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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 41

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 41

Elizabeth’s POV

“Who threw him there?” I asked nervously.

I had stopped drinking my yogurts.

“Mr Ashley Romeo said you didn’t love him as much as he love you, so he jumped inside the ocean.” Ethan’s wife said with a sad look.

“What!” I screamed to the top of my voice.

“You are the only one that can help him here.” Jack said and I turned to him.

As much as I loathe Jack, I need to speak with him now.

“How? plus what are you guys doing when he drowned himself?” I asked.

“We could not stop him. You have to jump into the river to save Romeo.” Jack said.

“I can’t even swim, why can’t you people do that?” I asked.

“We can’t swim either, our wives will not allow us die for another man, you are his wife and should be ready to die for him?” Jack said and I adjusted back.

I hurriedly drank the yoghurt I was drinking finish and swallowed.

“So…there is hope that Mr Ashley Romeo could still be alive?” I asked

“Most definitely.” Ethan replied.

I swallowed and said; “I’ll only drown if I jump there, why do you think I can save him? since I can’t swim.”

“Well, we would give you swimming materials that will not let you drown, look for him inside the sea and bring him out.” Jack said.

“Give me the swimming materials already?” I said.

They ordered that I sit and I obliged. They placed the swimming materials on my foot and on my head.

“Are you sure you are ready to do this for your husband? ” Jack asked

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I remembered I’m an acting wife but I can’t let Mr Ashley Romeo drown.

“I am.” I replied and tore my second yogurt.

“One minute please.” I requested and quickly drank the second yogurt.

I let out a sound sigh and I stretched my two arms wide.

Ethan and Jack carried me to the brink of the river.

“We wish you good luck, Mrs Romeo.” Jack said, they were about to throw me into the ocean so I can search for Mr Ashley Romeo.

“Thank you.” They carried me and almost threw me but pulled me back.

I heard a clap behind me and I turned, It was Mr Ashley Romeo.

He was now smiling,

“You have just won the game.” He said and I blushed.