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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 13

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

????( The girl in my dreams )????

Episode 13
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

???? Alyssa ????

Without being told I know my cheeks are redder than tomato right now.

The way prince Ryan was staring at me gave me some unexplainable feelings.

He scratched the back of his head nervously as Scarlett made the statement and he quickly looked away while I chuckled too.

” Can’t you talk Ryan? You were checking her out and admiring her in your mind ” she added.

I bowed my head with my heart flustered. Doesn’t she know it’s making me uncomfortable?

” See you are blus…”

” You talk too much Scarlett ” he groaned facing me again and this time with a smile not a wide eyes.

” You look damn gorgeous Alyssa, I must admit that ”

My face heat up staring everywhere but him. Did he just compliment me?

” T..thank you my prince ”

” Ryan please, I have told you that before”

I just nodded without knowing what else to say.

It’s becoming awkward! Maybe I should leave and we can continue the tour later.

” I will be inside ” I said walking away hastily not before glancing at Prince Ryan who kept staring at me for the goddamn time.

Moving quickly into the house, I bumped into princess Ava .

” I was looking for you Alyssa ” she said smiling brightly.

” I was with Scarlett my princess ” i replied.

” Drop the formalities , we are now sisters and I want you to call us by our names not princess ”

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They are so humble and kind unlike the in some books I read and the princesses are normally proud and arrogant.

They are not just like that and that’s why majority of the people love them including me.

” Okay, thank you for accepting me as your sister Ava ”

” It’s nothing, come let’s go, I need to show you something ”

She held my hand dragging me with her.




???? Zoey’s POV ????

I paced to and fro in anger ! How can the King bring a commoner to the palace and make her a princess, not even a maid or head of maids. A fu”king princess.

I shrieked in fear thinking about Prince Ryan falling for her.

What if that eventually happens? All my dreams will die down just like that?

I won’t be able to become the queen? God!

She’s a threat to me!
I heard she’s beautiful and very curvy!

That will make prince Ryan have interest in her.

I can’t stay back and watch her destroy my plans of becoming prince Ryan’s wife

I won’t let her be an obstacle to my peace and happiness.

I will make sure I do everything within my power to take her out of the way.

And starting from the princesses, poisoning their minds against her will do.

I brought out a pack of cigarette and lit one taking it.

I will make that Alyssa girl leave the palace in tears , shame and pain.

That I will make sure of!


???? Alyssa ????

I took the direction of the balcony Scarlett had shown me earlier.

I just wanna stay there for a while and see the queen later in her chamber.

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Opening the door, I bumped into princess Emily! Gosh! What’s with me and bumping into people?

” Are you mad? Can’t you see or is anything wrong with you?”

Huh? Is all that for me? What did I do now?

” I didn’t know you were coming princess Emily , I wouldn’t have. …” The words in my mouth paused itself as a slap landed in my cheeks..


” Shut up, you shouldn’t talk to me as you like, the fact that my father the king brought a low life like you into the palace doesn’t mean we are now if the same standard

” You are nothing but a commoner ”

Thanks clenched my hand in a fist turning red with pure anger as what she said replayed in my head and my cheek hurting from the slap.

I raised my hand to hit her but quickly stopped myself.

I will just let it slide because I don’t want the King getting mad at me.