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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 9

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(Love is the word )


Melvin’s POV
I was back to the cave, the secluded place that serve as my thinking ground. I was positioned in my thinking manner, going far in thoughts.
I remember how I had left Kay. Knowing the revelation, I was gobsmacked. Partially getting myself, I had said a hi to her mom and rushed out the next minute..
How am I supposed to show her that I’m the beast whose case her mom was in charge of?
Is this the curtain draw for me?
I glance at Belle, sitting right in front of me with a curious gaze , waiting for me to talk.
“Her mom is the detective in charge of my case” I told her..
She sighs.
“It doesn’t change anything. You still have to tell her about-
“I won’t. I can’t. There’s no way I can do it. Even without knowing her Mom I couldn’t say a word about it and now that I know who she is, you expect me to turn myself in! Is this some kind of joke to you!” I said, bemused and angry. Belle sighed at me again “I’ve been this way for eight years, eight fvcking hard years Belle and in all of it, I’ve never seen someone not even an baby accept me for what I am! It’s been all hatred and disgust! Everyone, every fvcking human in this town is searching all over for me! And you expect me to show myself to the daughter of a detective that’s the head behind my pursuit?!” I yanked.
“Yes” Bella answered magnanimously. “You have to”
“I can’t. I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore!”
“So you’re giving up?”
“No,” I paused. “I’m going to find answers on my own” I said.
“And how do you plan to do that?” She asked, her voice as sullen as ever. She never loses her temper at me no matter how hard I can be sometimes.
“I know where I lived, I believe the answers I’m looking for lies there” I said and she cocked a brow at me. “I plan on going there tomorrow. I’m going to find the answers by myself” I said.
“It doesn’t work that way son, you can’t find the answers you need on your own. You need her!” She said.
“No I don’t!” I snapped at her “Don’t you understand anything that I’ve been saying? I can’t do this Belle. And I don’t care about what you think or say, I’m going there to find answers by myself.. It’s my decision, you stay out of it!” I fumed.
She gave me a curt nod.
I felt my insides tangling, that much furiousness had released an hunger in me. I felt myself wanting to calm it, that insatiable hunger. I was craving badly for blood!
Slowly, I began transforming..
“I already made a refill. I’ll go get it” she stood up and walked out to get the animal blood for me..
How does she always keep her anger in check??
Well she isn’t the one that have been a beast for eight years.. Killing unintentionally and having the world hate you..
I’ve already made my decision, I have to take enough blood for tomorrow’s journey, I’ll finally get all the answers that I need..

Kayla’s POV
I grabbed the salt and shook it into my fries before leaving it back on the table.
“Are we visiting dad tomorrow?” I asked, “it’ll be weekend after it and there’ll be early dismissal at school” I said, chewing my food.
Mom sighed softly, rested her fork on a fry and looked at me.
“You talked about weekend right? Let’s just wait till then. I don’t think I’ll be early enough tomorrow” she said.
“You should’ve just said no” I said.
“It’s okay mom, really. I’ll wait until weekend.. I hope you’ll be free then” I said.
“I’ll try. That’s a promise, okay?” She said and I gave her a nod before focusing on my food.
“So, you didn’t tell me how you met that guy”
“Who? Melvin?” I questioned and she gave me a nod.
“Well, we met few days back. He saved me from bullies at my school” I said.
“Bullies?” She repeated “You’re still being troubled at school?”
“Everyone gets their bad sides at school, mom. And they didn’t get their chances because Melvin suddenly showed up and beat them up. Earlier at school today, they avoided me” I said.
“Why did you keep it from me all this while?”
“You weren’t constant at home enough for the long story and I didn’t think you’ll be ready to listen since work’s what you think of most” I said.
“I’ll always be ready to listen to whatever deals with you baby and I think about you a lot. Don’t keep stuffs like this from me again” she said and I reply her with curt nod.
“How about we watch a movie together after dinner?” She suggested. “We’ll watch whatever you want”
“Our family album?” I asked.
“Okay, if that’s what you want then let’s watch that” she said with a smile and I returned it.

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Melvin’s POV
I stood in front of it; observing it. It looked just exactly as it had in the little journey my mind had. A huge gate painted gold with thick designs on it ..
I stared at the little ball like object in my palm, Belle had given it earlier to me before I started the journey here, with the words.. “Incase you find yourself in a situation where even your powers becomes useless, chew this” she told my and walked back into the cave.
I moved to the gate and noticed that the door was opened, I stepped into it and found myself in a big mansion, more bigger than I had imagined and beautiful too. I ignored that and looked around, young ladies all in the same outfit roamed around the building, cleaning and tidying it. As one of them looked toward me, I shivered, thinking of what to say if she eventually raises an alarm but almost immediately her gaze left me..
“Who left the gate open?” One of them asked, walking toward me to the gate.. I was about making way for her when she walked right into me like I was air and moved to the gate. My brows furrowed at the action, she finished locking the gate and walked back into me to the building. I stood dazzled.
Am I a ghost? But I didn’t activate me invisible power, I remember asking for directions before I got here so why can’t anyone see me in here?


