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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 32

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Thirty-Two

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I had to dress up in the bathroom because of Stella
Although not completely

Just a trouser and a singlet

I walked out of the bathroom with my towel on my shoulder

“You are still here?” I indirectly asked Stella

“I want to wait until you leave for school” she said while I smiled
She sounds caring but I still wasn’t feeling her

“So, when is your Dad coming?” I asked
I really want to have space from her
I dropped the towel on a hanger, outside the closet

“Tomorrow, but I don’t want to go” she replied

I didn’t care for that one she added after giving me the response I want

“That’s life” I said as if I cared

“You have to eat before it gets cold” she said

“But that food won’t be enough for both of us” I said instead,
Looking at the quantity of food she served
Seriously, if it was for two people, the food won’t be enough

“Don’t worry, I prepared enough, I mean there is some left over in the pot” she replied while I nodded

Just then, there was a knock on the door

We all looked at the door and then back to ourselves

“Are you expecting someone?” Stella asked

That same minute, the ghost boy appeared

I looked at him, but how would I ask him why he knocked on my door and then appeared

“Am not the one, better go ahead and check who is there” the ghost boy said while I smiled
He actually read my mind

“Are you expecting someone?” Stella repeated her question
Making me to turn to her

“It will be no one else but Ajax, we do go to school together, everyday” I replied

“Let me go and see” I added and meant to go but leg mistakenly hits the small table where Stella puts the food but she was fast enough to hold the food
Only the cup of water that fell down
Splashing water all over

“Don’t worry, I will clean it” Stella said and went to get the mop beside my closet while I went to open the door

It was Ajax and Mira standing before my door with a smile on Mira’s face
Ajax was actually standing behind Mira

“Shall we come in?” Mira asked
I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t want her to have some crash with Stella

“Let’s go in” Ajax said pushing Mira from behind while I shifted from the door

Mira walked passed me while Ajax stood before me

“Are you hiding something in there?” Ajax asked looking at me
I remembered about there was a water on the floor and Mira might slip

I turned with a speed, ignoring the question Ajax threw on me

Only to see Mira and Stella looking at themselves

Stella was still with the mop

I didn’t know what to say, I was just lost

“Let’s see who quits” I heard the ghost boy saying
I didn’t bother looking at him

“Wow” Ajax said from behind
I guessed, he just walked in

“Hey guys, this is morning” Ajax added
Mira meant to make a move but she slipped
But I was too fast as I could
I held her from the waist but she has bent really down that her hand pushed that same small table

The weight was much that the plate fell down
Even though Stella tried catching it but she couldn’t, this time around

The ceramic plate fell down and broke into pieces

“Oh my God!” Stella shouted still in the same posture she was, when she tried saving it

“Better” the ghost boy said
I turned to look at him and he was smiling
By then, I have stood well, along with Mira

Only Stella maintained that her posture
So, I had to turn to look at the ghost boy again

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“She is the one” the ghost boy added and disappeared
I didn’t get what he meant

I was just confused

“Am sorry” Mira said looking at Stella

“Can you just shut up!!” Stella shouted with her hand on the air
Ready to slap Mira

I gasped
Ajax and Mira also did but her hand was before her face
Attempting to prevent the slap of course

My first time of seeing her in that nature

I remembered that her father was a soldier


“Stella” I called
She turned to look at me
Her angry face was still on

“This is your food” she managed to say

“I know but you said that you still have some left over in the pot” I responded

“Gosh” Stella said and left the room angrily but carefully because of the water
She wouldn’t want to fall

“What the hell was that action?” Ajax asked immediately she slammed the door behind her

“That was close” he added

“Am sorry” Mira said
She still blamed herself

I wouldn’t blame Stella
She was only jealous that Mira shows up

Mira squatted to pick those broken plate meanwhile I went for the mop
Nobody cares about Stella

“Let me be watching then

“Ouch” that was what I heard next, it was Mira’s voice
It forced me to turn and saw blood rushing out from her finger

“Mira” I called leaving the mop and rushed to her
Squatting at the same time as our eyes caught


????⚡????⚡???? Stella POV ????⚡????⚡????

