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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 39

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Thirty-Nine????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….Mr Ken POV ❣️

That evening, I was still with the young boy who treated me as his father
I was feeling bad because I just thought of how sweet world would be with money and children

He told me about his father who has two branches of the same kind of business
He do visit the company every weekend

It was really fun being with him
I was able to forget some stress

I felt like using the washroom
I dropped my bag there and went out for it

I followed his direction and got there

I checked around the building before returning to the office

It was almost closing time when a knock came to the door
The young boy ordered the person to come in

The door was opened, reviewing Mr Patrick

He was surprised and at the same time happy on seeing me
The same with me

He has gotten more beards than before
I couldn’t stop smiling

“Mr Patrick” I said gently

“Mr Ken” he responded still keeping the smiley face

“Welcome” the young boy said, interrupting us

“Thanks” Mr Patrick responded bowing a little

“He has been waiting” the young boy said

We arrived at Mr Patrick’s house

He was my type who were destined not to marry ????

He offered me a chair at his balcony

“So what can I offer you?” He asked

“Just a serious discussion” I replied

“I already knew that, but you need to take something, at least and also freshen up” he persuaded

“Soft drink then” I replied
We went inside

I remembered that I haven’t called Dorothy and she also hasn’t tried calling

I called her line but it was switched

I understood why she hasn’t

Mr Patrick came out after some minutes

He stretched out one of the glasses that contains wine
I collected it

“Don’t stress yourself yet” he said sitting close to me

“It has already gotten out of hand” I responded

“We expected it, the book said so” he said

“So what really happened at this point?” He asked

“You already know Dorothy?” I said, in form of asking

“My little powerful Mama, how is she doing?” He asked

“Not fine” I replied as his eyes widened

“What really happened?” He asked

“A friend of hers was possessed by a demon, she has been trying to protect her friends, even the guy” I paused

“That’s what is destined to” Mr Patrick said

“So during the process” I continued

“She has an encounter with lots of demons, they were all after her” I paused

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“One of the greatest demon collected her gift” I added
Mr Patrick seems not surprised, rather he was smiling

“No one can ever take Dorothy’s gift, it is very special, no matter how powerful the demon would be” Mr Patrick said

“But she really lost it” I responded

“Am sure that she has taken TP gum” he said

“TP gum?” I asked because I was confused

“Yes, but that gum can’t take her gift permanently if she took it when it hasn’t melted” he tried explaining

“Let’s just hope so” he added

“But how could she take such?” I asked as if he knows

“Maybe the demon used someone to get her” he guessed

“I will like you to come with me because I smell a big problem, you need to deliver the guy” I said

“Dorothy have been going through hard times because of it, she do have sleepless nights sometimes” I added

“My schedule is tight this days but I will make out time on next weekend” he replied
That was a relief although it would be far


…. Faith POV ❣️

As usual, in my residence
Everyone was present

They seems to be having meeting in my residence

“Dorothy out of line because am sure that she won’t survive the attack” I said during the conversation

“I already knew that, so let’s take on our next plan” the queen mother responded

“Jason is supposed to be the next target” the demon said

“I can’t reach him due to that leaf, he now goes around with it” I said

“That’s the handwork of that stupid girl” the queen mother said really angry

“I will make sure that her death will be painful” she added

“But she is already dead” I said

“There is still a chance for her to live again because someone can survive coma” the demon said

“As far as the gum is still inside her, she won’t survive it, that’s why am not bothered because she will find it difficult to get back her life” the queen mother said


…. Jason POV ❣️

I brought out my computer to track down David’s residence because I was able to put in a tracker in his bag during the school time

It was useless thinking that the principal would do something about it when I brought those points

I wouldn’t want to depend on the principal again

I had to find another way to deal with him

I slides in the card and started tracking

It wasn’t that far from my house

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I couldn’t believe that either

I carried the computer, straight to my car

I places my location reader and drove according to its direction

I got to the location and parked outside the gate

The building wasn’t that huge to be compared with that of my dad’s house

I thought the first plan has been achieved but another thing was how to kidnap him from the open place

Lots of houses were there which means that if he ever screamed, everyone will hear him

That means there must be a change of plans

My phone began to ring

It was COP Kelly when I checked it

I wondered what he was calling for

“Sir” I said immediately I picked up

“Can I have some minutes your time?” He requested

“What?” I asked as if I didn’t hear him well

“Come to the police headquarter, I will be waiting” he said instead and hung up

I thought for a while and sighed before revising the car

I drove straight to the police headquarter

I got permitted to enter

“Were you able to get his residence?” COP Kelly asked
I was surprised hearing that

“Were you following me up?” I returned the question

“I started suspecting you that day you came for his picture, I thought maybe you had a clue” he said

“Also what happened at the principal’s office made me to understand that I wasn’t wrong” he added
I wouldn’t love to say what I wasn’t sure yet

I had to find a way to prevent that

“I don’t know what you are talking about” I pretended

“You don’t have to lie, I have the same feeling and I will like us to work together” he said
It was very clear that he caught me red-handed
I wanted to find it out on my own and deal with it as I wished but I guessed, it has been changed

“Trust me” he added

My reason of not wanting to put him in the game was that I don’t like the way police does their planning

I needed to make him suffer for what he has done to my sister

“How do you want us to work?” I asked
Maybe I should let him in but I will have to make it plan B

“Please my research so far, the first girl was his almost girlfriend, right?” He asked

“Are you concluding that it is him already?” I returned the question

“Am just trying to get everything right, it’s already clear” COP Kelly said

“Why don’t you arrest him then?” I asked

“You still can’t prove it without a solid evidence and he might charge you, if he gets a better lawyer” he replied

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“So what is the plan?” I asked
It was getting interesting

“Let me continue then” he said

“Yes” I replied

“The first girl was his almost girlfriend while this one is her close friend” he said

“Yes, so what sense does it make?” I asked

“We have to use a girl to trick him, am sure the truth will be revealed” he replied

“If you have any girl that can be close to him, so that we can track him with it” he suggested
It was a perfect plan though


…..Jenny POV ❣️

I found myself in a desert where dead body were littered everywhere
Big Rocks were the only thing one could step on, unless you have to match on the bodies

I didn’t know how I got there but I just found myself rooming around

I started hearing strange voices in every angle

Demons started flying around

I hides behind a bigger rock as I looked around seeing demons for the first time

I was really scared

A demon flew and pushed me from behind
I fell down and rolled over the dead bodies
They were really smelling

I managed to stand up and face the demon

It was a guy
His face was facing the ground

I wasn’t able to see his face

Bloods were felling off from his both hands

He slowly brought up his face
To my greatest surprise, it was David

“David” I said but he laughed wickedly

His mouth was filled with bloods
His eyes were covered with blacks

His finger were claws

He licked the blood and meant to attack me but I screamed jumping up from the bed

I remembered my dream few months ago

“So it was David?” I asked myself
I was already getting scared

I remembered that Zita was close to him before she died

I couldn’t believe my thoughts

My door got opened and my Mom walked in

“It’s already morning and you are still on bed” I checked the wall clock and it was true

“Good morning Mom” I greeted instead

“You are running late” she said

I got down from my bed and rushed to the bathroom

In few minutes later, I was done

I got prepared and was drove to school by my driver

Immediately I got down from the car, my eyes caught David standing at the stairs smiling at me

He started walking down

As he was coming, my mind ran to what I saw in the dream
The moves he made in attacking me

I had to start avoiding him

I wouldn’t want to die yet