I ignored them and walk to the entrance door, I didn’t touch it when it gave way.. I walked inside to meet a more lively living room, exclusively furnished and decorated.
Maids were in here too, attending to stuffs that I paid no attention to. I dart my gaze to the dinning section, two maids stood opposite each other on the dinning, dishing out meals to a man and woman on the dinning table. I walked closely to them and looked at their faces, they had resemblance with me especially the pretty woman that sat next to the man, but I couldn’t think of where I had met them.
“After this, inform Lucinda that breakfast has been served” the woman told one of the maids.
“I already did ma’am but she says she’ll have hers after she’s done working on her system” the maid replies.
“I’ve never seen anyone as hardworking as her,” she said to the man, her husband and he nods at her in concurrence. “Okay. Make sure she eats something before she leaves for work” she said and the maid nodded again.
“Yes Mrs Garvin. Your herbal tea is ready, should I serve it now or-”
“Now please” the woman cut her off and the maid bowed slightly and walked away.
Who are these people? Are they my parent??
And why can’t I remember a single thing about them?
I didn’t know what pushed me to follow the maid that left but I found myself following her, she opened a door and walked into a room, I followed her In and realized that it was the kitchen. She took the kettle from the gas ring and poured some of the content into a tea cup, she faced back and looked around like she was searching for something then faced her front sharply, I walked and stood beside her..
She pulled out a small thick brown coloured paper from her dress pockets that was tied with a red thread, she quickly loosened the thread and opened the paper to reveal a brown powder, it’s color was like that of cocoa. She pinched twice at it and dump it into the teacup before wrapping it up and putting it back into her apron pocket.
My brows furrowed as I watched her stir the tea with a teaspoon before leaving it in the saucer and walking out with it..
Curiously, I followed her and she walked out of the kitchen, she got to the dinning table and dropped the tea on the table, very close to the woman’s food.
I suddenly got a strange feeling, very close and alarming and I quickly moved my gaze and realised that someone else had joined them in the dinning.. A lady that was dressed In a nightie and looked very pretty, her sparkling hair was let loose and they reached her waist.
I felt a shiver run down my spine when I stared at her and I had no idea why. I didn’t even notice any familiarity or resemblance amongst us.
She cocked a secret questioning eyebrow at the maid who had just left the saucer on the table and I was quick enough to catch her nodding her head at her in reply.
This must be a co-work between them.
Could that powder have been poison??
I looked back at her and found her gaze on me, for a moment I thought she had seen me cos her gaze were fixed on me and her brows were narrowed then almost immediately she pushed her gaze off.
If there was a way I could stop this woman from taking that tea then I would’ve. This must be the Lucinda that they talk about with so much love and admiration but here, she actually has something else in store for them.
An instinct, very strong and powerful led me out of the dinning. Not myself, I walked up the staircase to the second floor and I felt my body walking toward one of the doors in the passageway.. I halt at the third one and my hand pushed at the at the doorknob, it twisted open and I stepped into the room.
I stare around, it was pretty obvious that I was in a female’s room, both by the colors and design. As I stare around the room, searching for why I was led here and why I felt too inquisitive just staring around; my gaze suddenly snapped to a wall and I felt my feet leading my body to it, I reached the wall and rubbed my hand on it.. Why was I being led to a wall?
Suddenly I felt the wall move as my palm pressed a little hard on it, I pushed again and realized that it was a door; a secret passageway.


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I pushed it harder and found myself in a slightly dark and yet cozy room. I looked around and the room had so many artificial and fetish stuff, some of the things were also in the cave I shared with Belle. I sight a switch and turned on the light, it was low but it added brightness to the room a little.. I took two steps into the room and found a strange looking rectangular box, I walked to it and stared.


I saw myself, a younger version of me in a large glass box, it was raised up and the back was rested against the wall. My eyes were shut and my body laid limp in the box. Awed, I stepped closer to the box and like a bolt, I felt something flash through my mind, my head became blank and I stopped walking, placing a palm on my forehead to stop the spinning and when it did, I felt like I was in a different world.. Memories flocked into my head like water running from a waterfall..
Betrothal. Rejection. Anger. Curse… Lucinda!
I finally remembered her, everything has been all her fault. She had cast a curse on me and trapped my soul, I remember that very day like it had just happened but I still didn’t get why.. Could it be because I rejected her??


