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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 33

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Thirty-Three

Brought by Chris Val ????✨


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Mira POV ????⚡ ????⚡????

After the day lecture, I was walking to my car when I sighted someone there

It was Stella

I wondered what she was doing there

She was actually leaning before the driver’s door, which will definitely block me from entering the car

I wasn’t scared but I was worried
Why would she be there
I stopped at a spot and breaths out heavily before I continued

“Please excuse me” I said as I got there but she didn’t make any move
She only turned, looking at me
Me too

I stood there thinking of what else to say

Other students were passing by and it seems like the A gangs has gone because their car wasn’t there

“Do you think am just here for standing purpose?” She asked as she stood properly

“I didn’t say so”I said

“You are blocking me, that’s why” I added still maintaining my polite manner

“For how long do you think that you will continue with this?” She asked

“I don’t understand” I said narrowing my eyes

“I just want you to stay away from Jack” she said walking closer to me

That was funny enough
Her mood shows that she was ready to fight
We were both ladies, so I stood there without making any move

“What are you talking about?”

“Am just his friend” I said
I needed to enlighten her a little bit

“Don’t try fooling me here” she said
By then, she was too close to me that our nose almost touched

“Do you know that I hate you” she added

“I don’t just like how close you are getting to him” she added
I didn’t know that she was senseless

How could she come to see her fellow girl for such talk?

It was crazy

That makes me more worried about Jack

If they eventually end together, I don’t think Jack will be happy

I really want him to be happy anywhere he finds himself


I got to my apartment and parked

I greeted the neighbors I met outside

Stella behavior couldn’t get off my mind

I dropped my bag on the bed and rushed to the sink
I turned On the tap and began to splash water on my face
I did it like five times before stopping
I looked at my reflection on the mirror that was hung before me

“That’s crazy” I said remembering how her approach was

She was just full of herself
Good that I tried my best to avoid anything about fighting her

“But why did I love Jack?” I asked myself

Was it really love that I felt for him?

I thought that it takes time to be in love
Or was it love at first sight?

I was seriously thinking about it when my ringing phone brought me back

I cleaned my hands and went to my bed where I dropped my bag

I opened it and took my phone

It was Ajax

“Where are you?” That was the first question he asked me

“In my apartment” I replied

“Any problem?” I asked

“Jack is starving” he said
How could it be possible

“How do you mean?” I asked

“I forgot to tell you that he doesn’t know how to cook like that”

“We agreed on preparing some meal, and he has gotten everything but I can’t go there, I planned all this for you” he added while I smiled

“I just want you to help him out of danger”………

????⚡????⚡???? Henry POV ????⚡????⚡????

Still in Mr Noah’s apartment

He went to his room to check something while I sat down in a couch
Thinking on how to go about Ajax

Some ideas were coming, little by little

Mr Noah walked out after some minutes

“Take” he said giving me something, wrapped in a paper

“I think this will help, just put it inside Ajax food when you guys goes out” he added
It wasn’t useful tho

“This can’t help” I said

“How do you mean?”

“Ajax doesn’t go out with friends, just to go and chill”

“He doesn’t eat with someone he barely talk to”

“Many of my friends has tried it but the same thing kept happening” I added

“So, do you have plans?”

“I want you to be the one to kill him” he added pushing forward his face to my direction

“I want to know when the next sacrifice will be done” I requested while he draws back
Relaxing his back on the couch

“This Saturday” he replied
That means I will have to plan very fast because it would be the following day

“Okay then, you will have to help with the normal way” I said


I went home and brought out my diary for planning

“The only way to get Ajax in the night was to involve Jack to it” I said drawing a line from where I wrote Jack to where I wrote Ajax

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“But how?” I puts question mark
I dropped my pen and lifted my head up

Mr Noah said that he doesn’t want Jack to die because he wants to show him that his efforts was in vain
If not, killing of Jack would be simple

“Maybe I should call Ajax by night” I said picking up my pen

“But in this plan, I need to take away Jack’s phone” I said

More ideas were coming……..

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I called Ajax after when I bought those items he asked me to get
So that he would prepare that delicious food that he normally do
He was also the one who took the responsibility of bills

I called to inform him and he told me that he will be coming in some minutes time

In less than 40mins, there was a knock on my door

I thought it was Ajax

I went to open it, only to see Mira standing there with her handbag

I looked at her back to know if Ajax was with her but no

Only some students were seen walking around

“Hey” she said smiling

“Come in” I responded as I managed to smile and stepped out of the way, so that she could come in

“Sorry I didn’t tell you that I will be coming” she said as she walked straight to the bed and sat
Dropping her handbag on the bed

“Do you prepare something because am damn hungry” she asked looking at me with a hungry look
It was obvious that she was hungry but I wasn’t anything
I was a bad cook also

