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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 6

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Six????????

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????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was taking a little stroll down the street from my house

It was a bright ful day like that

The street was empty
I couldn’t see any single person around

I wondered where they were

I kept walking until I sighted Lizzy from the very far
She was walking alone
Coming up
Which means we would meet

She walked closer, likewise me
She smiled on seeing me

She began to run
Just to meet me
I did the same

Just as we got closer to each other, I spread out my hand
She did

I meant to hug her but my hands just passed through her body

It just looks as if she was a breeze
I couldn’t feel her

I tried it several times but it kept repeating itself

Who it be that she is ghost? I asked myself

“Lizzy” I called

“Jack” she responded as we were looking directly to into our eyes

Just then, her body started fading away
I was just confused, looking at her

She started crying

” what’s the problem?” I asked trying so hard to hold her back but I couldn’t

“I don’t know” she replied as tears filled my eyes

“Please Jack, help me!” She shouted

The next thing was for me to jump up from my bed with that heavy scream that Dan jumped up as well

“What is the problem!!” Dan shouted rushing to me

“Was the ghost girl here?” He asked
I was breathing heavily

“No, a dream” I replied

“Did they attack you there?”

“No, but Lizzy” I replied
His look changed

“What about her?” He asked

I explained the whole dream to him

“This is strange” he said picking up his phone that was on the table

“12:01” he said
Guessed he checked the time

“It might not come to past because it is already Monday” he added

“But there’s still a boundary between them” I responded

“am really scared, let me call her” I added

I rushed to the table and picked up my phone

I dialed her number but it was switched off

“Oh my God”

????⚡????⚡????Mr Leon POV????⚡????⚡????

In this life, not all that glitter are gold

Sometimes in life, things do happen even the way we didn’t wished it

Getting wealthy won’t be all
And it can’t be easy

I was born into a family of three
Me, my senior brother and one sister
We weren’t poor but we can never beg for food

Due to my position, I wasn’t able to posses much from my father’s inheritance

I had to look for a way to become wealthy, so that my senior brother would respect me

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It was just like a secret cult
Really fetish
In the constitution, we do sacrifice three female students in every year
And that would only be in the middle of the year

It was really a chance for us because we do get new students by then

I had two drivers
They aren’t ordinary drivers but soul winners

I do pay them well that they do ask me when the next time would be

Sonia who was my brother’s daughter was just too unlucky when it caught her

Since they had brought her there, I decided to use her because she might expose us through the cab driver

That was why I said “Sometimes in life, things do happen even the way we didn’t wished it”

I guess, it was just her luck

I decided to at least be helping out her family
As a compensation for what happened


The new problem at hand was the guy who claimed to be Sonia’s schoolmate

I had a feeling that he must have gotten a clue of what happened but I didn’t know how

I wanted to interrogate him until he makes a mistake, so that I could use the opportunity to push everything on him but he was too smart


We were able to get two students for the year
One from the first cab driver which was Sonia, then one from the other cab driver

The driver who kidnapped Sonia told us that he has another person he is planning to bring for us

Another female student

“It won’t exceed this week” that was his promise


????⚡????⚡????Mira POV ????⚡????⚡????

Monday morning, I got to school very early as usual

I walked straight to my supposed hall
Some students were already there with their noise

Ajax told me that they were at home
Their father sent for them

Only God knows when they would be back

Not too long after I sat down, a student rushed into the hall

He was breathing heavily, as a result of his run

“Another body is found dead at the dorm 3” he said

“What!” Everybody shouted as they began to run out of the hall
Sure, going to the place where it happens

I was too shocked to go out

A message bumped into my phone
I checked and it was an email

“Fourth record of death” it reads

“John” I said with so much shocked

His best friend just died the previous day

It was really bad that no one was safe in that school again

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????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I didn’t allow the day to become much bright
I dressed up and took a cab
Straight to Lizzy’s apartment

I couldn’t get it straight

If she should die, I wouldn’t be able to bear it

The cab driver stopped me right before their gate

I got down and rushed inside

The first person I met was Lizzy, arranging her stuffs for the day school
She looks like she wasn’t yet ready because she was still in her nightgown

She was surprised when she saw me
I stopped at that spot, looking at her as if I was imagining something

“Jack” she called
I didn’t reply her because if I do, it would just be exactly as the dream

I began to move forward
My intention was to touch her first

“Why aren’t you yet ready?” I asked as I intentionally touched her hand
I felt relief because I could feel her hand

“Am surprised” she said instead

“Jack, you are ready by this time in the morning?” She asked while I smiled

“At least, once in life” I said
The gate was opened immediately by that same cab driver that brought me there

“You forgot to pay me” he said walking closer to us

“Sorry but am here to take her with us, so just be calm” I replied

“Sorry, am rushing somewhere, I can’t wait” he said

“Ah, how do you expect us to leave here? It is difficult to get a cab here”

“Don’t worry Jack, I will call my driver” Lizzy said
My mind ran to everything that has happened

I wished she could understand but how could I tell her that the man was evil

????⚡????⚡???? Dan POV ????⚡????⚡????

After school, I told Jack about my cousin brother who was a policeman
And also my plan
My cousin brother asked me to come with him for more details about how it goes

We had to go there straight

He was in his office when we arrived
We were permitted to meet him

We did the supposed and sat down

I introduced Jack to him

“So you are the one that can see the ghost?” He asked

“Yes sir” Jack replied
He had to use Sir because he was a way long older than us

“Is she here?” He asked while Jack smiled


He requested for the full details from Jack who explained everything to him


After when Jack left the following morning,
I met with my cousin brother

We agreed on carrying out our plan that morning
Which Jack was aware of

“This isn’t right but am doing it because I trust you” my cousin had said

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We drove with his car
With another three policemen

I called Jack who told me that they were on their way to the school
With that same cab driver

As luck may have it, we arrived the same time as Jack

Jack seems to be talking with him when we drove in because Lizzy was no longer there
The cab driver was leaning on the car while Jack was just standing before him

Other students were walking up and down

“Him?” My cousin brother asked referring to the cab driver
I nodded and he got down
We all did

Everybody there was just looking at us
Wondering what four policemen were doing in the school
We walked straight to where Jack and the cab driver were

“Officer Kim” my cousin brother said showing them his ID card

“Young man, are you the owner of this car?” Officer Kim asked referring to the cab driver


“You are under arrest”


They took the cab driver with his car away

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

Just as they left, a student came to inform me that the principal wanted to see me in his office

My mind ran to what just happened

Could it be that he saw it but didn’t show up?


I sat down before the principal

He stretched out an envelope before me

“What?!” I asked because it was an expel letter

“We can’t continue with you, no payment since this semester, no need for explanation, at least, u can read” he said

“Sir please”

“Just one week and I will pay everything” I promised as if I will

“Jack, we don’t run charity organization here” he said instead

“It is true that you are among the best here but we can’t go with you anymore” he added

????⚡????⚡????Officer Kim????⚡????⚡????

We kept the cab driver in the torture room

I knew it was risky but if the truth was found, it would definitely change

That evening, which was the time I got chance for him, I went to the room with so many torturing tools

“I don’t want to suffer you that much, just tell me the truth and I will stop” I said after giving him much punishment

He laughed and spits out bloods

“It will be better for you to get into this business than this you are doing” he said
I thought that was how the truth was coming out

“The payment you get from one person will cover what they paid you in three years in this your work” he added

That was tempting