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Always You. Chapter 3

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I’m still standing in the airfield trying to determine my fate.
You all might be wondering why I hate her so much.
What did she kick me between my legs?
Was I at fault?
She was just a psycho and I think she is still a psycho.


The hallway was rowdy and full of students exchanging pleasantries and catching up after the long summer break.
Yeah…. that’s how resumption always is…
Friends want to know how you spent your holidays.
I’m Braden Cromwell.
I’m eighteen and in my final year in high school.
“Brad,my man”
“You looking good,Bro”
“Karen’s party was awesome”
“Coach wants us to meet during recess”
Different male voices flew into my ears.
I was now in the midst of my friends.
I’m not trying to brag or anything but I’m really popular in school.
I’m the best basketball player and I’ve won a lot of medals so why wouldn’t I be popular?
“Hey Brad”I heard a girl’s voice.
No one needed to tell me that it was Talia.
“Babe,how you doing?”I asked.
She blushed.”I’m good,how was your holiday?”
I frowned.
She texts me everyday to ask how my holiday is going.
We met last Friday at Karen’s party, she’s still acting as if we haven’t seen each other in a while.
Everyone in my class knows she likes me….she makes it really obvious but I don’t do relationship….I just want to screw girls without any string attached…. it’s really fun like that.
And I don’t want Talia to be a fling.
She’s too good for that so I wish she would stop chasing after me.

I was seated on Martin’s desk as we talked about all the Summer’s fun we’ve had.
The class was noisy like hell but the noise slowly died when the mathematics teacher walked in with a girl trailing behind him.

I retreated to my seat.
“We have a new student in our midst,why don’t you introduce yourself to the class, dear?”
She stared at all of us, sardonically….as if we were too small to know anything about her.
“I guess you are the timid type.Well, everyone she’s Megan Reid…..”
“The Meg!”Trevor,the biggest boy in class shouted and the class erupted in laughter.
“The Meg” had been a trending movie in the holidays.
It was about a gigantic sea animal who ate a lot of people.
Trevor loves to joke a lot.
Megan stuck out her middle finger at him.
“Temper….temper”Trevor drawled….another line he got from the Lion’s King.
“Enough Trevor! Megan,sit beside Braden”The teacher pointed at me.
My seat mate wasn’t around,I glanced at Talia and she was glaring at Megan.
I shook my head,she was fond of chasing girls away from me as if she own me or some shit.
Megan sat beside me.
“Hi…. I’m Braden Cromwell”I introduced as a normal student would but she ignored me.
I turned around to face the board.
She’s abnormal.

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During recess,I saw many students rushing over to the eatery.
I know many might be hungry already but not to the point of running like this.
“What’s up,Max?”I asked.
“The new girl is beating the shit out of Trevor!”
Beating the shit?
Trevor was practically the most muscular guy in the whole school and he was almost twenty years old.
I can guess Megan might be just sixteen or seventeen.
I also found my way to the eatery and behold I saw the combat.
It was a hot combat!
Is Megan really a girl?
She was the one they call “small but mighty”
Is she from China?
She knows so many skills.
I don’t even know how to fight like this.
And heck…I hate fighting.
I hate anything that would cause me physical pain but that doesn’t mean I don’t fight once in a while..
I only fight with boys.
And I don’t think I ever wanted to cross this crazy girl’s path.
A punch landed on Trevor’s face.
It was so powerful that I had to hold my face…it was as if I felt it.
She knew how to dodge all his attack,she barely had any bruises but Trevor had many.
I wanted to help Trevor out but no one made a move to separate because he had warned us before not to stop him from fighting,he always wanted to beat his opponent mercilessly.
So we didn’t know what to do now that he was being beaten up by a girl not even half his size.
But this girl is something.
First day in school and already fighting.
I immediately didn’t like her.
I thought girls hated violence but this one is clearly an exemption.
On hearing two teachers’ voices,we knew they were going to get punished still on the first day of school.
What started the fight was that Trevor made fun of her and just like that,she was given the name “Strong woman”

It was late that day when I headed home.
I had signed up for the night-class study group.
Even if I hate this but I have to do it.
My grades last section almost gave my mom a goddamn heart attack.
I know I can never be like the nerds.
Reading is fvcking stressful.
But I wanna try to be in the average crew.
I love my mom more than anything in this world.
I love the fact that even after being rejected by my father, she’s so cheerful.
She’s the most sassy woman I know and she still has many boyfriends.
I’m not a bad kid but I’ve heard a lot of m0anings in the middle of the night when they think I’m sleeping but I’m wide awake.
All in all,I love her a lot,she provides everything I need.
I want to make her proud of me someday soon but my grades aren’t helping matters.