It was my fault anyway, because I felt lazy in that side

“I didn’t expect you, so I didn’t keep anything” I replied

“What then are you planning to eat as dinner?” She asked
I looked at where I parked those food stuff I bought earlier

“I just got something but I am waiting for Ajax before I will start cooking” I replied

“Why?” She asked
There wasn’t a reason why I would hide it from her

“I don’t know how to cook” I replied with one of my eyelashes up while she smiled

“Time to work” she said and stood up
I was just watching her

“Do you have apron?” She asked
I smiled
How would I have such when I didn’t know how to cook

“Not at all, am not a cook” I replied
She made her face in a way that looks like she was thinking

“What about any cloth that I can put on, so that I will help you since he is not coming?” She asked
I walked to my closet

I had to look for a big cloth that would give her some space

I took out a cloth Jane gave to me
It looks like a night wear

It was a gift and she said that it was from her heart
So I had to give it to someone who I love

She had to go to the bathroom before changing


After some minutes, we have started cooking already

She first of all arranged the necessary things that would be used for the cooking

It was rice
I just like that food

“We will have to cook together” she said while I nodded
There was no need for me to change since I was on my homewear
I brought out the pot for the cooking while
She measured out three cups of rice

“That will be much” I said because I know that we could barely finish one and half cup
She carried it and stood up because she squatted for it

“Aren’t you planning to eat tomorrow morning or is it because tomorrow is Saturday?” She asked
I even forgot

A knock on the door distracted us from the discussion and we looked at the door

“Are you expecting someone?” Mira asked
My mind ran to Ajax

“Oh” I smiled

“That must be Ajax” I added

“Oh, that’s right” she said
I walked to door and drew it open only to see Stella standing there

Why would she visit
I was just beginning to hate her but I don’t like hating people

“Can I come in?” She asked
I was just looking at her
I didn’t know if I should say yes or no

I wasn’t actually blocking the door
There was a little space, so she walked in because I wasn’t ready to reply her

I had to turn around

She stopped when she saw Mira

She turned to look at me

“I see” she said and turned

She walked out of the room, pushing me a little

I just watched her walked towards the left side
Probably going to her room

“Seems like she has a quick temper” Mira said
I just closed the door and walked in

“I can’t tell” I said

I remembered that she would be leaving the following day
That might be the reason why she came

“Oh my bad” I said collapsing on my bed
She just spoiled everything

“Any problem?” Mira asked

“Maybe am not supposed to be here by now” she added
I had to push up from the bed

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“Not that”

“I think she was here to remind me that she would be leaving by tomorrow” I added
Mira looked surprised

“She is leaving?” Mira asked



“She said that her father isn’t comfortable with the school because of the killing” I replied

“Oh, I see but the killing seems to have reduced” Mira said
And that was true
Maybe because Mr Noah was busy looking for a way to get on me

My stomach made some noises
I looked down at it and then up, Mira was looking at me while I smiled

“Let’s continue with the cooking because am hungry” I said standing up from the bed


After some minutes, we were done

Mira was just good in teaching
Or maybe it was because I felt comfortable with her

Love is too powerful

She served the meal with one big plate

“This taste exactly like Ajax food, did you guys worked at the same place?” I asked after tasting the food

It was so delicious more than Ajax own
Stella’s own can’t be used to compare it to any of them

“We have been friends right from childhood, so it was his mother that taught me this method”

“I thought maybe you will also like it” she replied

“I just want to know you guys relationship” I requested while she smiled

“We took ourselves like family”

“Some do say that my father has already married me to their family, that’s why”

“They also thought that I might marry Axel because the way we do quarrel”

“They said that it is love” she added while I smiled…………



°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Mexico °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jane POV ????⚡????⚡????

Mark do spent night in my apartment but always respect himself

He never tried anything stupid unlike some other guys

That night, he said that he wanted to speak with Jack

He has been saying that he would love to meet him

I had to call Jack

I began to believe that me and Jack wasn’t meant to be in the same world

Maybe I should try admitting that I was falling for Mark


The following day, I woke up with my body full of happiness

I didn’t know why
Maybe because I dreamt about me and Mark having fun

There, I confessed my love for him

I couldn’t believe it

Although he was gone before I woke up

He dropped something that looks like a shape of heart on the pillow..

That’s what he normally do

I went out to take a look at the morning light since it was Saturday

I would be traveling home that morning also

It was because of Mark that I didn’t go on Friday evening

Just as I was greeting the neighbors, the gate got opened and Ella walked in

I didn’t know why she still visit

She greeted everyone

Some were asking her some questions

Why she left
And related questions because I hides what happened between us

It will always be between the four of us

She just smiled, telling them that she found something and somewhere better

She opened her handbag and brought out some sets of papers

She began to share it

“You all are invited to my wedding” I was surprised when I heard that

It was so fast
Even my parents wasn’t aware of what happened between me and Mr Rashid

“I thought this Mr Rashid was Jane’s fiance?” One of the neighbors asked

“No, I guess you guys misunderstood it”

“They are related, her cousin” Ella replied……..



