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Magical Twin. Episode 20

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???????? Magical Twins ????
We are magical ✨
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a Minister’s son)????????

???? Episode Twenty????

We stepped out of the Doctor’s office, I really don’t understand why Beak body turned to that and he couldn’t talk

How are we going to get the money, you and I know we have no money. Mum said and I sighed

Don’t worry mum, I will…. Do something about it.

Let’s go and see him. She said and I followed her

He was asleep
My mum walked to his bed and pecked his cheeks

You will be okay. She said and a tear dropped from her eyes

Mum, stop. I said and cleaned her tears

I’ll do something and you need to forget about Dad now, I still havee some cash and if I ask for assistance from my friends, they will help. I said and she cried more

I hope your father sees the truth, Mrs eagle is a devil. She said

Everything will be fine. I said and hugged her, I tried so hard not to cry but didn’t know when I joined her

Eloise’s POV
You want to help us??? Evie asked with a scoff

Yes, are you ready or I should go. The man said

But…. Since you wrote the book, you know we could get stucked for life. She replied the man

And I can Break the spell. He said

What’s if it’s a…. He didn’t let us complete us speech then he teleported us and we found ourselves in a more civilized year than the other

This is year 2005, you were given birth to five years ago(2000). He said

Why? Why did you teleport us here! I asked less angry
He chuckled

My second friend I am talking about is your father…

Our father?

Dgynal ebbn. He suddenly said

Listen, it doesn’t matter whatever you say, just take us back to the 80s.

Now, this map is useful, I wish you well.He said and vanished

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But… Evie, do something! I said but she kept quiet

He is right. She said

He and our father did? You can’t even remember our father, can you? I asked

I don’t know who father is but the words he said mean *We are not magical villians*

He wasn’t lying. She said

Gosh! I’m confused! I should also know these things. I said

That’s because you don’t read the magical book. She said and took my hand

We followed the map and on our way, we met Mr Kim and Mrs Madison again. They’ve grown older this time but still young though

We saw Uncle.
Uncle? She whispered surprised
We branched at a mask shop and bought one each, we used it and traced uncle jokingly

I really want to know where he is going. I said and giggled

Me too. She replied

We followed every step then he got to a young lady

His wife????

I love you Kristen, be the mother of my kids. He said to her

I held my laughter

Uncle was once a toaster(????)

I told you I will think about it, I’m just been careful about your Brother. She replied and that happened to be our father.i really wish I remember his face

I explained everything to him already, he said I am free to date anyone, it’s not compulsory I hate a lady who has magics. He said

A lady who has magics? Uncle also has magics? I asked myself

He’s leaving. Evie whispered

We stood up and began to follow him

Immediately we got home, I contacted all my friends, only few of then turned up

I brought out my laptop and then I started receiving alerts from them, I summed up the whole money

It isn’t up to half
I thought of what to do then I remembered I was offered a job and I told them I’d get back to them
I tried to log into the company’s website but couldn’t find it

You’ve been restricted!

Oh God.

What happened? Mum asked, she shouldn’t see this, I closed my laptop and turned to her but she was already at my back
Mum….it’s nothing to worry about. I said

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I saw it, you’ve been restricted again. She said
Mum….A tear dropped from her eyes

Maybe….I should go and see dad if he could help. I said

No, leave him alone! He’s gonna regret everything he is doing very soon. She said

No mum, I’ll go and tell him whatever happens. I said and stood up

I’ll be right back. I said and left the house

I entered the jerky car

Few minutes on motion, my car broke down

Damn! I stepped out and opened the bonet, I don’t even know what to do

Before I knew it, people had gathered and started taking pictures, I hid my face

They will definitely post it on social media
A car stopped and a lady came out of it

Yes, how… are you? Want a ride? She asked

I don’t need your stupid help! I half yelled
She chuckled.
I know you are going to my daddy, good luck. She said and turned to leave then she stopped

Call me if you need money. She said and entered

That daughter of a bitch.

Kim’s office
I got to Dad’s office and I was told he doesn’t want to see me.

Tell him it’s his son. I said

With all due respect sir, get out. The secretary said

But…you know i’m.his son right. I said then she picked up her phone

Security, please be upstairs now . She said

What? Are you crazy?

Three hefty men came inside and dragged me out, I hit one of them then a slap landed on my face
They kicked me and beat the hell out of me, they didn’t stopp until I vomited blood

Let’s go guys. One of them said

You …will…pay…for this. I said within myself
I cleaned my mouth and managed to get up, I got to the gate and went out of his company


Excuse me. Someone said behind me, I looked him, it was a different security

Are you going to beat me again? I asked

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No . He came closer and gave me some petty cash and a card

You will know the truth very soon, call me. He said and went inside

What is he saying?
Back In Time
Evie’s POV
We’ve been following him since morning, don’t you think it’s nice if we just let him go his way? Eloise said

Yes I know but….the map..he is going in the map direction. I said
Oh really? She asked

Yeah. I replied

Finally, he opened the gate to our very old house and entered

What is he doing here? I asked

I don’t know. I replied
We opened the gate slowly and entered

Stop you two with mask! Someone said and we freezed

Remove your mask. She said and slowly, we did

Okay, you can go. She said and we let out a breath of relief

We entered the house and we saw our little selves

We looked really cute when we were kids. I said
Yes. She replied

We saw our beautiful mother, so beautiful and the man we saw in the 80s, he has grown a little older than he was

We saw a young boy, our little selves we’re playing with him,.maybe he is a neighbor

Is that man mum’s concubine? I asked
I don’t know but I really wish we could see dad. She replied

Mr Kim and Mrs Madison came in and they exchanged greeting with my mum and the old man that looks like Beak.

Oh my? They know each other?????


I got and collapsed on the couch, I felt pain all over my body

Omo! What happened to you?! Mum asked

I shouldn’t tell her

I fell into a pit hole. I lied
A pit hole? Or…..did your dad’s security do this to you? She asked angrily

No mum just..

Answer me! She yelled

Kim’s security did this? She asked, I sighed and nodded

Fine. She muttured and went inside then later on came out with her purse, she stormed out of the house