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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 31

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Thirty-One????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. David POV ❣️

It was Monday morning and it was already boring

It was said that my Dad would be celebrated for the whole week

We buried him on that Saturday

I wore my all black and was in my room spending my time in gaming

Jenny came into my mind

I was missing her
Her company
Her gist

I began to think back then, when I first came to the school
How attracted she was to me
When she screamed, making me to think that she do see demons
How she started avoiding me but later decided to speak with me
How the demon wanted to kill her first but it was still unknown to me how she left

I was brought back to life when my phone began to ring

“Oh” I simply said as I reached out to it

It was Jenny
She supposed to be in school by then, why would she be calling? I asked myself before picking up

“Hey” I said smiling

“Good morning, how are you doing over there?” She asked
I was forced to smile the more

“Am good, you are supposed to be in class by now?” I indirectly asked

“I didn’t go to school today” she replied

“Ah, why? What happened?” I asked because I was scared

“It would be boring going there, no one to chat with, I just can’t” she replied

“How possible?” I asked still not believing it

“Am serious, a second” she said
And the next thing I saw was a “switch over to video” request

I turned to the mirror in my room
I wasn’t looking bad

I accepted it and it was true that she was at home

“What really happened?” I asked looking straight at her

“I can’t go alone, I would miss you more like I do now” she replied
I had to smile for her to feel better
Of course, she smiled back

“I miss you too” I replied

“So how is Dorothy, have you heard from her?” I asked
I could see her face changed a bit


…. Jenny POV ❣️

I felt jealous somehow when I heard that, but I had no reason to

It was not like he has asked me out or something like that
And also they had been friends before I came in

“I didn’t go to school today, remember” I simply said

“Don’t get me wrong” he said

“I didn’t but you can see it” I responded

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“So how is Mom?” I asked, just to change the topic

“She’s good, she is downstairs, she is attending to our visitors” he replied

“Why aren’t you with her, at least you get to know some people, more?” I asked

“Am already tired of it, since we arrived here” he replied and made a sigh of relief
It was true that he was really tired

“Have Jason called?” That question was something else
I thought maybe that was the reason he never asked me out


….. Faith POV ❣️

I was with the queen mother as usual in my residence
It seems like she loves coming, unlike before

“I just want to know the truth” I said picking up a conversation with her

“Which truth are you talking about?” She asked

“There must be a reason why you accepted the demon” I responded

“Working with her can make the work easier” she responded

“I thought we aren’t after the same field” I indirectly asked

“It may seem like, but our intentions are somehow familiar” she replied

“If that’s true, why did you rejected it earlier?” I asked

“She always has two minds, she always has something in return” the queen mother replied

“So how will you know that she doesn’t?” I asked

“Am not trusting her but I am trying her” the queen mother replied

“About David” I paused

“What about him?” The queen mother asked

“Why did she chose to posses him?” I asked

The queen mother waited for some minutes

“The same reason why I want Jason dead” she replied
My heart raced a little
Talking about Jason’s dead scares me

It was clear that I couldn’t have him because we were from different world but I wouldn’t be happy seeing him dead
I wished to stop her but I don’t know how

“But she isn’t killing her either?” I asked

“As far as she posses him, his life will be counting down” the queen mother replied

“But why do you want them dead?” I asked
I was curious about Jason

“That’s what you will know later” she said

“After his death” she added

“But can’t there be another way apart from killing him?” I asked

“No other way”

“I know that you have feelings for him, better get rid of it” she warned

“It’s hard” I said

“Then it will be risky and dangerous” she said

I bent down for a while in thought
An idea bumped into my mind

“I have to go now” the queen mother said and meant to disappear

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“Please wait” I interrupted standing up from where I was
She stopped

“I have a request” I said

“Which request?” She asked

“If Jason dies, can he be with us here?” I asked
She narrowed her eyes a little bit

She thought for a while before smiling

“You already know that this place isn’t a place after death” the queen mother said or rather asked

“I for say, that’s why no one else has ever come here” I said

“Exactly” the queen mother said

“So what if I grant that request?” She asked

“Then I will kill both of them as you demanded” I replied
She smiled for a while

“I will grant that” she said and disappeared
I couldn’t stop smiling

I had to act fast
No matter how
But Dorothy needs to loose her gift first


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

That Monday was somehow different

David was not supposed to come because he went for his father’s burial

Jason didn’t come because of his sister

Jenny was whom I don’t know what really happened about her

I guessed maybe it was because of David

It was becoming clear to me how boring life is when friends are far from you

Bonny touched me
I guessed he has been observing me

“Dor-Dor” he said

“What are you thinking about?” He asked

“Life” I replied
He smiled

“What about life?” He asked as he sat beside me

“A lot” I replied looking at my fingers which was on the desk

“Let me ease it for you” he requested as he places his hand on mine

“How?” I asked smiling as I turned to look at him

“I have something prepared, let’s eat something then” he said
I smiled


…. Bonny POV ❣️

I had already made plans

I ordered for some food and drink for both me and Dorothy

It was served and I personally puts the gum that girl gave me
I put it on a particular drink and I could recognize it before I went to the class for Dorothy

Now we are already back to the cafeteria

We started eating gently even without saying a word

I thought maybe I should grab my drink first before Dorothy does
So that she would definitely take the other one which I puts it in

I was about to the take the drink but she has already taken it

“I specifically ordered that red wine because I thought ladies prefer blue wine” I said for her to drop the drink

“I don’t know why am always different” she said instead

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“How do you mean?” I asked not getting her well

“I love red wine” she replied

“Can’t I have yours, maybe you can take mine” she added

If I was to push further on that, she would suspect me
So I had to let it go

I took the poison drink and poured it out in a washing hand bowl beside our seat
I was really angry because I don’t know how to get the gum again

I wished to meet the girl again

“Oh, what’s the problem?” She asked
I had to comply by smiling

“I just want us to be one, since you don’t like it, then I don’t have to” I lied with a smile

It was dismissal, I dropped Dorothy off at her Uncle’s shop

After exchanging greetings with her Uncle, I got back to my car and thought for a while

How I failed earlier

I wondered if she noticed it

I ignited the engine and drove off

I got to a snack shop and parked

I got some snacks and went back to my car

I entered and was surprised on who I saw there

It was the same girl that gave me the gum stuff

“How did you get here?” I asked really scared

“Does it matter, am just here to know about what I asked you to do” she said

“I haven’t been able to do it” I replied

“Wha!” She shouted
I became shocked
Why would she be angry as if it was for her

“Why are you angry, are you sure the thing is really what you said it was for?” I asked because I was still confused

“It has an expiring date and I also have something that I will like to hear from her because she has been keeping it a secret” she replied

“Oh, I see but why didn’t you give her by yourself?” I asked
To clear doubt

“I can’t come to her because she is still angry with me” she replied

“About what?” I asked

“I can’t tell, I think she has a problem with my Mom before she died, and she refused telling me what really happened, so I want to know about it” she replied

“Oh, I see, I will have to be fast then but I don’t have the gum again, she didn’t take the one I puts it in” I said

“I thought as much, it is only two” she said and dipped her hand inside her bag

“Take” she added giving it to me
I smiled and collected it

I really need it