Mother.. My mind snapped as I remember what she had put in her tea.. She’s trying to kill her!
“Mother!” I said In alarm and turned to head to the living room but I came to an immediate halt when I saw her standing right in front of me, just beside the closed door. Her outfit was different now, she had a large cloak over her body that swept the floor and her hair were tied in a tight bun. Her face had a different look too, like it had when she placed the curse.
I became speechless at her sight, I felt myself wanting to break down.
Why would Lucy do this to me?? Why would she want to ruin my family? We used to be very close, very close and fond of each other.


“Hello Melvin” she said with a huge smirk on her face, hitting the staff on her hand on the floor.. Her mockery voice made me want to dash at her and I wanted to but I realized that my feet had been stuck to the ground.. I couldn’t move my legs. My palms curled to a tight fist as they stayed at my sides.
“Why??” I asked, my voice breaking at the word.. She laughed hysterically and gave me a wicked look.
“Because I had to. It’s was the only way to get what I wanted” she replied me.
“I thought we were friends”
“We were until you betrayed me. I was your betrothed Melvin, we’ve known each other for fourteen years! But you chose Clara instead. If anyone should bear the name betrayer among us then it should be you! For twelve years, twelve years Melvin I was in love with you but you preferred Clara, that bitch that you’ve only just met. Do you have any idea how I felt when you rejected me in front of our parents? Do you know how deeply pained I was when you plainly said you had no feelings for me? Do you?!” She yelled, apart from the hatred, her voice also carried hurt.

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“Y-you were in love with me?” I repeated, gobsmacked. My brows were deeply furrowed. “I had no idea Lucy, I swear and when I rejected the marriage offer I thought I was doing us both a favor.. You once told me you weren’t ready-
“You didn’t hear it to the end!. I was trying to say that I wasn’t ready for anyone else but you! You were too engrossed in loving Clara to even notice my feelings!” she yanked.
“Maybe I was Lucy! Maybe I didn’t notice any of your feelings cos I didn’t expect you to feel that way for me. We were best friends Lucy, for fourteen years! And just as I didn’t notice your feelings I also didn’t notice that my best friend could do this to me” I said, my emotions bursting out and for a moment she had a sad look on but it flushed off immediately.


“That’s both our losses. But it doesn’t change anything. I was going to this anyways, it’s who I am!” she fired.
“What are you doing to my parent?”
“Those old dummies,” she laughed “Don’t worry Mel, I’m not going to kill them, at least not yet. I’m just taming them so I can get them to will the companies and estates to my name and when they do that, I’ll get rid of them. And your sister will be the one carrying the cross of their death, it’ll be so easy and fun to do. Ruining a complete family!” she said with no guilt and for a moment, I stopped to think if I was truly talking to Lucy or an entirely different person.
“You snitch!” I made to charge at her but my feet wouldn’t succvmb to my body. She laughed out strangely.
“Don’t stress yourself too much, you’re helpless now. To everyone here, you’re long dead and forgotten. No one would ever notice you no matter what you do cos around here, you’re a ghost” she said.
“You claim you love me yet you did this. Tell me, what did you do to Clara?” I asked, my teeth clenched.


“Oh, it’s not surprising that you think of her in your state. That was one reason why I trapped your past. Well, your lover girl is right next to you but faraway from you,” she said and I gave her a look before tilting my head, seeing the glass that had my body I tilt it further and sighted another glass box. It had only a small viewing transparent space while the remaining part was painted red. I lift my feet to check and realized that I could move, I walk over to the glass and looked at the transparent side.


A grimace laid on my face when I saw her.. It was the same face, the difference was that her glasses weren’t on and her hair was longer and had a different color.
Kayla! My mind said the words. Clara is Kayla?!
I was confused and even more gobsmacked at the same time. I tried going back in memory lane to see the Clara I had admired back then but I only saw myself talking to someone with a body and without a face. I can’t even remember her face, not even a little.


“I did to her way worse than what I did to you. She’s in an everlasting pain, where happiness is something that can never happen to her” she emphasized. I looked back at her with furrowed brows.
“Oops.. I’m running late for work. I can’t be late if I want to own a company right?” She smirked at me “And Melvin, it was really stupid of you to have come here, your helper should’ve told you that. Now I’ll have to do something worse to you” she said and began rubbing the glob like object on the staff with her palm. I tried moving again and realized sadly, that my feet were once more stuck to the ground..


She lifts the staff up and hold the end, pointing the ball side to me..
“BEGONE!” She screamed in a toe curling manner and it was surprising that no one heard it. The ball struck a lightening directly to my chest and I felt something hard leave my body before I collapsed to the floor. Pain tearing my chest apart, I tried using my power to save myself but it was useless, the pain became severe and even more severe.. My chest got tightened and I couldn’t utter anything, not even a pain m0an. I was totally weak, not being able to move a single bone.


I heard the door open and snap shut and just as the ball Belle had given me rolled out of my hand; I drove into unconsciousness.