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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 36

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Thirty-Six????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. David POV ❣️

I got back to the class after some minutes

What happened at the school garden was very difficult to leave my mind

It kept playing countless times

If truly that she lost her gift, then my life will be in danger

I still finds it difficult to believe it

I turned to look at her since she was at the back
Our eyes met together
I returned my face immediately

I didn’t know why I couldn’t hold an eye contact with her at that moment even though I have been chatting with her

“Is she still keeping distance?” Jenny asked
I managed to smile

“Not really” I replied

“Can I speak with her on your behalf?” She asked

“It’s not like we are having issue” I responded

“Let’s continue from where we stopped” I added just to change the topic
I took my book and we continued

After dismissal, Jenny’s driver came earlier than before
She had to leave early

I walked gently around the school compound as I waited for my driver

Students were trooping out from their classes to the exit
Those who normally go with private cars were been picked by their drivers
I wondered what could be keeping mine

I became tired and sat under a tree

Soon, I saw a shadow coming from my back

I stood up and turned
It was Dorothy

“Have been standing there?” I asked

“No, What happened to your leaf?, You didn’t bring it out when the demon shows up?” She asked back

“I forgot it at home” I replied
She took out a leaf from her bag and stretched it out to me

“You have to be with it always” she said

“Just tell me that you didn’t lose the gift” I said since it was hard for me to believe so

She didn’t respond, rather she threw the leaf on me and untied a handkerchief around her neck

“What’s that?” I asked and meant to move closer to her

“Please don’t” she said pushing forth her hand
I was just blinking and looking at the shape on her neck

“This happened, just after I lost the gift” she said

“What does it symbolize?” I asked

“Maybe for loosing it” she replied

Just then, my driver drove in

He parked just before me

“Am sorry for being late but I was caught up with a traffic jam caused by an accident” my driver apologized

“No problem, but hope you are fine?” I asked because of the accident I heard

“Am fine” he replied

“Good” I said and turned to Dorothy

“Can we go together?” I asked

“As in let me drop you off” I added

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“Don’t worry, am going with Bonny” she said
I felt jealous somehow but I don’t know why

Just then, I sighted Jason, Andy and Sam walking down together from the school stairs
Other students were also coming down
Bonny followed the other direction of the school building

“Just be careful” I said and got inside the car


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

The following day, I woke up with a great fever and headache

My Uncle rushed me to the hospital

Unfortunately, my doctor wasn’t around but her assistant took care of everything

I was given injection that reduced the pain

He prescribed me some drugs
Although I knew it wasn’t useful because it wasn’t an ordinary sickness and I was hospitalized

I missed school for that day even my Uncle cancelled that day’s market

All I could think throughout the day was what might happen in the school

I prayed that David came with the leaf

My Uncle asked me to stay while he went to prepare my lunch

He said that I shouldn’t worry myself
It was good of him

Still lying on the hospital bed
Just as he left, Bonny’s call came in

I was forced to smile

“Dor-Dor” he called

“That’s not my name” I responded in our normal way of chatting

“Stop letting me go through worries” he said

“Why aren’t you in school?” He asked

“Am a little bit sick” I replied

“Have you taken your medication?” He asked

“Yes, am better now” I replied

“You should have at least call me” he complained

“I haven’t been able to think straight” I replied

“Just missing you like mad, hope you aren’t going to miss tomorrow?” He asked
He sounds so caring
I smiled


“Is David in school?” I asked but there was no response from him


… Dorothy’s Uncle (Mr Ken) POV ❣️

Dorothy was discharged that evening because the sickness seems to have reduced

She was feeling better

I had to pamper her that day
I prepared her dinner and served her as a princess, she was
At that point

After eating, I dressed her bed very well

I watched her sleep off

I walked straight to my room

According to the spirit book, there was nothing like Dorothy getting sick

I looked at it for some minutes before dropping it

I contacted Mr Patrick but his line wasn’t going through
I wondered if he has forgotten that I exist

Since Dorothy’s matter was getting out of hand, I decided to visit Mr Patrick before it would be too late