°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

The following day, I woke up and warmed the delicious food Mira prepared the previous day

Ajax had called that morning to apologise for not coming
I even forgot about it when Mira came

That’s peace of mind


In the afternoon,
I took my phone and played the record I took when Mira was teaching me how to cook

“I will have to cook like this in the evening” I concluded and dropped my phone on the table

I lied on my bed thinking about the previous day

How Mira was

I thought she would ask me something about Stella but she didn’t

Maybe she didn’t want to spoil the mood

I just love her

I was still in thought when someone knocked on my door

I didn’t know who to think
Ajax or Mira

Stella must supposed had gone

I stood up and went to open it
Only to meet Stella there
I was just surprised

She wasn’t looking like someone who wants to travel

“Hey” she said waving at me

I made a way for her to come in
Which she did

“I thought you said that you would be leaving today?” I asked
Just to be sure that she would be leaving or not

“Yes but guess what” she said, turning to face me
She wasn’t ready to sit

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“What?” I asked

“My Dad has changed his mind” she replied


“Was he here?” I asked
I couldn’t believe it


“Am so happy” she added
I didn’t know what to say again

I couldn’t tell her to stop seeing me either

I was totally confused
The more she stays in the school, the more problem comes between her and Mira

“Am just here to tell you this” she said as she walked passed me
walking to the door

“See you later” she added before opening the door and walked out

“What the hell” I said scratching my head

“That’s for a reason” I heard someone saying
The voice sounds like the person was in my room and also it was just like that of ghost boy

I turned around to see sitting on my bed

“So you have been around?” I asked walking to my bed

“I am seeing everything of course, just be careful” he replied and disappeared

Another knock came in again

It would definitely be another person
It was the new friend


“Are you busy?” He asked

“Like how?” I returned the question

“I want us to hang out” he said smiling


“Don’t worry, the bills on me” Henry said


It was good going out sometime with friends

I wanted to call Ajax but his line wasn’t through

The last place we went was restaurant before returning home

Henry later left and I decided to try the preparation I planned about

I touched my pocket but I couldn’t find my phone………

????⚡????⚡???? Henry POV ????⚡????⚡????

I called Mr Noah for him to know that I was ready

My plan was so great and perfect

Exactly at 10pm, I took a cab to the school

He stopped me before the school gate because he was scared of going inside

He also advised me to be careful

I smiled and walked in

The whole light were too bright

I got closer to Jack’s room and looked

He was around

I had to call Ajax

I needed to get him inside the compound
No matter what

I called him and he picked up in the second ring

“Ajax” I called with my voice shaking
I had to make it real

“Who is this?” He asked
His voice sounds like someone who just woke up from sleep

“It is Henry”

“Your voice isn’t clear, what’s the problem?” He asked

“It is Jack” I replied
I could hear the force noises of the bed
Which means he stood up with forced

“What about him? What happened?” He asked

“I don’t know, a friend called me and said that Jack is dying”

“We need to take him to hospital” I said

“Where are you now?” He asked

“Am with him but he can’t breathe”

“Ok, am coming” he said

“Please while coming, take the first main gate because am walking out with him, so we are heading the gate” ……….

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was scared when Henry told me about Jack

But I gave it a second thought

I picked up my phone which I dropped earlier on the bed

I tried calling Jack’s number but it was switched off

“Then, this is not just that” I said to myself

I had to try something else

I didn’t have a car,
So if at all it was true, how are we going to do about taking him to hospital with my bike

I dialled Mira’s number

It rang five times but she wasn’t picking up

I have only one person in mind which was Axel
Who I have his number

I called him and he picked up in the fourth ring

“Don’t you know what time is it?” That was the first thing that came out of his mouth

“Please I have a favor” I said

“What?” He asked

I explained everything just like Henry did

“Are you crazy?”

“Don’t you know that it is night? It is dangerous” he said
I knew that it was dangerous but it will be more bad if Jack dies

“Just help us” I said instead

“You are not serious”

“You chose bike instead of car”

“Jack is also your friend, please don’t disturb me” he said and hung up

I couldn’t straight anymore

Henry’s call came in again

“Aren’t you coming,? This is serious” he said


I hits the road immediately with my bike after trying Mira’s line again but she didn’t answer

I got to the school compound and started heading to Jack’s side

I was getting closer to Jack’s room when I saw Henry standing on the road
He was walking slowly

I had to stop beside him and he turned to look at me

“Henry” I called

“Where is Jack?” I asked

“There” he said, pointing at his door

“I thought you said that you were coming out with him?” I asked

“Yes but” he was still talking when the whole light went off

My mind ran to what Axel said

“Dangerous” ………