February 4, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 109

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 109

Rose’s POV

My heart skipped after Ethan had revealed the fact that he was a twin to me.

I was confused and coudn’t think straight, I was in a relationship with him for many years till we get married.

But then, I remembered him telling me one time that his dad wanted him to change his name to Evan but he refused, that was before our marriage.

I’m confused right now.

“Ethan, I… Did you tell me before marriage that your dad wanted you to change your name to Evan?” I asked.

“I and my sister were with mom all our lives, I can’t say such cause I barely see dad unless there is a business conference or at the annual general meeting.” He answered.

I ignored the thought and felt like; “I was probably hallucinating.”

Few hours later, we had being going into different sections of the tall building that was built right inside that ocean.

“Rose, I found him.” Ethan said and I looked towards his direction.

I saw a man that looked exactly like him, dressing exactly like him and was sitting alone.

He was not doing anything, he was only staring.

Ethan and I walked to him and as I got before the man, his scents covered my nostrils, it was the scent of Ethan before we got married.

“Brother!” Ethan called and the man stood.

They both hugged, the man looked at me and his green eyes sparkle at me.

Ethan also has a green eyes but the man’s green eye is light.

“Mrs Rose.” The man called and stretched his hand towards me.

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I was bewildered and shook him, he curved his fingers into my palm and let go of my hand.

I do not know what he meant by that but I know that there seems to be a connection between us in the past.

He was looking exactly like Ethan

Smile like him, stands like him, acts like him.

“I’m glad we meet again after many years.” Ethan said and the man smiled.

“I’m delighted, I was trying to stay away from you all this years but since you have decided to find me, it’s alrght?” The man said.

“I have missed you, where are you lodging?” Ethan asked.

“House 6, floor 2.” The man answered and I archened my brow.

The man is only living at the floor above ours.