The following morning, I woke up really early and did the chores Dorothy used to do

I was done in few minutes

I got dressed up for the journey

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I wouldn’t mind skipping one week of market, just to get Dorothy treated

I was ready to go when Dorothy came out from her room

She greeted me
Was also surprised on what she was seeing

“Uncle, why are you going dressed like this?” She asked
I had to smile before responding

“I need to visit that my old time friend, for your sake and that of David” I replied


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

Surprising was an understatement to be referred to as what I was
On seeing my Uncle

“I thought you said that it would be on weekend?” I asked

“Yes but change of plans” he replied

“It’s so sudden” I said

“That’s because the matter is sudden” he responded
I didn’t know if I should smile or not

“Just take care of yourself, when am out” he said

“I might return late because it would be difficult to find him” he added

“Okay Uncle, I will try” I responded

“You might leave school for now, because am afraid” my Uncle said

“Don’t worry, I will take care of it”
After much talk, he left

I got prepared for school since everything was already done

I went to the kitchen and found my breakfast already prepared
I smiled and devoured it
I took my medicine

I rushed to where I do take public bus

Soon, I was in the school gate
The gateman didn’t bother me as he did

As I got in, Bonny was very happy to see me
Expression on David’s face shows that he was also happy


…. Faith POV ❣️

In my residence with the queen mother as usual

The other demon was also around

“So the time is up” the demon said

“Seems like” the queen mother responded

“Mr Ken is already on a journey to fetch our greatest threat” the demon said

“You mean the demon fighter?” I asked really worried

“Exactly, and everything will soon over” the demon said

“There are so many ways to kill a rat” the queen mother said

“It’s time to kill Dorothy” the demon said

“If not, everything will be over” the demon added

I knew that at that point, I was left with no other option than to kill Dorothy
I wouldn’t want to lose Jason

They were still discussing when I disappeared
I had to end it there

I appeared at a place where I was sure that Dorothy would see me


…..Dorothy POV ❣️

I became bored when Bonny left to use the toilet

I stood up from my seat and walked up to the window

I saw that same girl that I saw the very good day that I lost my gift

I rushed out from the class
Down to where she was

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As I got down, she started walking out

I was calling her but she didn’t bother to turn

I followed her up immediately
I needed to get back my gift
I guessed she must be useful

She entered the school farm but I followed her

I was ready to face anything


…. David POV ❣️

I was just surprised when I saw Dorothy rushing out of the class like that

I rushed to the window where she saw what she was following

I saw the same girl that I saw with Jason one certain occasion

She followed the backyard and Dorothy rushed after her
My mind ran to the school farm which was the only thing that would take someone to the backyard

I remembered that was where Zita was killed

“Oh no” I said but gently walked out of the class

I got down but no sign of them

I rushed to the direction of the school farm
I remembered the leaf and rushed back

I collected it and gently walked out of the class

I find my way to the school farm


…. Bonny POV ❣️

We were in the discussion on how to get David and some other stuff

I felt my stomach turning as if my nose perceived something

I looked out from the window, to throw out a spit

My eyes caught David rushing inside the school farm

I couldn’t figure out what was happening, so I waved it off


…. Faith POV ❣️

I got at a spot when I was sure that she was in

I turned to face her

“I have to discuss something with you” she said but I didn’t reply her

My eyes started turning around
It changed to complete red

I totally turned to my ugly demon

She was just looking around, I guess looking for me

I remembered that she lost her gift

I had to make it in a way that human could see me

She gasped when she saw me


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I was shocked when she disappeared and later reappeared to an ugly creature

It looks exactly like the demon I saw on the girl’s head before I lost the gift

I wondered if I had gotten it back

I looked around when I remembered that I forgot to take the leaf when I was rushing after her

She raised up her head as fire was coming out from it

She made an attack
I didn’t know what next to do

I tried screaming but she has gotten close to me and the next thing was her sharp claw to slice my neck

I held it and fell on the floor and bloods were flowing out from the wound

I felt that I would die sooner