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Falling for my biology teacher. Episode 4

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dangerous romance
high school romance

Author SINDY.K

`I wanted to apologize on how I pushed you away in my office` the text read.
I felt every moving in a slow motion my hands were trembling and I was sweating.
Did he just text me.I was smiling like a fool,he just text me he text apologize.
“Aaaaaaaaaa…” I screamed jumping on the bed.oh my God Aaron text.

“Aaron text me,Aaron text,Aaron text me.” Ga-boom!
“Ouch ouch my leg my leg ohhh what.” I sprained my ankle.
“Kari are you okay.” My granny asked.
“Yes mom I’m fine.” I yelled.
Wondering why I called her mom.well she is my mom more the mom who gave birth to me.

Being a mom it doesn’t simply mean that you just give birth to a baby and throw her away like that.
No that is not.a mother is who cares for her child who will do anything for her child and always be by her mom is a mom just for name sake.
She spend most of her time around the across the world sailing,flying and dinning with strangers.
It hurt when every day you woke and console yourself “it will be okay” but you know that nothing is going to be okay.
She is my mom and I love least she brought me in this world to meet my handsomely gorgeous teacher.what don’t look at me like that.
I leaped to the bathroom took the first aid-kit and leaped back to the bedroom I sat on the bed and apply is hot it burns.
I closed my eyes tightly and bit my lower lip.when I opend them I was surprised to see my cousin’s face close to mine.
“What is it jerk.” I moved away from him.
“Your lips are too pink you know.” He is such a flirt,I rolled my eyes.

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“And where does it concern you.” I spat out.
“I want to have a kiss.” He smiled.
Why is this handsome guy a jerk huh why God do you make handsome people and add little of jerk in them.
“In your dreams Tim get out of here.” I yelled.
“Yelling doesn’t suit you,it will make you grow grey hair.” He winked and walked away.
`Aaron I was at fault too.` I text back.with two grinning emojis.
`no it was my fault.`he text back.
`no totally it was mine`I text back.
`seriously it’s mine` his text read.
`are we going to play a blame game as to who was at fault.` I sent it.
` no okay let’s share 50% it’s my fault and 50% it’s your fault okay.” He text back.
I didn’t realize that I was smiling until I felt my cheeks hurting.
`okay yeah we share,did you eat.`I sent the text.

What the heck,what have I done.he will not text me back.I was on the verge of can I ask him that I’m not his phone beeped I was scared to open the text.
But I had no choice than to do it.
`Yes I have and you?`I couldn’t hide my joy he replied.
`Yes I did eat.`sent.
`sorry princess I have to go,good night.` the text read.
`okay good night.` for sure I will have a sweet dream.
I switched off the lights and closed my yes my face full of smiles.
I woke up in the ,morning and did my morning rituals.after a while I was done wearing my school uniform.I hanged my backpack.I walked downstairs
Granny was still asleep.I grabbed an Apple and head to school.I enjoy walking to school than riding a car.
Only five minutes left for classes to begin.I arrived and I had two minutes left I hurried to my class.and thank God lessons have not began.

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I sat on my seat.I miss Tessa and Lina I wish they were here.two of my friends
they are twins.
It’s nice being friends with the twins,their little fights and how they stand up for each other it is so adorable,it makes me wish if I had a sibling too.
The physics teacher walked in.I hate chemistry even though I pass it with high marks but still I hate it.
Or it’s because Justin is my partner.forever until next of next life sucks right.
Justin sat besides me grinning I felt like i could wipe that grin.we noted some notes on how to test for starch in a next two days we have to do a practical .
His period was over and I girl about my age walked in.

“Who is Kira Mae.” She asked.
I rose my hand.Tinashe stared at me like she wants to kill me.
“Mr Aaron calls for you.” She said and walked away.
What have I done now.I stood up and walked to his office in a hurry.
I turned the door knob and walked in.and closed the door behind me.
Before I could say Jack I was engulfed in a hot kiss.I felt tingling sensations all over my body.electric shocks.
I don’t know when or how but I was kissing him.he pulled me close to himself
he wanted full access and I let him arms automatically made their way around his neck.and his hands caressed my back I m0aned like crazy this was a new feeling, I ran my fingers through his hair.he m0aned and called my name.

He picked me without breaking the kiss and I wrapped my legs around his waist.and he grabbed my ass.I found myself giggling.
we kissed passionately as if life depends on it.our tongue swirling with each other.after a lot of make out.we broke the kiss.catching our breaths.

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We stared at each other,and we laughed so hard,I was shy I buried my face on crock of his neck.and I felt him stiffen.

Author SINDY.K

Things are getting HOT
That was beautiful or what do you think