly your children will be proud of you.
” am in Anna, I will work for you till I die.I will inform you of all malcoms activities.I will be your spy
in m.h.c until you pull malcom down.let’s do it together this time Anna.
” good, you used the right words.
she stood up and walked out.
I had been waiting for Anna to do this ever since she took charge but now she finally proved that
she is a true Grande and she is ready to defeat Malcom.I will give all my loyalty to her,she is a
strong fighter.

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Rachel’s pov.
Clara is not at work so I decided to use this opportunity to visit Ryan so I will know what to report
to her. I arrived r.d. I ran up to Ryan’s room I saw a long line of 20 men in suite.why not he is Mr
dervantes son.they will surely protect him like gold. I walked in between those mean men with my
I.d lifted up.soon I got to his door a guard opened the door I walked in.thousands of flowers
flooded the room ,oh gosh is he sleeping beauty.i saw his personal assistant reading a novel at his
right hand. just then his mom walked in with nuella I nuella is back she looks pretty.I
waved at her she smiled. her mum touched Ryan and she sat beside him and gently kissed his
forehead wordlessly.
sir ryan please wake up,I beg you.
just then his dad walked in with doctor Damon. minutes later the minister of health walked in with
another shareholder. Rachel what are you doing here ? Ryan Is over safe. I walked out and
nhow las guards stopped me . just then nuella came to me
” I need to see Anna
” well she is at a.g.h.c
” Ok so I can meet her later right
‘ yes sure
“Ok,I missed her.
I rushed out and ran to work ,am sure Clara had already arrived. I wonder If she figured out a plan. just now Clara walked in, thank God. she wore a black suit,a thick black suit. her guards
rushed up with her,I bowed.
” Rachel, lets visit the research department
“yes madam.
both of us walked in everybody bowed. Clara removed her suit jacket and I took it from her she
grabbed a chair.
” good morning r.s.h” Clara said
” good morning madam” they echoed,tristians voice echoing louder.
“we have have only one mission which we must carry out today and that is penetrating m.h.c.
” Ok Anna.” Chris said
” good , we are going to play this game the same way malcom played it.” clara said
” which m.h.c’s branch are we targeting madam? ” Tristan asked.
” m.h.c -l.
“m.h.c in los Angeles?
“will we have enough time to breach their security as we know malcom is very active” Ethan said
“well i have the best hackers, Ethan you can corrupt the live feed right?” clara asked calmly
“Yes, peace of cake.
“Ok ,once Chris is done hacking we will send in a ready team.
“Ok madam… give me one hour” Chris said
“Ok… how much time do you need to corrupt the video Ethan ?
” two hours
” so Tristan tell your trainee and others what to do .
” yes ,I will handle things ,u can trust me.
clara stood up
“Ok ,see you guys in the next 3 hours.
She walked out and they bowed. I used that opportunity to talk to her
” uhmm madam
“tell me
I smiled “well i think Ryan is going to get better soon ,he is well taken care off. ”
clara nodded. not even a smile, wait is this Anna or Clara?
” are you not happy madam
” am glad Ryan is safe ,I will be happier when he wakes up.
“Ok but nuella is back,she wants to see you
” what kind of relationship did she share with Anna
” so since you have 3 hours , wont you visit ryan?
just then her phone rang
” yes , Mr kang jong hee, Anastasia here.
“Ok am coming out.
Clara walked out with her guards,Jake met her outside and they both left.
Jake’s Pov
I looked at Clara for a while she was looking out the window ,she must really miss Ryan.don’t
worry Clara if you win this war am sure nothing will separate you from Ryan again,you are also
fighting for your love.
” Kang jong hee ,do you trust that man?
“I trust the love and true relationship he shared with Anna when she was a kid.
“trusting malcom’s man can make you or break you clara
“I know , but I still have Faith in him.
the reason Anna hadn’t won this war was because she fought alone but i won’t fight alone ,I will
get as much help as I need .
