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First Kiss. Episode 4

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Written by Park Theresa
Episode 4
Elena was sleeping peacefully, she wanted to open her eyes but decided to sleep more since Sally or her step mother hasn’t call for her attention but she was hearing a weird sound that makes her quickly jolted up
She looked around the room and was startled cos it was not her room
“Where am I ?? She ask herself still looking around the room
“You’re finally up” a voice said behind her and she screamed in fear when she see Xavier
“You …… you. ….what….what….are y….ou doing here? She stammered
“In my house?? My room??
“Your house,? Elena said and glance at the wall clock ” what?? 12:32am,impossible?she screamed and find her way out of the room,she check through the window, everywhere was dark
“Are you planning on going home? ? It’s midnight and there are bad guys out there” Xavier said and Elena began to cry
“How come?? I was on my home and I was nearly raped but you saved me and….and….I was in your room….how come??
“I don’t like answering silly questions” Xavier told her
Elena realise that she was wearing an orange pyjamas and that makes her scream
“Can you pls stop screaming??? Are you trying to burst my eardrum??
Elena angrily went to him “where’s my school uniform and what did you do to me?? She shouted
“Humans are really crazy” he muttered
“You change my clothes right??
“What if I say yes I did? What are you going to do??
Elena crossed her arms on her chest and scream again “you undress me??? And what did you do?? Tell me the truth” Elena shouted
“Oh you want me to tell you the truth?? Actually yesterday night was sooo good, I really have the time to analyse your body and……”
“You what??? Elena yelled “you this stupid asshole” she slapped him and begin to cry
“You should at least check yourself before believing what he said” a female voice said and Elena see a middle aged woman with her bald hair,probably a monk
” be glad that am in a good mood or else you won’t escape for slapping me” Xavier said
“My dear I was the one who undress you and change the clothes for you, Xavier isn’t the kind of guy you think he is” the woman said
Elena looked at Xavier and sigh
” am sorry for slapping you but why am I here”
“I already told you that I don’t like answering silly questions” Xavier said
“C’mon Xavier don’t be harsh on her” Nala said and face Elena “my dear are you sure you can’t remember what happened yesterday??
“All I could remember was that Xavier save me and that’s all” Elena replied
“Actually you fainted yesterday and Xavier can’t just leave you there so he decided to bring you here for me to treat you”
“But how come I slept for so long???Elena asked
” pls are we playing question and answer game cos you ask too much questions” Xavier said looking a bit annoyed
” what am I going to tell my step mom?? She’s not going to believe me even though I tell her the truth” Elena said in tears
“Don’t worry my dear all you have to do now is to calm down” Nala console her
Xavier piggyback Elena and ran with full speed to his house
Nala was mixing some portion when she see Xavier with a girl on his back, she knew instantly that it was the mysterious girl who is going to lead Xavier back to his planet
“Nala” Xavier called and she quickly went to him
“You’ve found the girl but why is she bleeding ? Nala said
“Yes but I don’t quite understand something, she hug me and then started to choke out blood” Xavier said and the look on Nala face was that of fear “tell me the reason??
“Can you pls carry her to your Room so I can get her treated first” Nala said and Xavier obeyed
“So tell me”
“Xavier why did you think it was because of the hug that she was choking out blood” Nala said while she place a leaf on Elena’s mouth
“My instinct tell me it’s because of the hug’
“Then your instinct is wrong so pls excuse me while I undress her” Nala said
“Nala I know you’re hiding a lot of things from me but I will make sure I find all the truth myself” Xavier said and went out
Xavier sat down on the tree with Elena’s diary in his hand, he saw it when he was checking through her bag
When he opened it, the first thing he see was a picture of Elena with a man and a beautiful lady which he believes must be her parents, he looked closely at the picture and the lady( Elena’s mom) looks familiar, he close his eyes and try to recall something
{ Ten years ago }
{ Bandez Club }
Yvonne(Elena’s mom) was with her best friend Mitchell who was a doctor
Yvonne: Mitchell I don’t really get this why did you say I should come here
Mitchell: chill yourself don’t forget what we both discussed or do you want your daughter to die
Yvonne : my daughter’s sickness has nothing to do with this
Mitchell :of course it has something to do with this, can’t you see how beautiful you’re just go to the stage and show how s£xy you’re trust me you’re gonna earn a lot of money and you can use that to cure your daughter’s sickness afterall Clark(Elena’s father) is too poor to put something down
Yvonne: am sorry but I can’t…
Mitchell: ohhh okay ( the barman serve them some drinks) thanks ( she wink at him
Yvonne: thanks (she said and sip the drink)
Mitchell:I will be right back ( she said and went away )

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Mitchell went to meet a lady who was using a veil to cover her face
Mitchell: don’t worry it is done, I make her believe that her daughter is suffering from a chronic heart disease which requires a huge amount of money and she believe me and I even ask the barman to drug her
Unknown lady: that’s good and I can also sense it ( she said and point to the stage)
Yvonne didn’t know what has gotten into her, she went to the stage and strip herself leaving only her pants and bra and started dancing while everyone was taking pictures
The unknown lady ask Mitchell to follow her to a secret place and Mitchell obeyed, when they got to an empty place the lady looked at Mitchell and caress her cheeks
Unknown Lady: Mitchell you did a good job but am sorry to reward you with this (she brought out a knife and stab her)
Mitchell:(groaning in pain) but why??? (She gave up the ghost)
The unknown lady went outside the club (she had set a bomb in the club) goodbye Yvonne (she said and hit the red button of the remote in her hand and then BOOM the place blasted)

Xavier opened his eyes and sigh
” this is really saddening” he said to himself and was hearing the conversation between Elena and Nala inside the house
Nala: don’t worry Xavier is such a good guy, he surely understand that you don’t mean to slap him
Elena: yes he save me thrice today and all I could do is to slap him cos of the stupid thought running through my head

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Xavier smile but later sigh cos he really wanted to know who the unknown lady maybe