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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 13

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(Love is the word)



Kayla’s POV
A loud knock on the door jerked me up from the nightmare I was having. The same old toe curling one.
Why do I always choose an unknown person over my family and what exactly does this nightmare even mean?
Why do I keep having it repeatedly?
The knock came again on my door and I stifle a small yawn before sitting up and slipping my feet into my flip-flops.
“I’m coming!” I responded before dragging my body up lazily and walking to the door. I saw the necklace on my neck outside and I quickly hid it in my dress opening before continuing my journey to the door.
I pulled it open and sight mom standing there.
“Hey honey. Did I disturb your sleep?” She asked.
“Yeah but it’s okay. Come in” I moved aside and she walked in. “When did you return?”
“A minute ago or so” she said. “Sorry I didn’t make it home yesterday, work is beginning to get hectic”
“Is it about the beast? You guys found anything on him?” I asked in anticipation and she gave me a sigh.
“It can be a female too, you know” she said and I shook my head in disapproval. “Well, I already ordered a patrol”
“A patrol? But you’ve done that three times and it led you guys to nothing” I said.
“This one will be different. We’ll be ransacking every nook and cranny of the wood. We’ll move further, until we get to the end”
“But isn’t that dangerous?”
“It is but I’ve made sure we get provided with as much arms as we need so we’ll be safe. It’s nothing to bother about, the big worry here is catching that heartless killer” she said with a look of scorn and I sighed.
“What if you can catch him right now? Will that make you agree to us relocating from here?” I asked, a little skeptical.
“Honey, I understand how quick you want to leave here but catching that beast isn’t something that can just happen.. Remember we’ve been on this for months, if not years and-
“Just answer me mom. If you peradventure catch the beast now and get the justice that you seek for Tracy, are we relocating from here to meet dad?” I asked again and she gave me a small sigh.
“Yes. If I can catch that beast now and kill it, we’ll get out from here immediately” she said and I bit on my lower lip thoughtfully.
Okay why do I feel like I need to think about this? I’m pretty sure the only thing I want right now is to get out of here.
To leave this town and all the gobbled up problems it offers but why do I suddenly have this guilty conscience?
Could I be doing the wrong thing by telling mom? Does it have something to do with this neck band? Melvin told me it was harmless right, I don’t think it’s about the necklace.


I probably just feel a little bad for wanting to tell on Melvin this way. Truth is, before knowing about this present side of him; he’s been a good person to me so far and well, the only friend I’ve made in a while.
The fact that he trusted me enough to show me his secret shows just how much he trusts me. And it was still enough to show me that he’s the beast, the most wanted person In the city.. He probably doesn’t know that my mom is the detective behind his case or maybe he does. But either ways I feel bad knowing that I’ll be have to spill that secret to fulfill my wish. This town holds so many strange things on me..
If not Tracy’s death, I’ll be avenging other people’s death that were caused by him. If he’s caught and killed then he’ll no longer pose threat on people nor take lives. This town will be safe for every other person, I’ll be doing a good thing too. He might’ve as well planned this all out from the scratch, helping me so he can use me.
I need to think on the positive side of this whole thing and dwell on it. He only got my attention and had made me trust him so I can ‘help him’ and I won’t. I can never help someone like him.. It’d make me a part of him, right?
I’ll just tell on him, he’ll get caught and we’ll leave here. Stay with dad until he becomes unconscious and my life will start to get less mushy and more better. It’ll be for the best anyways.
“Kayla” mom call jerked me back to reality, I gave her a look. “Is there something you want to discuss with me?” She asked and I gulp as my hand moved to my chest, my fingers playing with the tube.
I would’ve been dead if he hadn’t saved me.. I thought and I wouldn’t have this creepy thing on my neck nor need his help if he hadn’t given me a scare like that or revealed himself to me. My former life will still be preferable than now.
My eyes moved to mom and I gave her a slight nod.
“Yes. And it’s pretty huge” I answered her and she nodded with a curious look before sitting up well on the bed and giving me a look that urged me to go on.
Melvin’s POV
“She left” I told Belle, when she stepped. “She says she’ll never help me and walked out”

“You don’t expect her not to with the kind of scare you gave her” she said.
“I didn’t have a choice then. I felt like there wouldn’t be another time if not then. I had already transformed, I couldn’t do anything about that” I said.
“I understand. For now, she’s terrified.. Just give her time to come around. She’s with a part of you now, you can always feel and find her anywhere” she said.
“What if she decides to tell on me to her mom? It’ll ruin me Belle” I said, worried.
“True but do you think she can do that?” She asked.
“If you were in her shoes, won’t you?”
“Well considering the fact that we’ve been friends for few days, I’ll have to give that a second thought first” she said.
I suddenly began having a strange bad feeling. It was as if a part of me was trying to turn against me and- oh no!
“I think she’s about telling on me” I panicked to Belle. “I can feel her doing that and I don’t know why”
“It’s part of the signs. You can feel all her emotions as long as she has a part of you” she said and I gave her a questioning look. “We’ll talk about that later but we have to stop her first”