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I took another route home leading to my uncle’s ice cream bar.He lives close to our house so we go home together sometimes.
I love spending time with him….we get to talk about guy’s stuff that my mom wouldn’t understand.
Maybe she does but I can’t tell her about my s£x life.
She would really have that heart attack if she knew.
I saw someone leaning against the wall, I looked sideways to see “strong woman”
She looked tired….why wouldn’t she?
She had been cleaning the locker rooms.
While Trevor cleaned all the windows in the school.
She saw me and quickly straightened up then started walking.
I felt like looking for trouble.
I hurried up to her and started walking beside her.
“fvck off,stop following me”She warned.
I shrugged.”Who’s following you? I’m going home”
I stared down at her,still thinking how this small girl beat up a mighty guy like Trevor.
“Are you from China?”I asked
“No.Why did you ask?”
“It’s just that you know many skills in Kung Fu. I thought maybe you’re from those Chinese fighting school”I said, pulled my hands together and bowed just like the way Chinese do before fighting.
She laughed and at that moment… I felt she might have a good side.
“I can’t pronounce the word they say when bowing”I said.
“Onegaishimasu or gaishi”She replied.
I snickered.”fvck!Is that even a word?”
“It is….in Chinese”
“What does it mean?”
“This is mostly use for your instructor,…. meaning please teach me or hold classes”
“And you said you weren’t from China”I sneered.
She chuckled.”I’m not.It’s just something I know….”
My words halted when I heard movements behind us.
I glanced back and frozed.
Some men were walking a bit far from us.
It’s either they are robbers or ordinary gangsters.
Megan noticed them too.
“They look dangerous”She whispered as we hid behind a wall.
“I have a plan”I suggested.
“What?”She asked, impatiently.
I held her hand.
We started running.
I know what they might take from me was my money and cellphone but they might want to get between her legs, forcefully.
I won’t let that happen!
Even if she’s annoying.
She’s starting to be a lovely strong woman.
“I thought you had a better plan”Megan queried still running.
“They’re five,I don’t care to know if they’re armed or not but I can’t die young”
We came by my uncle’s ice cream bar.
The boys were still running after us,but were far behind.
“The owner of this ice cream bar is my uncle”I told her,while knocking frantically.
“I think someone’s inside.”
We banged on the burglar bars and my uncle…Joe peered through the window, apprehensively.
He opened the door and we rushed in and shut the door.
I don’t think they would have the balls to follow us in.
They might’ve thought we’ve called 911 already.
“Brad,I told you not to come here at night,this neighborhood is not safe at this time,what were you still doing in school?”He asked.
He laughed,I knew he would laugh because he knows how much I despised reading my books.
“Studying at night with your girlfriend?”He asked winking at Megan.
“She isn’t my girlfriend, she’s my classmate”I retorted quickly and led Megan to a chair.
“I’ll just wait here for a few minutes and head home,my grandma would be worried already”She said sitting down.
I sat opposite to her wondering why she didn’t say her parents would be worried.
I wasn’t in any position to ask… I was starting to get along with the worse girl in my class.
“Nice place”She commented looking around.”Your plan turned out great”
“Plan?”I laughed.”I thought you were strong woman…you should’ve waited and fought…”
I paused seeing her scowling at me.
Jeez…. I was just joking.
Joe came by and brought two cups of ice cream.
He winked at Megan again before leaving.
If only he knew that I can never be involved with her.
We would just fight everyday since she takes everything seriously.
“Do those boys always go around this neighborhood?”She asked.
“Not that much and I’m sure Joe would file a complaint tomorrow.”
She stared at her watch.
“Well,I could always walk you home and protect you”I joked and this time,she chortled.
“Between you and I, who needs protection”She asked and we laughed light-heartedly.

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I laid flat on my bed staring at the ceiling.
That night,we had laughed and joked a lot and she had less mood swings.
I remember walking Megan to her home.
I had to lie for her sake to her grandmother.
I told her she had been studying too.
Well,I think strong woman isn’t so bad after all.