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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 10

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(Love is the word )


Melvin’s POV
I felt my eyelids slowly separating and my eyes was getting opened. Pain tore at all part of my body, making it almost impossible for me to move. I rolled my eyeballs and they rested on the mystical ball that Belle had given me. With an accompanying striking pain, I tried moving my hand to it but it wasn’t long enough.. A sigh passed through my lips and I felt a sharp pain after it..
Even sighing is an issue! What the heck happened to me?
I groaned and with the little dexterity I could muster together; I pushed my body forward with my butt.. A painstaking groan followed, I streched my hand again and tried reaching it with my finger..
Still too short! Ugh..
“Owgh!” I muttered in pain and I moved on my butt again. I stayed still for a while with the aim of getting myself free from at least a little of the pain..
It was like all my bones had just shattered completely in my body, the pain was too unexplainable and excruciating. After staying still for what I could call minutes, I stretched my palm again and got it this time. I tried raising my hand up to my lip but I couldn’t.. I tried again; failure.
With a determined sigh, I pushed past the pain and tried putting the ball in but it was fruitless again.
I rested it back and sighed out, I used my fingers and pushed the ball closer, it moved towards me and touched a side of my face while staying on the floor. I pushed my face downward, ignoring the stinging pain that followed and took it into my mouth from the floor. Faced down I chewed at it with heavy difficulty. It was tasteless. I swallowed it. I felt pain free for a moment and the next moment, a different kind of pain followed and just as I made to cry out, I felt my whole body gradually fading before I drove into unconsciousness the second time.


My eyelids separated widely, my eyes opening and closing back sharply as they met the sunlight peeking in from an opening, I opened them again, adjusting to the rays this time. I remembered how I had passed out after eating Belle’s power packed ball and the pain I had felt. I tried sitting up and realized that I felt nothing.. Not a teeny weeny bit of pain on my body. Except my head that had a slight pain at the gesture.. I looked around and saw that I was in the cave.
Did the ball bring me here?
“You’re awake?”
I saw Belle walking towards me with a ceramic pot resting in her palms.
“Yes and I think I’m having a hangover” I said, placing a palm on my head.
“You’re weak. Good thing it’s just a hangover, I expected something bigger than that” she said, setting the pot down. “You need blood, I fetched some ahead of time for this. Once the craving increases.. You should take some” she said and I twitch my face. She put the pot aside.
“What happened? I-I can’t seem to remember anything” I said, putting a palm back on my forehead when a splitting pain followed as I tried to push back to the past.
“I had a hint she’d clear that memory from your remembrance” Belle said, making me give her a confused furrowed brow. “Hold-on I’ll try to bring it back, I hope it works.”
She stood up, grabbed her short staff and with her eyes shut, she muttered some things on it and placed it on my forehead, In a way that pushed my head backwards. Immediately I felt something fall back into my body from it and she pull the staff away and gave me a questioning look.
I shivered and slowly everything gathered back into my mind..
I gave Belle a flabbergasted and scared look and it reflected on my body as I trembled slightly, a cold shiver ran down my spine.
She cocked her brows questioningly at me..
“It’s been Lucinda all along, Belle” I said, hurt clogging at my my vocal cords.. “She was my best friend. I just can’t understand why she did it. She’s going to ruin my family and tear us apart. She has it all planned out an-and she’ll take over all that we have!”
Belle gave me a sober look, urging me to go on.
“We used to be best buddies, very close and all. She was my betrothed, we were supposed to get married but didn’t and she ruined my life because of it. She claims I chose Clara over her and the funniest part it, I can’t even remember this Clara girl, I just see myself with a faceless being, Lucy has her too, I don’t know what she’s doing to her but I saw her trapped in a different rectangular box from myself and she is Kayla, Belle. Clara is Kayla!.. It’s really confusing” I said, fighting the tears back. I mean all this is enough to make me tear up isn’t it?

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“That explains why she’s your chi-mate. You both need each other”
“But Kayla isn’t in a trance like myself. She seem happy with her family and she isn’t a beast or something of that kind” I said and Belle nodded.
“Hers is far worse than yours son, she’s in a kind of spiritualized meander. Her kind of curse is everlasting, it’ll grow from generation to generation nonstop.. No one will be left out from it’s wrath” Belle explained, leaving me gobsmacked. Kayla is in a curse like myself, an everlasting one.
When did Lucy ever become so evil!
“What!” I shuddered.
“Look son, just like you I want everything to be back the way it was. I was brought here to be your guardian, to help you and I’ll never lead you wrongly. Yesterday when I told you to stay, I meant no harm. I’ve seen greater witches like Lucinda and I know their capabilities.. I knew you’d get hurt that was why I didn’t want you to venture alone in the first place” she emphasized.
“I know Belle but I’m really curious, what exactly is Lucy?”
“She’s a special bred witch. Very rare and extremely powerful and evil.. She’s like a school of witches combined together. Her powers and abilities isn’t something that a mere helper like myself can match with. The cvmir that I gave you was given to me by my godmother, one of the oldest of our kind. She gave me to enable me save myself if ever I get into a situation where my powers or abilities becomes useless. It was filled with all her powers after she stepped down, that was why it saved you from dieing.. You’re lucky it did tho, that’s how strong Lucinda is” she explained and I suddenly started to feel guilty.
She would have used the cvmir for more intense situations if I had just listened to her and stayed.. Now it’s gone.
“I’m really sorry Belle, I should’ve listened to you. I-I
“It’s okay son. I understand how quick you want to get out of this shell, every human in your position would’ve done same but you no matter what you still have to listen to me and do only what I tell you to” she said and I nodded.