I suddenly felt hatred for Mira

That simply means she was an enemy of progress

I rushed to my room and fell on the bed crying

The worst part was that I used the whole substance at once

I didn’t know when to meet that guy again

I really need that again

“Or should I use the advantage that Axel is interested in me?” I thought
That would be more dangerous if they should beat her for me

I was still rolling over on my bed when a call came in

It was my Dad
I reluctantly picked it, placing it on my ear

“Stella” my father’s voice came in calling
I wondered why he was calling by that time

“Dad” I called back

“It is a relief” he said
I understand what he meant

“Am just worried when I thought about your school” he added


“Yes, I will be coming tomorrow, just remember” he said

“But Dad am totally fine here” I tried talking some sense but I knew that it was useless

Once he made up his mind, it is always hard for him to change it

“Am not ready to hear any explanation from you” he said and hung up
Even without waiting for me to say anything

I hissed and dropped the phone on my bed and began to think again

Maybe I should try going to school that day

Who knows, I might meet him

????⚡????⚡????Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

We had to go very early to school that morning because I knew that Stella do come early

Everyone was surprised about how I suddenly change

I had been the one who normally make us go to school late

I never liked going early because we would just be waiting for long time before the lecturer will arrive

“Maybe this is not Axel” Alex had said that morning

We went to the hall but Stella was yet to come

We sat as we waited for the lecturer but I was actually waiting for Stella

“I need to take fresh air guys” Andrew said after some minutes as he stood up

He wasn’t the type that like staying in the hall for a long time

“Me too” Alex and Aiden chorused, standing up also
I shrugged with my hands stretched out in sideways, means”your choice”

They walked out, leaving me and Anthony behind

He stood up from his seat and walked closer to where Aiden normally stay
Which was next to me from the right hand side

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“What’s up man? You are hiding something here” he said
He was someone who always observe something that is going on

That was just his talent

“How do you mean?” I asked pretending not to understand him

“Yesterday, you asked us to come with two cars and later after lecture, you asked us to go which we did”

“Now, this morning, so what is going on?” He asked while I smiled

“Nothing is going on, I just want to be a change person” I replied
Maybe love can actually make you a change person

“All of a sudden?” He asked
It was obvious that he was doubting me

Just then, Jack, Ajax and Mira walked in

I waited to see Stella but she didn’t show up

I watched them walked to their respective seats

“Jack” I called and he turned to my side

“I want to discuss something with you” I added

“Now?” He asked


“But the lecturer will soon alive” he said

“Until then” I responded
He looked at Ajax who was just looking at me

Jack then looked at me

“Okay” he said


“Where is Stella? She isn’t in school yet?” I asked when we get outside
Somewhere in front of the hall

“Interesting, I haven’t told you that am her boyfriend which you know” he said instead

“By the way, how was yesterday? Were you able to meet her?” Jack asked

“Can you just leave that for now, I want to know where she is now” I requested
That yesterday wasn’t good
I only pretended that I wanted to see someone so I decided to check on her

She seems hard

“I thought you guys were friends” I added

“Yes but not that close friends” he replied

“But don’t you know where she is now?”

“In her room of course” he replied

“First time” I said thinking of what could be the problem

“Hope there is no problem?” I asked

“She will be leaving tomorrow” he replied
I didn’t get that

“How?” I asked

“Her father wants to change school for her because he is worried about what have been going on in this school” he replied
That means I won’t be seeing her anymore

That would be too bad

“But haven’t he been seeing it before he accepted her, coming here in the first place” I said

.”that’s left for him to answer” Jack replied

That sounds somehow mockery

“I need to see her now” I said instead searching my pocket for the car key
Since we normally come with two cars

“But the lecturer is coming” Jack said pointing at the direction where the lecturer was

