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Confused Boyfriend. Chapter 4

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(He’s in love with two girls)

Chapter 4

Paulina’s POV
“Paulina” He screamed my name and followed me behind.

Really? He already has a girlfriend and I’ve started having feelings I’ve never had before – for him. Bad luck!

“Paulina” He caught up with me and held me by the hand.

“What? ” I barked at him “Please leave me” I forcefully released my hand.

“Listen Paulina, I… ” He obstructed me from walking further. “I wasn’t gonna lie to you that I have a girlfriend” He said.

“Oh really? ” I asked as I stood akimbo.

“Sorry” He apologized.

“Well.. I’m not upset with the fact that you have a girlfriend without telling me. It… It’s because you stood there and watch your so called girlfriend insult me to the core” I said.

“I’m sorry” He repeated now holding my two hands then I tried to put on a smile.

“Frank… Frankie? ”

Oh not again! His girlfriend is here again. I sighed as I saw her walked really fast and angrily towards us.. Frank lightly pushed me to his back then he confronted her.

“Angela, try to understand. I’m doing this because the principal asked me to” He said to her.

“And the littered books? ” She asked.

“I’ll pick them up when I return”

“Oh My God, I’m going crazy. It’s not like I cannot pick the books myself, I just wanted to have some time with you, I just want you by my side” Angela said to him.

Looks like, he’s gonna play the game again, Dots and lines, pick one. He is gonna choose between the both of us once the both of us want him by our side.

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“I’ll be right back Angela” He told her and pulled me along with him then we ran – away.

I won this time, I turned to see Angela looking so despondent and downcasted. I stocked out my long and showed it to her.
Then ran along with Frank.

“Ok, we can walk now. She is not coming” Frank said and I giggled.

“You, did you just try to run away from your girlfriend with another girl” I said to him and he chuckled.

“Let’s not put it that way… I just tried to be obedient. To do what Mrs Megan asked me to do” He said.

Ok, so that’s why he is holding my hands all this while? I almost flinched.

“Let’s go” He said not even noticing I was getting upset.
I stood there like a lost puppy, staring at him from behind..
“C’mon let’s go” He said again and I reluctantly agreed for walk with him.

We paid shot visit to every rooms (Classes and labs), I was no longer interested in it, Infact I had no interest from the very start. I just wanted to be with him.
I mean, I have never been so close to a guy, even as close as five metres. So many guys avoided me like I were a shit. We’ll talk about that later.

“I’m tired” I complained when Frank told me that we are heading to the junior sections.

“Let’s have a break or let’s put an end to it” I told him.

“Just as you wish your highess” He said and I kinda blushed.

Frank’s POV
We went to the class, it was scanty. There were just few students in class. Oh thank God, George and Tyler aren’t here too.
Even the few students that were here won’t mind their business most especially the guys. If she is gonna disappear only by the number of guys gazing at her, definitely she will.
We sat side by side.

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“Your girlfriend is weird and harsh” She suddenly broke the short silence.

Why is she so concerned about this girlfriend stuff?

“She is not, she was just upset earlier” I told her.

“Upset or jealous? ” Paulina asked.

What’s that suppose to mean?

“One of the two or both” I said.

“But Frank.. ” She called my name softly and it made my heart raced.

I stared at her sparkling eyes, she was staring at mine which isn’t sparkling.
What did she want to say? I love you?

“I… I really want the novel I saw with Angela the other time” She said

“I don’t know how but I hope there’s a way you could help me get it” She said slowly and sadly.

No, I don’t like that sad look.
“Anything for you dear” I said. I swear, I didn’t know when these words escaped from my lips.

She smiled and said “Thank you Frankie”

“Anytime” I said .

“Holy Micheal ” George’s voice echoed. He was just entered the classroom when he saw us.

“Damsel, pretty, beauty, angel, I…I am speechless but I don’t want to” George cried as he came closer and held Paulina’s hand and made an attempt to plant a kiss on it.

“Her name is Paulina” I said somewhat Jealously as I stopped him from doing what he almost did.

I noticed Paulina’s cheeks turned red.. She was blushing excessively.
But wait, why is she so beautiful to an extent that makes me out of my mind?
Not just me, almost all guys have gone crazy over her..