“nice,I hope you know malcom is a very smart man ,a petty plan will never bring malcom down.
“I know Jake ,and i don’t have a petty plan for malcom , this case is very critical it needs to be
handled with care. its not only about bringing malcom’s more than revenge
” I don’t know why, but i trust you so much.
” my meeting with Mr kang should be as secret as possible for his safety
“Ok madam.. thats why am here
she nodded.
and we headed off.
lia’s pov
finally the house is filled with maids ,it was so boring night in liams room was sweet but
u see i need to go get my stuffs , they maids are back so my work starts.I walked out to Liam in
the living room
” uhmm sir
“tell me
” well I am going home so I can carry my stuffs
” don’t worry ,I Will buy new ones
“No I really want to get those
” fine… come back early
I nodded and wore my cap well
liams pov
I will buy new ones ?, really. I can’t believe I am getting fond of this girl . I hope she isn’t going to
get those kind of cloths she normally wears…. how can she live in my house looking like a pop
I entered my car and headed to the boutique.. my favorite boutique.
” jace,I need female cloths
” more like the ones Kendal bought
“No decent cloths ,wait Kendal bought cloths
“yes up to 1mill something.with some gold accessories
” and of course she didn’t pay
“no isnt she your girlfriend ,I took the money from your credit card
” Ok just get me female cloths ,uhmm cloths that cover well I don’t even know if she will accept it.
minutes later he packed up my booth and i headed home . I met the head maid
” lia is not yet back
now I don’t have her phone number.
I sat facing my file ,she better return soon.
Rachel’s pov
finally Clara returned a.g.h.c. , just in time.I wonder what Mr kang had to say.
we both rushed into the research department.
” how was your meeting with Mr kang my lady
“it was fine
her guard opened the door to the research department.clara sat down with both legs on the table
using her phone… is this girl serious?
” Chris what’s your report?
‘ successful Anna ,I hacked in.
” good , Ethan send in the team.
” I already spoke to their Head.
” Ok , m.h.c should not notice This difference . the team is a 3 man committee and they will
implant drugs in m.h.c.-l just like malcom did with us.
” Ok madam, we have full assurance that this plan will work cos m.h.c – l,has low security
compared to m.h.c. here in New york” Zachary said
” Ok…I will be in my office waiting for feedback.” clara said
“it’s under control ” Tristan said.
Clara walked out.mmmmm why such a petty plan.well let’s watch
malcoms pov.
kang jong hee just walked in ,he crossed paths with the officer who was leaving….chief prosecutor
Han. I gave him some Info to give his district head and luckily I got a positive response.
” malcom
” Kang,how are you doing
” annastasia threatened me , what do you Think Anna Can do
” I don’t know but i know Anna is very smart
” yes she is ,and i will always be ahead of her
“what do you mean
” Anna’s three days, I want it reduced to one day.after today if Anna doesn’t secure a.g.h.c From
the law . a.g.h.c won’t be locked Down but it will operate as m.h.c’s property. she has only today.I
will make sure of that.
” I already got a meeting scheduled with the my know Anna
keeps forgetting that I have agents and hands in the prosecution. my success will shock her. i will
make sure the law allows her only today.after today I will take it all.
” well let’s watch and hope
just then my mole in a.g.h.c research department walked in.
I trust jong hee but i don’t trust anyone.
” kang , give me 30 minutes
he stood up and walked out , I turned to Tristan
” Tristan?
” sir
” do u bring good news
” yes …Anna plans to hit you back the same way you hit her
” hahahahaha how
” as we speak now , she is about penetrating m.h.c -l.
” what?
” yes ….this video you are watching are past videos.
” thank you , call arora when u walk out.
Tristan walked out.
Anna is a dummy,i thought she was smart . after so many year’s in business she doesn’t know
when to place revenge aside. what a silly girl .
arora walked in
” arora this video’s are past videos , tighten security at m.h.c.-l
” done ,lucinda is handling.
