December 4, 2022

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Hospital Romance. Episode 3

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???? HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????????

???? {cold and crazy meets again}????

????Episode 3????

After Anna and I sent Diego to the nursery school just outside our apartment.

We rushed to the hospital because we were late.

The hospital was big no wonder they needed more nurses.

We bumped into an older woman when we got to the hall way.

“I am sorry” Anna and I said at the same time.

The woman was looking at Anna’s ID which was pinned on her uniform with wide eyes.

” Please we want to see the head doctor , we are the transfered new nurses”Anna said and she gasped.

“Your names?” She asked and I wondered what’s wrong with her.

“Am Carla Winter and she is Anna Hudgens” I said and she nodded.

“Am Theresa Monroe , the head of the delivery department”she said and we shook hands with her.

“We are sorry we are late” Anna said and she nodded.

“The head doctor’s office is that way” she pointed and we nodded and left.

I was in my office doing a little work with Nala when Theresa barged in .

“Theresa are you okay?”I asked and she smiled and nodded.

“Anna Hudgens is here”she said and Nala almost fell.

” Whaaat?”Nala screamed and I gasped loudly.

” What are you saying?”I asked and she sat down .

“Yes! , she is with a girl called Carla or Carli ” Theresa said.

“Carla?, Theresa you are hallicunating”Nala said and scoffed.

“I don’t know her , but I saw her ID she is going to Noah’s office right now , and Noah has told me all about her”Theresa said and I nearly sat down but restrained my self.

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“No!”Nala screamed and left the office immediately.

“Blake she is beautiful”Theresa said and i smiled.

“This hospital is going to be set on fire Theresa”I said and she frowned slightly.

We got infront of the office and I knocked.
“Come in”a male voice said.

It was like I have heard this voice before but I shrugged it off.

Carla and I entered and the office chair turned and I came face to face with my worst nightmare.

Carla stood there shocked and I couldn’t move.

“Noah”I muttered under my breath.

He looked at me like I had grown two heads.

I couldn’t move I was just staring.
Carla cussed under her breath and I was too shocked to speak.

All my blood drained from my system and I think I was getting a panick attack.

“Shit , Anna , Anna ,breathe come on” Carla kept on saying and I calmed down.

“Am Noah Stewart , and head doctor of San Francisco Regional Hospital”he said and removed the gloves he was wearing.


I felt angry and faustrated on seeing her.
She nearly got a panick attack.

“We are the transfered nurses doctor Stewart”Carla said stuttering and I smiled.

“Carla?” I said and she nodded.
I glanced at Anna and she was too shocked to speak.

Just then Nala entered.
We all glanced at her and she smiled.

She came to me and kissed my lips lightly .
“Baby , I came to talk to you , Anna , Carla”Nala said.

“Yes! , It’s us”Carla said and I looked at Anna.
Our eyes met and she looked away.

She was still beautiful , those deep black eyes I fell in love with .

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“So doctor Noah , are we going to stand here and watch you and your Nurse make out or you are going to tell us our duties” Carla said and I frowned.

She is still feisty.

“Okay! , am sorry , I have gone through your files you can go to Nurse Theresa for your work today”I said.

“Thanks”Carla said.

“Nala take them to Theresa”I turned to Nala and she smiled widely and nodded.

“No need , we already met her , thanks” she said looking at Nala pathetically.

“Let’s go Anna”Carla said and Anna stopped her.

“I am sorry , I can’t accept this transfer”Anna said for the first time and I shuddered.

God! , even her voice has an effect on me.

“Sorry?” I said wanting her to repeat her self.

“I will not accept this transfer”she said and took a sharp breath.

” I can’t ………