“I promise, ” I assured. “About the curse and all, does Kayla knows about any of it?”
“She might have noticed the signs but she has no idea about what she’s in. You need her to save yourself” she said.
“After what I just found out, I don’t care at all about what I have to do, I’ll do anything; anything at all to save myself and my family before we get completely ruined,” I said and gave Belle a brief look. “I’ll have to tell her about me and I have to do it pretty soon Belle, I need to end all this, I just really hope it works” I said and Belle nodded in approval before sighing.
Kayla’s POV
“It’s fine mom, I kinda knew you’d say this. I really didn’t have hope of going anymore” I said.
“I’m truly sorry baby, I didn’t know we’ll be preparing for a patrol, you know ab-
” I already said it’s okay. Go ahead and do your work. I plan on going to the library soon. I’m hanging up now”
“OK honey, take care. I’ll really make it up to you, I promise”


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“Kay. Bye” I hung up and left the phone back on the couch with a sigh. She should’ve just said it earlier that we wouldn’t be visiting dad today instead of getting my hopes high then pulling them back down. Honestly, I kind of expected this too. As long as she keeps working on this case, disappointing me is something that isn’t new.
I emptied the remaining cereal on my plate and walked with it to the kitchen, I washed the used items and chug down a glass of water before walking back to the living room.
Few minutes later, I was on my way to the library, the biggest community library that I had come across yesterday.
I was allowed in and walked to the shelf. Almost immediately, I found my exact kind of books, I grabbed one on wide life and another on history and world records. I took the books and grabbed a seat quietly with them before flipping through the pages of one to read, the rest lying on the table waiting.
It was in the early hours of the afternoon when I stepped out of the library. I had so much fun reading my spec of books, it was sad that they didn’t have much of it but I read a lot and I think my reading capacity is full, scratch that, it can never be full.. I can only get tired. Well, as you might’ve guessed, I was allowed to lend some too after leaving some vital information of course, good thing I brought my bag.
After a slight stretch, I made to hit the road when a loud piercing cry of an angry mob reached my ear.. As I turned, someone immediately ran past me to a nearby alley and I caught sight of an angry mob running towards my direction with weapons. Just as I made to turn back, a hand grasped mine and pull me off the ground, shoving me forward quickly.. Caught unaware, I steadied my legs to his pace and as I tried to stop him from making me run, I looked up at his face and saw that it was Melvin.
Wait.. What’s he doing?
He gave me a quick look but didn’t stop running and making me follow and making my bag jump behind me at each step.
“What’re you doing?!” I asked him amidst breaths.
“Helping you escape” he answered. I stopped and yanked my hand off his in annoyance, he stopped too, giving me a look.


“What do you mean by helping me escape! Do I look like I’m in some sort of mess or-
I was cut short when his hand went to my backpack, pulled open one of the zip and he pull the hand to my face to reveal a wallet and a new cellphone.
Wait..Those aren’t mine. I cocked a questioning eyebrow at him.
“How did that get into my backpack?” I asked.
“The thief put them in there and now they’re after us. You need to throw that down, we don’t know what other stolen stuff might be in there” he said and I tilt my head backwards to see the angry mob coming towards us..
“Oh geez” I shrieked. He helped yank my backpack off to the floor and I immediately took his hand and we began running again. This time I was fast enough.
How did that even happen without my knowledge?!
“Where are we going to?” I asked during the run..

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“Somewhere safe enough to hide” he said and I just kept running with him. Scared to see angry people after me if I lag or turned.
What would’ve happened if Melvin hadn’t showed up! What would those people have made of me?!
Melvin suddenly stopped, making me stagger too and before I could ask why he stopped, my gaze caught sight of where we were and I saw that there was a small pool before us and houses covered the rest of the roads. I look back at him.
“There’s no path here” I said and he nodded.
“I would’ve suggested we stay here but there a chance that we might get caught.. So we’ve gotta hide” he said.
My breathing was rough.
“Where? We can’t just walk up to one of these houses owner and tell them we want to hide from an angry mob that are after us because they think I stole something that I didn’t” I said.
“We’re not hiding in any house. We’ll stay over there” he pointed to the pool and I looked questioningly at him.
“Wait.. In there? Like inside the pool?!” I asked and he nodded again. Before I could protest, he was pulling me forward again.
“Wait.. What if we suffocate in there? Are you even thinking of the risk?”
“We won’t suffocate. This is the only option. Can you swim?”


“Uh-uhm I’m not sure, it’s been a while since I did that last” I said.
“There is experience at least”
Now we were standing in front of the water.
“Wait I need-
Before I could complete the rest of my words, he pulled me into the water with himself. I was quick to seize my breath before water could get into my nose and my held my glasses.. I quickly touched my pocket and felt my phone in it.. He began swimming to the middle and I followed, trying to keep myself from from drowning. We stopped when we got there and I was kind if proud that I swam on my own but I knew that I couldn’t hold up for too long.. My throat suddenly start to itch for air.
” Do you want to breath?” He asked and seeing that I couldn’t talk, I nodded.
Wait.. How was he able to say all that so audible and normally in here?
He started to swim toward me and by then I was almost giving up to breath. He made our palms touch and I felt the spark, more shocking this time.. It was somehow similar to electric. I looked up at him, my face deeply frowned as I was still trying to hold my breath.. I was just about giving up when I felt his lips on mine.
At first I was shocked but then I was able to breath into his mouth and after the short confusing kiss, he pulled away and once again I realised what had happened and was shocked again.. My eyes popped open..
“W-what was that–



I stopped talking after I tealised that I was talking in water, like perfectly talking. A-and I was no longer suffocating.. My breath was normal.
My hand moved to my neck in surprise.
Holyshit.. I’m breathing in water!
My gaze shot up at him with a grimace.
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