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“How? I can’t use my powers on her” I said.
“Yes but I can cause her to sleep. It’s the only harm I can do to her, she’s too powerful for any other thing” she said and immediately began muttering some things that I didn’t hear. I didn’t bother to listen anyway.
My mind could only drift on Kayla trying to expose me. I didn’t expect her to be that terrified.. I thought friends were supposed to keep each other’s secret. I know this isn’t a good secret but still, we’re supposed to be friends right?
Exposing me is supposed to be something that she ought to have a deep thought about before doing considering that we’ve had something very close to friendship.
Do friends do that to each other or she had never considered me as one?
I sighed sadly.
“It’s done” Belle said and I gave her a sullen look.
“I feel really hurt. I know it’s normal for her to want to tell on me but I didn’t expect it to be this quick. I mean she just found out” I said.
“That’s human for you. She’s someone you shouldn’t get entangled with and since you’ve found out about her now, it’s time to make her agree to help you with threats” she said. I gave her a curious look.
“Help? I don’t think she will. I feel like I’ve lost everything already” I said.
“You can’t know that unless you follow what I have in mind. You have to threaten her to get her to do what you want. And besides, it’s for both your good and hers” she said.
“Threaten her? How?” I asked.
“By telling her scary and untrue things about the necklace and yourself as the beast. That’s the only option right now” she said and I nodded. Moistening my lower lip.
Kayla’s POV
A m0an escaped from my shut lips and I tossed, dragging the duvet along. My eyes flew open and I found myself in my room. I stretched and stood up. I must’ve slept for long. My legs found it’s way to my slippers and I pull into it and walk out of my room. My palm moved to my head and I rubbed my eyes before opening the door and walking out. I met mom on my journey to the living room and she was all dressed up.
“Oh honey.. I was just about coming to your room. How are you feeling now?” She asked, wounding her jacket around her body.
“I’m fine but I don’t remember telling you I was sick or something” I said.
“ did. You were about telling me something you called ‘huge’ then you suddenly complained of having a headache and wanting to rest and before I returned with some drugs you were fast asleep on your bed” she explained and I cocked a brow at her.
How come I don’t remember any of that?
“Anyways, I made dinner and I’m off to work. Our request got approved and we have a big day ahead so I have to leave now and yeah, we’ll talk about the huge thing you wanted to tell me about when I return. Be safe, okay?” She placed a kiss on my forehead and walked out of the house. I stared blankly at her until she was out of sight and her car drove out.
A deep sigh passed through my lips. Why can’t I remember anything that had happened before I fell asleep? I only remember myself wanting to tell mom about Melvin and nothing else.
What happened?
Did I fall asleep because of this necklace or what?!
I glance at the time and it was few minutes past five.. Have I been asleep for that long?
The confusion brought a sort of awful feeling to my skin and I immediately grabbed one of my jacket I found close by and walked out of the house.
I sight a bench and walked to it, I sat on it and let out a huge sigh, tucking my hands into my jacket pocket. Someone joined me on the bench but I didn’t care to look at whoever it was.
“You need answers, don’t you?” The voice made me jerk and I turned immediately to see Melvin. My heartbeat raced at the sight. He gave me a look and pushed his curly hair backward.

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“What’re you doing to me?”
“I told you I won’t harm you Kay and I meant it but they’re some things that you need to understand”
“Like you needing my help? I told you I’m not giving it-
“Like your mom dying” he said plainly and I gave him a frown.
“W-what’re you talking about?” I perused.
“I know you were trying to tell her about me. I felt it. That necklace I gave you contains a part of me and I get to know when you do certain things. As far as that necklace stays on your neck, if you tell anyone about who I am or where I stay or try to betray it. The person dies instantly-


“What?!” I shrieked.
“Yes. I saved you by giving you a part of my life and that necklace is what it is. We’re tied together now, it’s more like were one. Well, until it’s time to take off the necklace of course but for now we’re together. We get to share our feelings, pains and death” he paused, making me widen my eyes at him.
“If I die then you die”


“Oh my..oh my God!?” I gasped “am I a beast now?!” I primped looking at my hand to check for any unusual look.
“No, you’re not. And you can only get out of this faster if we work together. If you stop running away and give me a listening ear. It’s for both our sake”
“Both our sake?” I repeated “your ruining my life is for my sake. Turning me to a killer like yourself is for my sake?!”
“It wasn’t my intention, I swear”

“Oh please Melvin; You know if you haven’t showed up in my life then none of this would have happened. I wouldn’t be in this mess! You had it all planned out from the scratch, didn’t you. You freaked me out and almost made my lose my life so you could trap me and act like you actually saved me!” I yelled, tears blurring my vision.

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“Will you just hear me out first Kayla! I’m not as bad as you think-

“I don’t want to hear it and there’s no way I’ll be a part of you! Stay away from me Melvin. Stay faraway from me” I said, fighting the tears that threatened to spill back. “I promise I won’t say anything to anyone about you so let’s just end this here. It’s enough that my life is caged now in this damn thing, don’t make it worse”


“Don’t call my name and please don’t appear in front of me ever again” I sounded the warning and immediately ran out of the spot, bursting into tears as I ran home.
Is this what life really hold for me now?!!


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