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I Sold My V. Episode 24

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( His royal Excellency)


✍️ Twenty- Four✍️

He opened the car door for me and I swung my legs out, standing up while Joshua’s hand in mine. I already texted John with my flip phone and told him where I was, he’ll be so disappointed.

He thinks he has me. He thinks that I’ll forget everything that’s happened. But I won’t, I’m not done talking. I’ll make sure I get what I want.

He guides me into the house and we head upstairs to the bedroom. I don’t know what he plans on doing but I should get back to John’s house pretty soon.

“Joshua, I shouldn’t be here” I said instantly regretting my decision to come here. “I should just-”

“Valentina please. I’m not losing you again”

“You’re not losing me but I need to know your intentions if I’m going to continue to stay here”

He sighed and leans on the dresser looking at me.

“Like I said before, I don’t know you, and I can’t keep having someone I don’t know break my heart”

“What do you want me to say?” He raised his voice. He’s getting mad, I can tell. This is when he lets his anger get the most of him and he says whatever is on his mind. This is when he hurts my feelings.

I walk into the closet and pull out some leggings and a hoodie. I get undressed knowing that he’s watching me. If we are going to argue again. I want to be comfortable and prepared.

“Why did you make that contract?” I asked. As I folded my dress neatly and placed it on the bed.

“So I could have sex with Leticia” he said nonchalantly.

“Before or after you met me?” I asked sliding the leggings on not looking at him.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, I don’t talk to her”

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“Then why did you have those papers on your desk?” I picked up the jacket and began to put it on.

“I wanted her to sign them, to leave me alone.
I don’t want to be with her” I sat in the middle of the bed and listened to him talk. “I already told you, she’s not the one for me”

“How do you know that?” I asked out of curiosity. “Did you give her a chance?”

“It sounds like you want me to be with her” he crunched his eyebrows together.

“I’m just wondering how you came to that conclusion”

“I met you” he moved closer to me. “I met someone who actually cares about me and not my money”


“How do you know I’m not after your money?”

“Nate told me you wouldn’t accept my gifts”

I shook my head. “I don’t want them”

He nodded slowly. “I see that now”

“I don’t want your gifts Joshua, I just want you to be honest with me and to tell me who you are”

He sighed and walked into the closet closing the door behind him. Maybe he doesn’t want to talk, maybe there’s nothing significant about him. Maybe who he is, is just who he is. Basic, plain, simple, cold-hearted Joshua.

A few minutes later he walked out with black joggers on and a black shirt. I can see his member poking out a bit. But I won’t say anything.

“What do you want to know?” he asked. “If I was beaten as a child? If my parents were incapable of taking care of me?” he looked at me and his dark eyes made me feel bad for making him talk to me. “Is that what you wanted to know?”

I sighed and rubbed my head. “Joshua I don’t want to force you to say anything”

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“Then why are you making me say this?!” He yelled.

“Because you always make me explain myself, why can’t you for once?” I defended myself.

He didn’t say anything. He just stood there with mean eyes. Why did he bring me here? Did he think I would stay? I only wanted to talk.

“I should call John” I said as I crawled off the bed and grabbed my bag off the dresser pulling my flip phone out of it.

I slowly began to type in his number when I felt Joshua stand behind me. “Put the phone down” he growled in my ear.

“Why do you always run back to him?” He asked. “Like he’s gonna save you” he spat.

“Watch your mouth Joshua, because here is when you start to get careless with your words” I refuse to turn around to look at him.

He took a deep breath. “You don’t need to always think about him”

“Well what am I gonna think about, Joshua?” I gave up and turned around to look at him. “You are so confusing, I can’t read you correctly. One day you’re all happy and loving and then the next you’re ready to rip my head off and call me a whore!” I shouted. “I don’t understand it with you! I just want you to talk to me”

He bit down and rubbed his face. “Why do you care?” He asked sitting down on the bed. “Why do you wanna know so bad? I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as persistent as you”

I sighed. He’s right. Why do I care? Maybe because he’s so mysterious and hides everything from me. Maybe it’s because he tells me he wants me and I want him to. Maybe because I really do care about him and I want him to understand that. Whatever the reason may be, I just wanna know what’s eating him.

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“My mother and father aren’t my real mother and father” he said bluntly.

I quickly looked at him to see if he was telling the truth. I don’t believe it. Perfect, ice cold, cold-hearted Joshua is telling me things about himself.

“I was adopted, when I was fourteen”

“Joshua why didn’t you tell me?” I stood in front of him looking down at him. He’s staring at the floor.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve never told anybody it feels weird”

“But doesn’t it suck to have to keep everything inside?”

“No” he looked at me.

I chuckled. “That’s not the point I’m trying to make”

“Well it doesn’t, I just don’t like sharing myself with people”

“You don’t have to tell me anything but I need to know I can trust you” he nodded. “And you have to stop getting so angry, it’s frightening”

“Why is it so scary?” He changed the subject all the sudden. “What happened?”

“Nothing” I said quickly. “Joshua-”

He stood up. “If something’s wrong you can tell me”

“Nothings wrong” I laughed so I wouldn’t cry. He looked me up and down and I moved away from him. “Maybe I should get going” I rubbed my arm.


He bit down and his eyes got mean again. They turned dark and cold. I prepared myself for the harsh words he was gonna spit out but all he said was. “I’ll take you” he grabbed his black Nikes out the closet and I slipped mine on too.

As we were walking out the house I noticed how we were matching. He opened the passenger door to his fancy silver car and I slid in. He got in on the other side and we drove off into the dark.