” good
” Anna Is just doing what we expected ,and I thought she was smart . instead of Thinking like a
business tycoon by finding a way to secure a.g.h.c first she left her company in the middle of fire
and started attacking us ,what a childish plan.
” anna is not as smart as we thought.
” hmmmm i just hope Anna is not ahead of us cos Anna is too smart to make a childish move like
” mmmmmmm time will tell.
arora walked out and I leaned back smiling.
” Anna you dont know my plan for you. keep throwing stones, I pity you. keep fighting me. but
before you are done ruining m.h.c -l ,a.g.h.c must have been long gone .dummy !!

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I headed to the presidents office. we need to discuss the future of a.g.h.c and i am sure my
success is a certainty. i entered my car and headed off to his office.
I stood outside Anna’s office,nuella just walked in now. just then a crowd of investors stormed in
panicking and complaining.
” where is Anna!!” mr Han asked
“we are waiting in the hall.” mr choi shouted.
all of them stormed into the hall, why are they acting so scared? I logged into the news line and
what I saw gave me the biggest shock of my life.I ran into Clara in the office
” Rachel what’s wrong
” well….. miss… you need to…
I couldn’t talk I hastily picked the remote and turned on the news.nuella placed both hands on her
mouth.Clara stood up and sat on her table so she can see the news clearly.a reporter was
already on screen.
reporting live, Anastasia Alexandra Grande the first was given 3days by the prosecution to defend
her case about being used to move narcotic drugs. today being the first day is almost
coming to an end and finally the president who kept quiet on the issue dropped a comment.” we
are talking about national health here,Annastasia Alexandra Grande knows that she is guilty of the
crime that is why she hadn’t made any move to defend herself. the evidence is still strong, the
drugs in los Angeles are still there.
what exactly can Anna prove ?
it has need decided that 3 days is too much time for Anna. 3 days is too much to keep that Los
Angeles hospital locked down waiting for Anna to defend herself when she has no plans of doing
so. in order to protect sick patients it has been decided that Anna has only one day to defend
herself. after today if Anna fails to defend herself, a.g.h.c won’t be locked down anymore rather
a.g.h.c will operate but only under m.h.c. yes the government will sign a.g.h.c under m.h.c’s
supervision.this is the final verdict.
Clara switched off the television .
” Anna go to the prosecution quickly ” nuella said.
“that’s what malcom wants, he knows that I can’t Defend myself in the prosecution .
what will I say? the drug and the evidence are still in los Angeles.
” I receive a live feed of everything that happens in los u think they will believe me of i
tell them I don’t know anything about the Drugs?
I need evidence to defend a.g.h.c .
“but how ?,how will you do it in one day.
” I need your help nuella.
” tell me ,cos am kinda late for the delivery my dad sent me for, we are sending drugs to m.h.c
” i know , thats why I need you to help me nuella , you will miss your flight cos I will delay you.
” Anna you know how Dad is ,if I don’t……
” you are my only hope right now and u have to help me cos I helped you too. it’s time to pay Me
back for acting as you.
” omg Clara?
” nuella the same way I saved you I have to save Anna too.
“Ok am game ,I will help you.
Tristans pov.
omg malcom is texting me ,I hope no one notices
keep me informed ,annastasia is as cunning as a snake ,I need to know her every move.
nothing new sir ,she still Thinks she is In charge ,she is busy resting in her office.
mmm inform me if Anna goes out ,my boys are around to track her down.I must know her every
ok sir i will wait in front of her office.
I rushed out and started stroling along the entrance of her room ,I need to know when she goes
out.Rachel came out and turned to a near by guard.
” Anna wants to rest , she is going to sleep right now,no one should disturb soon as lady
nuella leaves with her hand maid you are ordered to lock the lady’s door and stay there.
