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Magical Twin. Episode 15

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s son)????????
Written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa Mimmy

Read till it ends, there’s a message I am passing after this episode ends????????

????Episode Fifteen????
Evie’s POV
I can’t just imagine my sister doing that. I said to Madia with my arms crossed

That’s life, trust no one. She replied and I sighed

So, why don’t you teach her a lesson? She suggested

I wish I could but…she is my blood, I can’t harm her. I said and she laughed

What blood, don’t you know she could succeed in taking Min away from you? She said and I reasoned with that then I came back to my right senses

Wait! Are you trying to turn me against my sister?
Then what are you trying to do? I half yelled
I can’t believe I almost fell for it, you animal! I said and turned to leave than she drew me back

You don’t want to be a loser, right? She said smiling

Eloise’s POV
I walked outside the house looking for Evie but unfortunately, I bumped into Beak
Sorry. I said and he nodded before walking away
I turned and looked at him, he really must be hurt right now

Beak. I called and he stopped without turning to me
I walked to him and stood in his front
I’m sorry but I poured out my heart. I said
It’s alright, I can’t force you. He replied

Smile if you are not angry. I said and he did
I hope you change your mind. He said and left

I took in a deep breath and resumed searching for Evie
Where could she be?
I took a corner and I saw her and Madia talking, they stopped immediately they saw me

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Evie, I’ve been looking for you. I said and walked to her

Just discussing. She replied and gave Madia a glare
Let’s go. She said and took my hands

We got outside and saw Min, he was drinking

That dumbass, always drinking

Eloise. He said, Evie hissed and walked away
Why did she? I asked myself walking to him

He offered me a chair
Why do you love drinking? I asked and sat down
Nothing, it gives me joy.

Joy? I asked incredulously and scoffed
I noticed you sounded different when we went out. He said
Oh….I…I was not that all right. I lied

Are you okay now?

I was worried about Evie and didn’t hear anything he said
I have to go. I said and stood up

I am expecting your answers in two days as you promised. He said and I stopped walking

What answer? I asked but got no reply, I turned and he was gone already

What could he be talking about? I jogged to my mom and met Evie laying on the bed

What happened today, did you guys fight? You enjoyed going out with him? I asked

I’ll give you the full details tomorrow. She said

Guess you must be tired. I said and sat on the couch
Beak asked me out.
He did? She asked surprised

Did you say yes?
No. I turned him down. I replied

Eloise why?! I thought you said you had feelings for him? She asked

Excuse me? I never said that and besides, he is not my type…I don’t like him. I replied

So who do you like? Minho? She asked

Evie, I can’t believe you just said that. I don’t like anyone of them. I corrected

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I hope so. She replied
You don’t believe me?
See, I don’t want to take this matter to another level, goodnight. She said

What were you discussing with Madia? I asked

I thought I said goodnight.

Gosh! What is wrong with her?

Next morning
Evie’s POV
I woke up to the sound of a phone, it was a call from Freddy. I declined it

He should let my enemies rest
I turned restlessly on the bed, Eloise was no more there
I wonder where she went, her phone beeped
I picked it and it turns out to be a message from Minho
Good morning. It says with a love sticker

I hissed and dropped it
I can’t possibly hate my sister but I have to do something to separate her from him
I got up from bed and washed my face in the basin, I changed my cloth and went downstairs

They were having breakfast already but Eloise was not with they them

Good morning. I greeted and grabbed a seat
Oh! You are awake. Someone said behind me, Eloise

Kim’s POV(Beak and Min’s father)
I walked into the hotel, she was waiting for me

Hey love. She said and pulled me into a hug
I ve missed you so much. She said in the hug
You look great honey. She said as we disengaged
I sat down and dismissed my securities

How are you doing?
I’m great. She replied
What about my daughter? I asked

She’s fine…

Have you told her?
About what?
I am her father. I replied and she nodded negatively
Why? I thought we agreed on that. I said

I will tell her when you finally will your properties to her. She said harshly

Okay, that’s why I said you should see me here today. I replied and gave her the file
Oh my goodness! She exclaimed and flipped through the pages
I have signed where necessary so we can move on with our lives now. I said and took her hands, suddenly she freed it from mine

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What about Madison, the divorce papers. She said like a baby
Oh that? I chuckled and continued. “I have sent it to her this morning.

She’s got no choice. I said and she laughed
Finally! We are together again. That bitch thinks she could take you away from me.

She stood up and came to me…
We should celebrate. She whispered into my ear
Sure we will, drinks?
No, in the bed. She whispered

Mrs Madison’s mansion
Madison’s POV
Ma’am, someone delivered some documents this morning. My personal assistant said and stretches some documents out to me

Really? I wasn’t expecting that. I said and collected it. I dropped my.drink

Its says from KIM
Kim? Maybe he wants us to make up. I smiled and tore it, I brought it out and checked it

The first one is a DNA result of Min and Beak

Negative??? I screamed

Ma, are you okay?

No, I’m not okay
That’s impossible! I flipped through the rest.

Divorce papers, properties…
I got to the last one, it was a letter

Madison, you have just a month to live in that house because it now belongs to my daughter

You are only entitled to what you built with your money, and make sure you sign your divorce papers cos I already signed mine

Looking forward to hearing your reply

Your ex husband
Kim Lee

No way! I screamed and blacked out