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Rejected Demon. Chapter 16

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

======????Dorothy’s Dream????=

????????Chapter Sixteen????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Jason POV ❣️

On Monday morning, I woke up really early than before

I got prepared even before the breakfast

I sat in the dinning chair and waited for my breakfast

Our house help had to make mine fast and served me

My Mom in the other hand was surprised seeing the change

She wasn’t yet prepared for work

“Did something actually happened at the get together?” My Mom asked as she couldn’t control the doubt

“How do you mean Mom?” I intentionally returned the question

“I have been observing you since Saturday, you have changed” she replied
I had to smile
My mind ran back at the get together
I could remember that I was drunk but I got back to normal immediately I dodged the knife

And as for Dorothy, I had the feeling that she was something else
That was why I wanted to pick her up
Maybe her mind might come back to normal and she would tell me the truth

“Nothing” I replied smiling

“You like scolding your driver and the house help but since Saturday, you have not tried it” my Mom said again
I know what she was capable of doing and she wouldn’t quit if she didn’t get what she wants

I ignored her instead and rushed my food

“Is it because of a girl?” She asked again
My food was almost finished and I had lost appetite

“Mom am off to school” I said standing up
I took my bag

“Goodbye Mom” I added
She was saying something but I wasn’t ready to listen to it

I walked straight, outside
My car was already set

I entered

“I will have to go and pick someone before going to school” I said while my driver nodded
He ignited the engine and drove off


…… Dorothy POV ❣️

I was already prepared for school but I had to help my uncle with some things before leaving

The dream kept flashing back on my mind

Soon, I was done

“Uncle am leaving” I shouted because he was at the backyard
He ran to the front just as he heard my voice

“Good, remember to give him the leaf” my Uncle said

“David is still hiding it from me, he thought am not aware of the demon” I responded

“Okay then, put the leaf in his bag, and remember” my uncle paused

“Don’t let him know that you puts it and don’t put it where he would see it easily” he added while I nodded in agreement

“You need to be going to store in time, I noticed that early morning market has a lot of customers” I said

“Miss advicer, I have heard you, start going before the bus leaves” he said

I was about to leave when I car drove to our small gate that even if you stand at our living room entrance door, you can see anyone behind the gate

I remembered the car as Jason’s car

“What’s he doing here?” I asked myself

I walked down to the gate and my uncle did the same
I unlocked it because it was close

“Good morning sir” Jason greeted my uncle

“Good morning young man, I can see that both of you are in the same school from your uniform, so what are you doing here instead of being in school?” My Uncle asked

“Actually sir, I was the one who dropped her yesterday, so since I noticed that she doesn’t have a private car, I decided to pick her for school” Jason replied

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“Oh, that’s good of you, thank you my son” my Uncle said

We later left after much talk they had, although it wasn’t a big deal

“You always act cool in school but……” Jason tried saying but I interrupted him

“Better stop, I know that you are filled with insults, please don’t come to pick me up again” I said getting pissed off

“You should have at least let me finish” he said

“I don’t have to, I know how you rich kids behaves” I striked again

“That wasn’t my intention” he said but I ignored him and focused on the window

“Can you tell me what really happened yesterday?” He suddenly asked

“You were the victim, so why are you asking me?” I returned the question

“I learnt that none of the workers were at duty during the incident, but you said that someone told you about her” he paused

It was getting that my lies wasn’t good enough

“So how come you meet the person?” He asked

“Maybe it just happened” I lied

“Or do you have extra ordinary power” he asked
I pretended not to be moved

“Better stop this” I said instead

“And also, the demon supposed to attack me on my way home and I even forgot that but it didn’t” he said

I remembered that I dropped one of the leafs in his car the previous night
Instead of saying anything, I ignored him

“Good then, I like you somehow that’s why am curious” he added looking at me but I didn’t make any attempt to turn

I knew him already as a playboy
Even how Jenny get to trust him was also bothering me

“I have someone else” I said though I wasn’t sure

“Is it Bonny?” He asked but I didn’t reply him

“Don’t think far” he said as he focused forward

“Am dropping you at the gate so that people won’t think that we are dating” he added

I checked my time, it was already late


….. David POV ❣️

I arrived earlier than before

Zita has already told me that she wouldn’t be coming that day

She had an errand to run

Dorothy was not yet in school
It was unlike her
She normally come early before everyone

Jason also was not yet in school

I thought maybe he wouldn’t come
I picked my text book and went to Jenny

“Hi” I greeted and sat close to her
Although we had greeted before

“Hi” she responded adjusting for me to sit well

“In biology, I have problem in this particular topic, can you help?” I asked her pointing at a topic which was somehow difficult for me

“Oh, okay” she simply said and started teaching
Her elaboration was perfect and understandable

We were almost done when someone stood before us
We didn’t notice him from the door because we were busy bending our heads

We raised it together and it was Jason

I gently stood up and walked to my seat
Jenny couldn’t say anything

Just then, Dorothy walked in

It was suspicious to me, I don’t know about others

“Hi, Good Morning” Dorothy greeted and sat

“Good morning, why did you come late today?” I asked her

“I had to help my Uncle with some things” she replied
I didn’t buy that

“Is Jason also helping?” I asked
I guess she understands what I meant
She could tell that I noticed them

“Don’t say that”