” yes I understand
I told malcom Anna is not going out.well I need to watch carefully in case she sneaks out. just then
nuella walked out and her hand maid was holding her purse.
omg ,isn’t it this girl,clara David. so Anna fired her and now she is a maid.
I really pity her, i missed her too . I shouted waving at her
” anyeohaseyo Clara !!!!
” oh hyung – nim” she smiled and rushed towards me then she bowed.
” ahhh, I couldn’t eat tasty foods after you left….are you okay?
she smiled and nodded.
” am fine oppa.
“do you work as maid now.
she nodded.
I dragged her closer
” what about Anna?
” seems she is sick , she is sleeping .she told them to lock her inside.
” oh really?
” really oppa
” that’s go ….I should give you some money
she smiled and moved her hair
“No oppa you shouldn’t
I smiled
” what about a hug
” oh why not.
she hugged me tightly. then nuella walked down
” hey commoner , faster.
” oppa bye
“bye Clara.
she rushed out with nuella and Rachel walked back inside .Anna’s door was it’s certain
Anna Is inside and if she leaves I will surely see her from this camera. I placed a camera on the
flower facing her door.yes clean work.
I ran back up stairs to the research department.
nuellas pov
gosh I can’t believe Clara is so no one knows she left a.g.h.c. she is keeping malcom
in the dark cos he loves tracking people. she care fully wore the mask again inside my limo ,then
she wore a thick expensive plain black gown.she looked good.she sat looking out the window,
Anna someone is really suffering and fighting for you. this beautiful ,sparkly angel I met then is
now so cold and quiet.
” Clara
” tell me
” how are you
“fine …am fine but i will be better if I see ryan
“I saw him ,he is fine.don’t worry once you are done with malcom he is all yours.
” I hope he won’t get mad at me nuella, I really placed a.g.h.c before him..I just want to make sure
he never gets hurt again.
” I understand but where are you taking me too
” you will see.
soon we arrived she walked out.I looked around no one is here.I rushed up with her ,she opened a
door and we both walked in then she opened another door and we walked in.there sat chris, Ethan,Jake,Mr kang,nurse Dell, one of Jake’s boys.I and Clara walked in .a big projective screen
was visible.Clara took the first chair and everybody bowed
” you are the only ones I trust in a.g.h.c ,and i called you here to tell you my real plan.
” Anna what about the los Angeles,is it not part of Your plan?
” there was no los Angeles Chris ,no team ,no drugs.I used that to find out the person who was
feeding malcom information.
” but , what about the boys we plan to Send in with the Drugs .
” high school students looking for where to do their intern. they are not our team.i just used them,
I don’t care if malcom catches them. everything about the first plan was fake I just decided to
make it look real.
all of them started clapping unconsciously.
” so what’s our plan , how do we hit Malcom Back.” Jake asked.
“yes how will we get our vengeance on malcom?” Ethan asked.
” yes how many hospitals can we take from him” Chris asked
” revenge? hit back ? seize hospitals ?
we are not cowards that’s exactly what malcom wants us to do. our aim is not hitting malcom our
aim is securing a.g.h.c.
malcom has a very smart plan and we have only few hours.if we channel our time and resources
against malcom we will not have time to save a.g.h.c .we will loose a.g.h.c. for good.
” but we need our revenge.” Jake said
” hitting malcom back is not an issue ,securing a.g.h.c is the problem.we can hit Malcom any day
but we have only today to secure a.g.h.c. listen to this.
” I shot Ryan ,yes I shot him,I shot Ryan and i enjoyed it.
” it’s very clear to everyone that this is macoms voice
” yes it is madam
” am sure of it Anna.