“He can wait” I said and walked out


I parked at the parking spot in the school dormitory and got down

Her room wasn’t far from the parking spot

I knocked on her door and she opens up after some minutes

She was already dressing up

“Hi” I smiled waving at her

“Hi” she responded

“Are you ready to go?” I asked
She looked confused

“Did you actually come to pick me?” She returned the question

“Yes” I replied
She looked at me for some time and nodded

“Let me round up” she said walking in
I had to follow her

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

Some minutes after when Jack and Axel went out for discussion which only two of them knows about

Jack walked in, following the lecturer from behind

He walked straight to his seat and sat

“Am I missing anything?” I asked
He must have understood that

“Something like that” he said
That won’t be enough as an answer

“I think he is in love” he added while I smiled

Axel I know doesn’t like ladies

Anyone who comes his way would always be in danger because he would just use and dumb her

“Maybe you are mistaking” I said
He was looking into his book
Checking out something of course

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“I haven’t concluded” he said

“But he kept asking me about Stella and he has gone to her room now” he added
It was unbelievable

Maybe that would change him

Dad always tells me that only love can change Axel
But we should hope to be a good girl

Talking about Stella, I can’t tell

“Attention everyone” the lecturer said
It definitely makes us stop the conversation

The rest of the A gangs apart from Axel and Anthony who was already sitting in the class

The rest took permission that minute and walked in

The lecturer was watching them
He looked as if he was looking for something

He looked at where they all sat and then back to the door

“Where is Axel?” He asked

“He last went out with Jack” Anthony replied while everyone turned to look at Jack

“Where is he, Jack?” The lecturer asked
I began to think of a perfect lie

“He said that he forgot something, so he went for it” Jack replied
That was wow

“Okay” the lecturer said and turned to the board

“So, you can lie?” I teased Jack

“What should I have said?” He asked back

????⚡????⚡???? Stella POV ????⚡????⚡????

We arrived at school and Axel parked

It won’t be fruitful to look for that guy because he would definitely going to be in the lecture hall

“Are you coming in?” Axel asked
I didn’t plan to, but at the look of things, I would

I reluctantly nodded

“I don’t know why am weak” I said

“Maybe you shouldn’t be thinking much” he replied
That sounds to be true because I thought a lot
Especially about Jack

“Jack told me that you will be leaving by tomorrow” he said
That was an indirect question

That also means that they have discussed a lot about me

“Yes” I replied

“Why?” He asked

“My Dad is just worried about all this killing” I replied


After the first lecture, I went around the guy’s department

I asked about him and I was directed to where him and his guys were

Immediately he saw me, he was shocked
he stood up, taking an excuse from them and walked to me

He held my hand and we walked to a corner

“Have you used it?” He asked looking around
Making sure that no one was hearing us

“I am here to take another one” I said

“The other one was a waste” I added

“How do you mean?” He asked

“After putting it in his food, the food fell down” I replied
That was the only length I could go for, in explaining it to him

“Oh my God” he said scratching his head

“Don’t you have another?” I asked

“It was just one” he replied

That was too bad

????⚡????⚡???? Henry POV ????⚡????⚡????

Too bad to hear that from Stella

After the day, I visited Mr Noah

He offered me his normal drink
I didn’t know if it was the only drink he has

“Are you here to update me?” He asked
I explained everything exactly as Stella told me

“I think she can’t be useful again” Mr Noah said after the explanation

“Why?” I asked

“I checked everything, I think the main problem is Ajax” he said

“We need to eliminate him” he added

“It won’t be easy because Ajax is too smart” I said
I have seen him with lots of strategies

“Just create your plans and let me know about it” he said

The only way to get on Ajax would definitely be through Jack

“Are we going to take him down like other students?” I asked

“He is not staying in the school dormitory” he said

“I know but I will like you to do something for me”

“What’s that?” He asked

“Just give me some days” I replied

“I need to make some plans” I added
I will need to plan really hard for it