October 5, 2022

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My Virgin Husband. Chapter 94

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 94

Ethan’s POV

It’s being three days and I had not heard anything from either Jack or my men, I have no idea where Brandon is, either he is alive or dead, wounded or well.

I decided to start helping Rose recover her memory gradually.

I had told Rose that I would be taking her out to a Mall. I love the fact that she trusted me and obeyed all I do despite the fact that she can not remember who I was to her.

Rose and I stepped out of the house, I opened the door of the car to her and she entered.

I drove to the mall and we both alighted.

“Do you like this place?”I asked Rose.

” What is it called?” She asked staring around the place.

“It’s a mall, where you shop and have fun if you wish.” I said.

“I hope I like it.” She said.

“I want to shop for you, you will sure enjoy it.” I said and held her hands into mine.

We began to walk inside the mall.

“When will I recover my memory?” She asked all of a sudden.

“Soon!” I replied her with a smile and she nodded.

I began to shop for Rose and began to teach her many things.

We returned back to the car, I was about starting the car when I received a call.

It was from the head of the men that I paid to work for me

“Hello sir!” His voice came through.

“Yes?”I questioned.

” Do you know anyone by the name Jack?” He asked.

“What happened to him?” I asked curiously.

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“He’s at Brandon’s custody and inside source told us he is currently undergoing torture, Brandon’s left hand had been cut off.” The man said and my heart beat heavily.

I told Jack to be careful around the beast he call a brother.

I was silent and didn’t even know what reply to give the guy.

Brandon made my wife loose her memory and now he has my best friend in his custody.

“He’s got many men, even though we know where he is, it will be suicidal to attack sir.” He said. “I think the only option left here is for you to call him and cleverly bargain with him.”The man said.

” I know, send me his number.”I said and hung up.

I rested my head to the head of the sear sadly.

“What happened?”Rose asked.

I didn’t want her to be disturbed, I quickly faked a smile and replied; ” nothing.”