” well if revenge was my problem I will take this clip to court.
if hitting malcom was the case I can still penetrate los Angeles without his knowledge.
there are so many ways to get our revenge easily.
but, if we face revenge we will loose our hospital.if we face hitting malcom we will loose a.g.h.c.
is that what you want? I brought you here not to talk about hitting malcom but to talk about getting
a.g.h.c back from the law. and we have only today
” I dont mean to be out of line Anna but it’s obvious we already lost a.g.h.c, malcom did a clean job
framing’s better we pull malcom down now so we fall together, if you ask me i would say let
us focus on hitting malcom. all of us will be hospitaless ” Ethan said
” Anna its true , clearing our name is like 99 percent impossible to do in few hours .we don’t have
time neither did we visit the prosecution. we didnt book or get a meeting time with prosecution
now we can’t bribe the witness to change his testimony cos as you can see his face is masked.
moreover , the courts evidence is still in our hospital cos it was closed down.all the Drugs are still
there.Anna I don’t know your plan but i can strongly say it will not work.the figures are clear
madam. we already lost a.g.h.c. so let’s pull malcom down too , all of us will die together just like
Romeo and Juliet m.h.c and a.g.h.c . no body will have hospital ,every body will go back home.
Mr kang chuckled , Clara looked at Chris In such a way he used his book to cover his face.
” Anna Chris is right , there is no evidence you can use to clear a.g.h.c’s name . its only the person
that caused this problem who can solve it. Malcom framed us only malcom can clear this mess.”
mr kang said
” then he has to clear it ,malcom has to clears this mess himself.I am going to make him do so. ”
Clara said.
“but how Anna?
” it starts with me going into m.h.c
” what!
” what!
” what!
” this is the only way i can get what i want from malcom. I have a good feeling about entering
m.h.c , something is fishy and i want to figure it out ” Clara said
” ok ,but m.h.c security is very tight. how do u get in.
” that’s where nuella comes in
” you will take me to m.h.c as one of your nurses. after we move in the Drugs I will find my way.
” what If malcom gets you.
” he might but he wont. if i can get into m.h.c, phase one of the plan is over. the rest will happen
inside m.h.c, right under malcoms nose.
” ok , we understand.
Clara turned to Chris
“Ok Chris move To the system with Ethan
” yes madam.
” Jake did you get what I asked for
” sure.
he placed all the chips on the table clara smiled.
” nice.
they shared the chips , earbuds, recorders etc . Clara was properly equipped.she fixed the earbud
deep into her ear then freed her long hair. she took 2 recorders.
my nurse arrived so I walked out and collected the mask and uniform from her.I walked in and
Clara was upstairs.she wore the nurse uniform and the face mask of my nurse.she looked so
different and she is really ready.
we walked out to the team, they all bowed.
they looked sad like she was going to die.
” whats next clara?
“Mr kang, its time To go to work. you know what to do
Mr kang left.
all of them sat down
” I am going now to fight for a.g.h.c , I need you to back me up. Chris ,Ethan Jake , all of
you…don’t sleep on me.
” yes madam, we are monitoring you .we won’t let malcom harm you” Chris said
” good luck madam.” Ethan shouted
clara nodded.and walked out with me , we entered my company car and drove off.
clara POV
Anna I hope I can get what I want today, cos I don’t have time.
I am not panicking but the news that the court gave us only today really shaked me. it’s only today
Anna , where are you ? , wish me luck… I chose to secure a.g.h.c for you,I will secure a.g.h.c.
i just need to enter m.h.c. of all the approaches to use ,why did malcom choose to frame us with
drugs ? where did malcom get drugs? how does Malcom know so much about successfully mixing
narcotics and normal drugs without being noticed or found out by the crowd of nurses,patients and
doctors in our los Angeles brand? that kind of knowledge only comes from experience. I have a
feeling Malcom deals drugs.and that’s what I need to confirm with my eye.
soon we arrived, all nuellas nurses and workers carried a load of drugs and walked out with it.I
carried my own.
I got close to the entrance of m.h.c. I turned and nuella waved at me. am walking into the lions den
but this is the only way. I smiled at her and I took a step inside.
just then Chris spoke into my earbud
” good luck madam , don’t worry I hacked all the camera’s in m.h.c . we are watching you.
I smiled and rushed in.