February 3, 2023

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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 4

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(Love is the word )
He limped forward, his mind faraway recklessly at what this strangeness could mean.. What was it trying to reveal to him indirectly.


The pain was severe, very severe and excruciating and it got worst as he limped, stabbing his insides with a new bursting ferociousness.
When was the last time he felt pain; he couldn’t remember or maybe it never happened.. He remembered not even a single chapter of his life. So this is how pain feels?
He wish he wouldn’t feel it and damn what was he thinking playing games with those cops??
As he had thought their bullets had no effect on him, not a single one and he still felt nothing as he walked to rest.. He only remembered that the pain started when he began resting, he had felt it but had brushed it off carelessly.. He hadn’t even realised that he was bleeding.. He didn’t feel the liquid until he was told.
Realization dawned on him then..
He felt pain.. He saw blood and he felt the w€tness on his skin, in his body. He felt human, felt everything they could feel and heard his own breath!!
He felt his heartbeat going fast and heard his pants. For the first time in forever!!
Is that a good or bad sign..
Does it mean he was becoming human again or just another bad sign to remind him that his death is near? No, not his death. He’s dead already, he only had his walking corpse now but.. But back there he felt alive.. He felt like a human! It was like he never died.
What is happening to him?? He wondered and who was she? his helper.. Why did he feel that electrifying spark in his system when she touched him?
Why did he sense death, experienced it a second time and jerked back to life the next minute??
He had so many questions and he was going to the only place where he would get answers to them.
He wanted to disappear.. The limping caused pain to tear at his body, he felt his whole being on fire and he realised sadly that he couldn’t use his powers, he couldn’t vanish.. At least not in front of her. He didn’t want to scare her like that but on a second thought, he realised that his powers weren’t working and suddenly he was getting weak, very weak and was giving way to unconsciousness again when a figure flew past him, taking him along and he knew who it was; his lifesaver.

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Kayla’s POV
I stayed in that position with my face bent, as more paint drenched my clothes. It stopped after a while, I looked up, shielding my face in case it was another trick they were trying to pull on me but instead I saw the perpetrators and just as I had thought, it was Shane and the remaining gangs.. Andrew was there too, laughing so loud that his voice echoed in the passageway.. He gave me a ‘this is not over’ look and walked away, he goons following.
I stare at my clothes, a complete mess and I’ll only make more mess if I move.. I look around as if searching for help but every students that passed by only gave me a mockery smile first before walking away like I wasn’t even there. It hurts even more when Jake joined the mockers, he didn’t spare me a second glance after it.
“Take off your boots”
I thought the voice came from my head but I felt a presence close by, I tilt my head backwards and saw a girl, a strange looking girl.. She looked very much like a doll with her light pink hair, her face was caked in so much make up and her lip gloss was more than enough on her lips, her mouth held a lollipop. As soon as our gaze met, she started walking away.
“Thank you” I yelled after her but she only kept walking without acknowledging my gratitude.
I carefully took off my boots and land my feet on a safer place.. I walk to my locker, grab my bags that had my extra curriculum clothes and a pair of tennis shoes. I slammed it shut before walking to the restroom, I chose one and lock the door after me.
After washing up and changing my clothes, I tie up the ruined ones and left them in the trash can, I checked my reflection one last time in the mirror before walking away back to class.

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Andrew flashed me a deadly glare as a teacher taught us. I ignored him and focused on the work.
During lunch break, I used the cafe, bought my lunch and began eating it quietly.
I felt a cold liquid drip from my head down to my shoulder before strolling down. I paused at the chill and glance up..
“Oops!” Kira said in sarcasm “sorry nerd, didn’t see you there” she said before drinking out of her glass of orange juice.
“Cut it out Kira, I’ve told you that isn’t a nice way to talk to smart people. Poor four-eyes, I guess Kira couldn’t recognize you from the really nice outfit you have on” Delia chipped in, sounding more sarcastic.
“Let’s get past that. Do you mind us sharing the table with you? It’s the only free one for now” Gina said but I kept quiet, refusing to answer them.
Well, just so you know these three are the biggest bully in Melville high. They don’t pick a target, they just go for whoever they feel is a weakling or a loner and it’s sad that I got chosen today. I stood up and grabbed my book..
“You can have it. I’m done” I told them calmly.
“Aww.. Are you leaving because of us. We can go ahead if you want us to” Delia said with a scoff..
“No, it’s okay. I’ll just leave instead”
I cleaned myself up again and head back to class.



His eyes flung open and for a split second he expected to feel the excruciating pain, a banging headache or a completely jelly body but he felt none.
Just like before he didn’t feel himself breathing and he saw his body floating on the air, he didn’t feel any emotions..
He felt like dust particles once again. He felt again, like a corpse.
He looked around and his gaze met her aged eyes, she was bent to a chimney pot, talking softly into it.
Her long grey hair sweeping the floor beside her as she stood up and walked to him, he sat up..
“What could it mean?” He asked her and she looked up from the pot..
“What did you say happened?” She asked him, looking back at the pot..
“I-I felt sparks when she touched me and for the first time I bled and felt.. Pain. I also could breath like a human being, I felt alive” he said..
She at first was quiet and when she looked up at him, he saw the alarm very obvious in her eyes.
She stared quietly at him and it ignite fear in him.. From the look in her eyes, it isn’t good.
“Belle?” He called her, fear surrounding his voice.
“You found her” she finally spoke up.
“What?” He asked, as if unsure of what he heard. “Found who?”
“The one who can quicken and delay your existence in this world. Your chi-mate”
“S-so she’s real? She’s my helper? As in the one that has the ability to bring me back to life?” He asked and Belle nodded, her grey hair playing along.
“And your final death” she added “forever”
. _________________________________