During the break period, we all went out as usual

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“Why is Zita not in school?” Dorothy asked on our way to the school cafeteria

“She said that she has an errand to run” I replied

“Do you really love her?” She asked
I became mute

Does it mean that she likes me and was probably feeling jealous? I asked myself but no one to reply

“Am just scared ????, as in I can’t tell” I replied because I didn’t want her to feel bad

Immediately we sat, Dorothy excused herself and walked out


….. Zita POV ❣️

It was already Friday, David’s birthday

I had made lots of surprises for him in the school

Joy was too much
I couldn’t control it

I dressed up for school

Out of joy, I lost appetite
I ate a little and left for school

It was just exciting that we arrived at the same time

David and me
We walked in chatting and laughing

I was really feeling the chemistry

We got in

During the break period, we all went out as usual

Bonny also joined us

“So bro, where are we coming, I mean for your birthday celebration?” Bonny asked in the middle of the conversation

I wondered how he got to know that
I would think that it was Dorothy, but she seems not being good with Bonny’s presence

I guess it irritates her

“I never thought of celebrating it in somewhere or somehow big but I think I will do it in my house” David replied
I couldn’t stop smiling

“So, how are we going to know your house?” Bonny asked

“I will see to that” David replied smiling

We were almost done when Bonny left us


….. Bonny POV ❣️

I walked straight to JAVS special room

They were playing their games as usual

“Any information?” Jason asked

He was the only person who was more interested in that
He really wants to deal with David

“His birthday is today” I said

“Today?” Victor asked

“Yes” I replied

“But no one is aware of that” Sam said

“He doesn’t want to celebrate it as supposed”

“He doesn’t want to tell anyone” I added

“But he told you?” Andy indirectly asked

“He didn’t, I must tell that he was surprised that I know it” I replied

“So where is he hosting the party, I think we need to surprise him?” Jason asked

“His house and he is planning on celebrating it tomorrow” I replied

“That will surely favor us because we will have chances” Jason said

“But there’s a problem” I said

“Which is?” Andy asked

“Zita, I think we need to do something about her, she will stand on our way” I replied

“Am planning on getting rid of her” Jason said

“Don’t worry, leave her for me” Victor interrupted
His face was saying something


….. Zita POV ❣️

I was thinking on how to take David to where his surprise was

I wouldn’t like Dorothy to be aware of it until David has seen it

Everyone was present in the class except Jason

Soon, a junior student came and informed Dorothy that a teacher sent for her

Just as she left, I rushed to her position

“You nearly scared me” David said smiling

“I want to surprise you more” I said

“How?” David asked

“Come with me” I said as I dragged his hand
He respected and followed me

“Where are we going?” He asked

“It’s a surprise” I replied and continued walking


….. Jason POV ❣️

I was walking out from our special room when I sighted Zita and David walking hand to hand

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I wanted to ignore them but I remembered that David’s birthday was that day

I decided to follow them

I rushed after them
I was still at the stairs when they passed out from the front and followed the back which lead to the school farm
I rushed as fast as my legs could carry me but they were out of my sight

I didn’t give up as I walked down inside the bushy farm


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

“So you need to study hard in that particular subject” our class mistress advised

I had a problem with maths
It was really hard for me even though David knows a little about it

According to my class mistress, she said that the maths was my only problem

Other subjects was good except maths

“You know that we don’t have time regarding to your exam” she added

“I will try my best, I won’t disappoint you” I said

I started hearing the demon’s noise again

I couldn’t figure out where exactly it was coming from

“What’s the problem?” My class mistress asked because she noticed the look

“Oh nothing, am just calculating” I lied when I remembered that I placed the leaf in David’s bag

It would definitely chase it away


….. David POV ❣️

We stopped in the middle of the school farm

I was still confused because it was somehow dark

“What’s going on?” I asked Zita

“Just walk in a little more” she said

I walked in and stopped when she asked me to
I trusted her, so there was nothing to fear about

She pressed something beside her as everywhere returned with a full light

Where I stood was decorated with love shape

A light shown just right above my head
I looked up as it was written


I couldn’t hold the smile

“Happy birthday” Zita finally said
I couldn’t believe the surprise
Even in the school

I had never been to that kind of place since I came to that school

“I love you” I said

“I love you too” Zita responded

I made a step forward while she did the same
I knew what would happen next and I was ready for it
For kids

I was almost close to her when the wind storm started

“Oh shit” I said looking around

“What’s the problem?” Zita asked
Just then, the whole light went off

It was left with a reflection of light direct from sky

“Please Zita run away!” I shouted almost crying

“I don’t understand” Zita responded

“Please leave first, I will ex……” The demon hooked me from completing it
It was already possessing me

Zita was busy shouting my name when she noticed that I was vibrating

She rushed closer to me and was about to hold me when I turned looking at her

“Jesus!!” She screamed as her legs slipped
She wanted to run but it was already late as I dragged her close to me

I was totally a different person

The claws has completed its transformation

“Please don’t kill me” Zita said
I was not the one there
It has taken over me completely

I raised up my hand
My first direction was through her chest and it pierced

She screamed

I brought out my claw as bloods splashed everywhere
I targeted her forehead and did the same

She gave up to ghost

I heard a running footsteps coming
It stopped
I was already backing that direction

I turned to take a look at who it was
Even at the form, I could still remember who is who

It was Jason

He screamed and ran out