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V Couple. Chapter 41

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 41

Oscar’s POV

Oscar’s POV

I walked swiftly outside, straight to the pharmacist, I showed him the list of drugs I was to purchased and he provided them for me

As I turned to walk away, he said; “Sir…you should be careful with those drugs.”

“Mind your business.” I answered him and quickly walked back to my house.

I realized that Jessie was still sleeping.

I started to use the drug as the doctor had described, the d–K! began to respond immediately.

I was glad, I climbed the bed and sëp@–rated her lë–Gs, I tried to dīp my d—K in and I felt a hand around it.

I peeked to see and saw Jessie’s hand around it, her eyes were still closed.


Is she some kind of witch or what?

I tried to remove her hand from my d–!k but It was strong.

He held my d–!-K tight that it began to hurt me.

He squeezed it and I groaned out painfully.

“Are you trying to rã–pë me?” Her voice finally came.

Her eyes were now opened, I was like a child caught doing what was wrong.

“Remove your hand, please.” I said and she removed it and held my b@–lls.

She squeezed them and it hurts me badly.

“What are you doing this for?” I asked as I groaned in pain.

“For trying to r@—pe me.” She replied and squeezed it more.

I felt so much pain that I was tempted to slap her but I’m not the type that lay hands on woman.

She finally let go of my d—!k and I rolled to the other side of the bed painfully.

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“You really drugged me to sleep.” She said and I turned.

I wondered how she knew I did that.

“I’m leaving this forsaking marriage?” I uttered angrily.

I only said that, I wasn’t ready to leave yet, my d–!K were still hãrd and doesn’t show signs that It will relax soon.

I turned to her and felt like f–K!n her forcefully, I really can’t control myself anymore.

I jümped to her and held her two hands.

“Do you want to rã—pe me?” She asked but I didn’t reply.

I just struggled for my d—!k to have a way insïde her, it almost did when I felt something hit my head.

I became unconscious.