January 17, 2022

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Magical Twin. Episode 25

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???????? Magical Twins ????????
We are magical ????
We were paid to protect him; he’s a Minister’s son)

Written by Mimmy Love ????
☺️Episode Twenty five????
Minho’s POV ????
Madison, eagle is at work. He said

What… What did she do? Mum asked

She is selling my properties. He replied and I scoffed

So, what do you want from us, didn’t you disown us? What do you want?! I half yelled

Min, relax. Mum said

No, he should leave…..


I am not your son! You clearly called me a bastard. I said

I was…

Was what?
Just listen to me. We get a lot to talk about. He said

I don’t want to listen to a word from you. I said

Min please, listen to him. Mum said

Okay, go on. I said impatiently

Beak is not your brother…
I know just some minutes ago. You and mum killed innocent parents just for money!

I was ignorant…

Yeah, that’s what you will say to defend yourself. Do you even know where the twins are? How they are doing?
Y phone rang

Its the Doctor.

Pick your call please. Mum said and I did

Please, you need to come and see your brother, it is beyond control. He said

How? I asked

Just come! He said and ended the call

The Doctor wants to see us



See him. The doctor said and opened the door to his ward

Oh my gee! Is this Beak?!

Beak what happened to you? Mum shouted

He has grown hairs all over his body, he looks like a monster

Beak! Mum said and walked to him. He gripped her hand

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Let go of me. She said and freed herself from his hold
He almost armed her. This is really serious

We need to find the twins, I think they have something to do about this. Dad said

Who are they?! I asked

I don’t know their uncle’s name anymore

Ican’t remember their names either. Mum said

I do, their names are. “Evie and Eloise”. Dad said

Excuse me?

Evie and Eloise Cassavella

They are identical. He added

Wait, I’m going crazy right now! Say what now???? (????)


Just kidding ☺️????????

Eloise’s POV????????
Eloise! Eloise!! Listen to me, I’m the real Evie. Fake Evie said

Just shut your damn mouth. I said

Eloise! I am your sister. She said.

I got angry and ran back to her, I slapped her.

If she doesn’t attack me then I will believe she is the real Evie ????
She didn’t do anything, I gave her a resounding slap again ????

Eloise, stop… You know you are hurting me. She said smiling

She is! It’s you!

Not so fast! I got kicked from the back

The fake Evie has woken up

What do you want? I asked

The carrot! She demanded and turned to her real image

I will handle her. Evie said and gave her a punch

She fell down immediately
Nonsense, she doesn’t even have powers. I said within myself and hissed

Evie. I called and ran to my sister, I hugged her tightly

I will cut your hair when we get back home. She said and I laughed

We unlocked from the hug
Let’s go. I said

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We have to collect the carrot from that man. She replied

Yeah…. A multitude of villians came out of nowhere
I counted them

A hundred and fifty? We shouted

We have to go back to the present world now. She said

Yes but how? We have to prepare the Estilin and we don’t even have time. I said

Let’s run from this people first. She said and grabbed my hands

We started running but they were after us

Evie’s POV

We need that man. I said as we ran

We’ve been running for over an hour

When will they stop coming after us?

I don’t know. I replied

I saw the man called our father’s friend from afar

Be fast! He shouted

He prepared a circle for us

Be fast and get inside. He said referring to the circle

He was holding the carrot,
Finally. He stretches the carrot to me.we got to the circle and jumped inside but wait

I didn’t collect the carrot!